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  • Facebook PR Plan

    Colin Haas

    Week 9 Assignment


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    Executive Summary..3-4 Background

    The External Environment5-6 The Industry...7 The Client...7-8 The Product, Service or Issue.8-9 Promotions..10 Market Share...11 Competition...11-13 Resources13 SWOT Analysis14 Public Profiles.15

    Situational Analysis..21-22 Core Problem Statement..22 Facebook PR Campaign Goal..22 Facebook PR Campaign Objectives...23 Key Publics

    Millennials13 Marketers/ Brands/ Advertisers...13 Investors..13 Privacy Advocates & Groups13

    Strategies & Tactics Millennials..33-34 Marketers/ Brands/ Advertisers.34-35 Investors..............................................................................................35-36 Privacy Advocates & Groups..36-37

    Matrix Evaluation Millennials....38 Marketers/ Brands/ Advertisers...38 Investors................................................................................................39 Privacy Advocates & Groups..39-40

    Budget & Calendar (See Attachements) Millennials....41 Marketers/ Brands/ Advertisers...41 Investors................................................................................................42 Privacy Advocates & Groups42


  • Haas


    Executive Summary Its quite amazing to look that the social media landscape in 2015 and see how far we have come and just how much it has revolutionized how we communicate and do business. Looking back at what social media has done for business and how it has taken a small business and turned into now being able to reach anyone, anywhere. A lot of what has happened can directly be attributed to Mark Zuckerberg and the team at Facebook. While Facebook is beginning to see more and more competition pop up, it still has the ability to remain on top for many years to come. In looking over Facebooks strengths and weaknesses, we have identified what we feel the core problem is. It can be summed up that, due to Facebooks privacy issues, millennial Facebook users are losing trust, and could result in lost advertising dollars from brands and marketers. As a result, we have identified the main campaign goal as aiming to improve millennial Facebook users trust and opinions of Facebook within the next twelve months. A continual loss in millennial engagement is not only affecting the millennial group, but three other key publics we have identified in making this campaign successful: marketers/ brand advertisers, privacy groups & advocates, and the investors. It is these four groups that can keep Facebooks lifecycle rolling right along and aid with continuing to raise analysts expectations. A key measurement when you have competition from the big networks like Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Our team is committed to seeing this PR campaign not only help bring back millennials more, but also see increase stock purchase by investors, new video talent signing on with using Facebook to grow their own brand, but get the marketing community talking. We want to help you make this year be all about Facebook and at a low campaign cost to you. We like to think of our campaigns like a lean startup and make sure every dollar is making an impact on your overall brand and not misallocated. Our overall campaign budget will come in under the $200K mark (Please Appendix A) and we are quite sure there isnt another agency that can pull off this type of campaign at such a great price. To accomplish this, we will rely heavily on influencers in each of the four key publics and those who cannot only help raise awareness, but the reach of the campaign too. We would like to highlight some of the key milestones for this campaign, starting with the investors group. While our overall goal is to see a 5% increase in the investors buying FB stock, one step to getting there is landing key media interviews on two of the most popular and influential business investors show within traditional media (radio + TV). Looking at our millennial group, we want to bring on some of the YouTube talent as way of bolstering and growing what Facebook wants to do in video. Just like the millennial group, we plan to do the same with the getting the marketing thought-leaders and partnering with them to help keep ad revenue coming in and growing. Last, a goal for our privacy group will come in the form of endorsements of the how-

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    to videos and leveraging their voice to further get the message out about Facebook helping their users take care of their privacy anytime and from any device. Until today, Facebook has been shared content with only key groups that your PR team trusts. Todays social economy is all about trust and collaboration, something Facebook needs to do, if it will continue remaining relevant.

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    Facebook, Inc. is a social networking service and website. It aims to make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with their friends and family, to discover what is going on in the world around then, and share and express what matters to them to the people they care about (CNN Money, n.d.). What started back in October 2003, in Harvard dorm room, is now the largest social network on the planet. Becoming the largest social network has also brought Facebook its share of problems. In an effort to develop a strategic PR plan for Facebook, in the following sections, we have provided a comprehensive checklist of the external and internal environment that effect Facebooks business strategy.


    The External Environment

    Facebook is operating in an interesting financial climate, as the economy is making continual gains. The GNP increased 5.3% in the third quarter of 2014, compared with an increase of 4.6% in the second. The GDP increased 6.4%, or $271.6 billion, in the third quarter to a level of $17,599.8 billion (BEA, n.d.).

    (Source: Statista, 2015)

    For 2015, the US economy is predicted that it will actually contribute more to global GDP growth than Chinas. This would be the first time that has happened in nine years. Nuveen Asset Management is also predicting that they think its possible that US real growth will surpass that of the emerging-market economies for the first time since 1999 (Ro, 2015).

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    Source: Business Insider

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015) also reports that the unemployment rate has continued to drop since July 2014, currently reported at 5.6% for December 2014. At the same time as we are seeing gains in the economic outlook of the country, the political landscape is a different story. U.S. Congress continues to fight on every issue and President Obamas rating continues to slip, compared to his first term. A national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted among 1,504 adults, finds that the words good and incompetent are used the most frequently to describe Obama (2015). Since 2004, there have been various groups and consumers that have announced their dislike for Facebook. There have been numerous complaints over Facebook privacy settings, but lately Facebook has been in the clear. Where Facebook has been seen as a positive is with its benefits for job hunting. Candidates can follow the companies they would like to work at by liking their company page and getting their updates. Another tactic is back to the privacy and making sure work and education info is set to public (Desta, 2014). While many use Facebook as a way to connect with their family and friends, it can also be a powerful way to launching your next career path. People arent just using Facebook, but Twitter is another powerful tool for job searching arsenal. Using Twitter for keyword searches and hashtags, like #jobs and #hiring, is helping possible candidates find new jobs in their field. In an effort to establish new connections, tweeting often helps them to network with like-minded folks in their profession (Desta, 2014). Where candidates probably get their biggest bang for their buck is with LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows their users to create a profile based off of their resume and qualifications. Users can connect with past, present, and future business connections, as well as potential future employers. LinkedIn is an excellent professional social network that features a job board that can be segmented on job-type and location. Candidates can ask for endorsements and recommendations from peers that vouch for those skills.

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    The Industry

    The social media landscape continues to grow and evolve, as more networks pop up each year. Some of Facebooks competitors include Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and even Vine (owned by Twitter). The industry is also starting to fill up with the ever so popular, peer-to-peer networks apps like Kik, Voxer, CyberDust, WhatsApp, and the already mentioned, Snapchat. One of the biggest challenges that all of these social networks face, is their privacy settings. SnapChat was in hot water with its users over snaps (pictures) being saved via a third-party app. Luckily, Snapchat PR quickly addressed the issue and disabled all third-party apps. On the revenue side of the networks, LinkedIns revenue grew 45% to $568 million from $393 million a year earlier. Each of the three businesses services for corporate recruiters, premium subscriptions and advertising grew by more than 40% (Albergotti, 2014). LinkedIn membership ranks also grew fasters than some analysts had expected, rising to 332 million as of Sept. 30 from 313 million on the second quarter of 2014