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Government Eng. College Bhavnagar Sub: Contributor Personality Development Program

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Government Eng. CollegeBhavnagar

Sub: Contributor Personality Development Program

Guided by : Chetan Trivedi, Himanshu Shreevastav.


Name : Bhimani Pinal Sem: 2nd Department: ComputerEnrollment no:15021017006Sub Code: 21100


Name : Dr. Mital PatelAddress : Plot no-65,Popatbhai Ni wadi,B/H Railway Hospital, Bhavnagar-364003Qualification: B.H.M.S. Work: Working As Government medical OfficerPhone no: 9737039322

What is contributor ?Contributors demonstrate concern for the Human beings they serve.Contributor go to all out to try and find and Answer . They take responsibility for making Things happen in any situationContributor have wider view of their work And thus take pride in doing in their work.Contributor s focus is on achieving the larger Goals of team rather than focusing only on her own personal success.

What is personality ? The combination of characteristic or qualities that Form individuals distinctive character.

AwardsBeating competitionFinancial incentivesPromotions External Successes Vs Internal successesThe excitement of overcoming ChallengesSelf confidence and esteemBuilding new capabilitiesExternal successesInternal successes

Static identity Vs dynamic identity

Dr. Mital Patel is Government medical Officer In the shihor. She has three year of experience. She take her work as a mission. According to her, Being a successful employ have to do hard work ,being regular, fixed our goal and get it honesty. In her Successful carrier, She take her challenges as a opportunities. Her qualification is not what she achieved but it is what she put in action for the growth for society and the organization.


She makes her work schedule according To organization requirement and for the progress Of department she perform with best of her effort. She always motivates her patients, so the can Half relief of their Paine. She create lovely Atmosphere around her. For example , As senior and juniors in her college ,in hospital and with her patients.

Mital respects all equally, because she thinks that only one brick not Make building. All bricks have contribution to built up. She gave medicine to the society Member without any charge. She told us that do not make boundaries in your life ,think and work wide. She is good contributor from my side and my view .