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20101124 giving advice (liesl)

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  • 1.VocabularyVocabulary :: problem advice Neighbors Noisy Job interview Wear Asleep Stress Gained

2. Sentence patternsSentence patterns :: If I were you, I would. I think you should Why dont you 3. ExampleExample :: Problem:Problem: I feel very tired these days. Advice:Advice: If I were you I would go to bed earlier. I think you should go to bed earlier. Why dont you go to bed earlier? 4. Activity : I will present a problem. Try to give some good advice. Use the sentence patterns. 5. ProblemProblem :: My neighbors are too noisy. 6. Problem:Problem: I have a job interview, but nothing to wear. 7. Problem:Problem: I cant fall asleep at night. 8. Problem:Problem: My boyfriend is angry with me. 9. Problem:Problem: My back hurts. 10. Problem:Problem: I have too much stress these days. 11. Problem:Problem: I gained 5 kg last month. 12. Thanks for your excellent advice!