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Warm your heart by love to animalsKSPA Lucky Strand

Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals LUCKY STRAND

About usWE - public organization for the protection of animals, which helps Kiev and Kyiv residents to solve the problem of stray animals humanely.

WEcarry out real work: - pick up stray, sick, injured animals, which are victims of ill-treatment, from the streets;- treat, do necessary rehabilitation ;- sterilize in order to avoid uncontrolled animal reproduction;- look for new responsible owners for animals.

*Our organization is guided by humane methods for solving the problem of stray animals. (Programme CSR : capturing, sterilizing and releasing ), which was adopted by the decision of Kyiv City Council on 25.10.07.. 1080/3913.

The idea about setting up own organization was appeared in 2012, when Ukraine had waited for Euro-2012 and at that time was a cruel extermination of stray animals.Members of our team are ones of the first official volunteers of Kiev and have been helping homeless animals for more than 10 years. WE have an experience of supporting shelter for homeless animals and we have built our own shelter since 2014 in Kiev region.

About us

Our crazy team ;)

ZATSARYNNA ALYONA, president KSPA Lucky StrandOlgaIrinaValerieHelena

Our everyday lives;)

9 of October 2012 date of registration KSPA Lucky Strand.


Till December 2012 to December 2013 KSPA Lucky Strand had been a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.2012 2013 years active participation in international events and conferences on animal rights in Ukraine.


Euro Village 2012International action 2013Dialog with Ministry of Internal Affairs


401 sterilized and vaccinated animals in Kyiv (according to the register of the Center of Kiev animal identification).

Cooperation with the International Organization for Protection of Animals Four Paws 2012

OUR ACHIEVEMENTS37 animals operated on and recovered;57 animals are under of our constant care.

202 animals have found a home in the years of our activity!



We remember the histories of each of our pets and we are in touch with their new owners. For us it is very important to change the life of every destitute animal for the better side!

WE feel proud of THEM

They are happy = We are happy


The amount of the project 26 591 UAH. Digging wells;Construction of the fence;Construction of the enclosures. https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/578/

28 of February 2013 - beginning of cooperation with the International Charity Fund "Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace".Creating a project "They can have tomorrow with you together"


Problem of homeless animals its a problem of whole society. And its so nice to know that we were able to enlist the support of the international community, and our ecological project has become one of the best in Ukraine!After all, the president of our organization, KSPA Lucky Strand ZATSARYNNA ALYONA became a winner of the second prize of "Terre des Femmes" - Land of Women 2014/2015 in Ukraine and its goal of the project - to organize activities to address the problem of homeless animals humanely, to change the lives of the homeless animals and society for the better!

Remember, we are responsible for those who tamed. Thanks to you they will live tomorrow!2 prize of "Terre des Femmes" - Land of Women 2014/2015 in Ukraine

OUR ACHIEVEMENTSOur own photo-project Warm your heart by love to animals (c) KSPA Lucky Strand

OUR ACHIEVEMENTSParticipation of KSPA Lucky Strand" in program of first holiday for pets in Kiev My pet 28.06.15

It was a celebration not only for pets, and also for us, because our ward dog Rudy found a wonderful owner at this holiday.

The organization of own environmental action Lucky Day in the Solomenskiy area with the support of Kiev Council 07.18.2015.OUR ACHIEVEMENTS


During the event, participants-children have interacted pets and taken part in competitions.Moreover, we found new owners for little kittens.

Shelter for homeless dogs Lucky Strand in Kiev region

Current needs:Buying a field kitchen Buying freezer Building at least 4 enclosures Building doghouses for shelter petsDONE:Fence;Well;Purchase netting for aviaryPurchase of trailer for workersConstruction of the enclosures.http://zahist-kiev.narod.ru/priut_en.html

DONE Autumn 2015 Spring 2016:Cabin for workers;At the final stage of construction of 6 enclosures.

Reporting organizations carried out in accordance with Ukrainian legislation;We thank to everyone by name benefactor, who helps us, on our website and in social services. networks;We carry a permanent open reports with the official documents;We provide comprehensive information on the funds spent.

HELPFinance helpNON-CASH donations:UAH Account: Legal adress: 03048, Kiev, Kadetskiy gay,3, ap.73 EDRPOU Code 38448271Account # 26007052613452 Privat Bank,MFO (Bank code): 320649, EDRPOU Code 14360570Personal founders cards:Mastercard gold,Visa (EUR)4731 2171 1191 7165exp 10/18ZATSARYNNA ALYONAMedicationAutohelpAdvertising

Do you want to help us, we are willing to cooperate, or you have any questions

Tel.:+38 067 961 31 62President of KSPA Lucky Strand ALYONA ZATSARYNNA