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SBI Segmentation

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SBI market segmentation by kotler By Shashank Karkera (Sibm), Njoy

Text of SBI Segmentation

  • 1. Introduction Established In 1806 at Calcutta as Bank Of Calcutta It is the oldest bank of Indian sub-continent Head Quarter- Corporate Center, Madam Cama Road, Mumbai. Largest bank network in India with 16,000 branches Over 8,500 ATMs
  • 2. Deposits- $195 Billion Revenues - $12 Billion SBI accounts for 1/5 of the nations loans SBI is 29th amongst most reputable companies in the world according to Forbes Listed in B.S.E & N.S.E.
  • 3. History Started as Bank Of Calcutta on 2nd June 1806 Later Renamed as Bank Of Bengal Later Bank Of Madras, Bank Of Bombay & Bank Of Bengal were merged to form Imperial Bank Of India (1921). It was nationalised on 1955 & renamed State Bank Of India
  • 4. Segmentation Geographic- Tier-I, Tier II, Tier-III, Rural & Semi urban Branches. Age :- 10-59, 60 & above Income- Marginal, Low, Middle, High Occupation- Unskilled Workers, Skilled workers, Shop Owners, Businessmen.
  • 5. Geographic Segmentation Tier-I Mortgage, Autoloan, Education Loan, Investment & Insurance Tier II-Housing Loan, 2 wheeler Loan, Gold Loan, Credit Card, Mutual Funds. Tier-III- Loan Against Property, Fixed Deposits, Insurance. Rural & Semi urban Branches- Agriculture Loans, Motor Loans, Etc.
  • 6. Stage Financial Situation Banking Needs Few Financial Burdens;10-26 recreation oriented Low-cost checking; auto loan; credit card Home purchasing peak; Mortgage; Credit card;27-40 Liquid assets low; Revolving Credit Line; Bill Consolidation Loan Home Improvement Loans;41-59 Good Financial Position; Equity Credit Lines; Money Mkt Deposit accounts Investment services60 and above Significantly Monthly Income Checks on CDs; reduced Income Direct Deposit of Social Security
  • 7. Income Low- Fixed Deposits, Personal Loans, Agricultue Loans Middle- Mutual Funds, Home Loan, Consumer Durable Loans, Education Loans, High- Offers car loan, Credit card Services, Home improvement loans, Insurance.
  • 8. Occupation Unskilled Workers- Insurance Policies, Saving account, Investment Schemes. Skilled workers- Loan for home, education, Consumer durables, Car Loans, Shop Owners- Cash Credits, Insurance, Loan against bonds. Businessmen- Medium Term Loans, Loan against property , loan against gold.
  • 9. PRODUCTS/SERVICES OFFERED Personal Banking NRI Banking Current Accounts Corporate Banking Term Deposits Small Scale Industries Reinvestment Plan Small Business Finance Public Provident Fund Agriculture Finance Scheme Housing Government Business Loans Car Loans Other Services Education Loans Consumer Durables Loans Personal Loans Loans against Shares & Debentures Gold Loans
  • 10. Fastest Growing SegmentBusiness Banking Current Account & Services Business Loans Trade services Advisory Services Microfinancing In Rural & Semi Urban Areas.
  • 11. Rural & SemiUrban Areas 70 % of population lives in Rural areas. Rural Banking & Micro Finance Rural economy(Agriculture+ onagriculture) Consists of 50% of GDP Current Demand For Credit In Rural India Is about 1,33,000. crs Commercial Banks Cover Only 7% of rural sector &large market is still untapped
  • 12. Possible Rural FinancalInclusions
  • 13. Criteria Considered forrural areas Tie Up With Indian Postal Services To Penetrate The Rural Market Partner With NGO To act as Business Facilators Low Cost ATM for wage distribution having local language interface. Increasing Rural Penetration by using methods such as Bank On Wheels Using the ATM as mediators for loan Leads