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    PHIN BN 1.0/THNG 9.2010


    Gii thiu Information Mc lc

    Bin son ebook : L nh Sng


    Trang web :

    Email :,

    in thoi : 0973.910.357

    Trong phin bn Bch Khoa Y Hc 2010, L nh Sng xin gii thiu vi bn c thng tin ca

    khong 600 loi thuc thng c s dng trn Lm sng. Trong phin bn tip theo s c

    nhiu thuc hn c cp nht.Thng tin thuc trong cun sch ny phn ln l do nh sn

    xut cung cp v c ly t cun Vidal Vit Nam 2007, cc thng tin v qu liu, tc dng

    ph,ng c,thuc tnh...c nh sn xut cng b trn th nghim lm sng. Phin bn tip

    theo s c khong 5000 thuc v bit dc, s c xut bn khi hon thnh. Trn trng.



    Theo yu cu v nguyn vng ca nhiu bn c, khc vi Bch Khoa Y Hc cc phin bn

    trc, bn cnh vic cp nht cc bi vit mi v cc chuyn khoa mi,cng nh thay i cch

    thc trnh by, Bch Khoa Y Hc 2010 c chia ra lm nhiu cun nh, mi cun bao gm mt

    ch ca Y Hc, nh th s gip bn c tit kim c thi gian tra cu thng tin khi cn.

    Tc gi xin chn thnh cm n tt c nhng kin ng gp ph bnh ca qu{ c gi trong thi

    gian qua. Tt c cc cun sch ca b sch Bch Khoa Y Hc 2010 bn c c th tm thy v ti

    v t trang web c L nh Sng xy dng v pht trin.

    NG H :

    Tc gi xin chn thnh cm n mi s ng h v mt ti chnh gip cho Bch Khoa Y Hc

    c pht trin tt hn v ngy cng hu ch hn.

    Mi tm lng ng h cho vic xy dng mt website dnh cho vic ph bin ti liu hc tp v

    ging dy Y Khoa ca cc c nhn v Doanh nghip xin gi v :

    Tn ngn hng : NGN HNG U T V PHT TRIN VIT NAM

    Tn ti khon ngn hng : L nh Sng

    S ti khon : 5111-00000-84877

    CNH BO :

    TI LIU NY CH MANG TNH CHT THAM KHO nhm mc ch nng cao hiu bit v Y khoa.

    Tuyt i khng c t p dng cc thng tin trong ebook ny chn on v t iu tr

    bnh, nht l vi nhng ngi khng thuc nghnh Y . Tc gi ebook ny khng chu bt c

    trch nhim g lin quan n vic s dng thng tin trong cun sch p dng vo thc tin

    ca bn c. y l ti liu su tm t nhiu tc gi khc nhau, nhiu cun sch khc nhau,

    cha c kim chng , v th mi thng tin trong cun sch ny u ch mang tnh cht tng

    i . Cun sch ny c phn pht min ph vi mc ch s dng phi thng mi, bt c

    hnh vi no lin quan n vic mua bn, trao i, chnh sa, in n cun sch ny vo bt c

    thi im no u l bt hp l . Ni dung cun ebook ny c th c thay i v b sung bt

    c lc no m khng cn thng bo trc.


    B sch ny c L Sng su tm , bin dch v tng hp vi mc ch cung cp mt ngun ti

    liu tham kho hu ch cho cc bn sinh vin y khoa, v tt c nhng ai c nhu cu tm hiu,

    nghin cu, tra cu , tham kho thng tin y hc.

    Vi tiu ch l b sch m , c xy dng da trn ngun ti liu ca cng ng , khng mang

    mc ch v li, khng gn vi mc ch thng mi ha di bt kz hnh thc no , nn trc

    khi s dng b sch ny bn phi ng vi nhng iu kin sau . Nu khng ng , bn

    khng nn tip tc s dng sch :

    B sch ny c cung cp n tay bn , hon ton da trn tinh thn t nguyn ca bn.

    Khng c bt kz s thng lng, mua chuc, mi gi hay lin kt no gia bn v tc gi b

    sch ny.

    Mc ch ca b sch phc v cng tc hc tp cho cc bn sinh vin Y khoa l chnh, ngoi

    ra nu bn l nhng i tng ang lm vic trong nghnh Y cng c th s dng b sch nh

    l ti liu tham kho thm .

    Mi thng tin trong b sch u ch c tnh chnh xc tng i, thng tin cha c kim

    chng bi bt c c quan Php lut, Nh xut bn hay bt c c quan c trch nhim lin quan

    no . V vy, hy lun cn trng trc khi bn chp nhn mt thng tin no c cung cp

    trong b sch ny.

    Tt c cc thng tin trong b sch ny c su tm, tuyn chn, phin dch v sp xp theo

    trnh t nht nh . Mi bi vit d ngn hay di, d hay d d cng u l cng sc ca chnh

    tc gi bi vit . L nh Sng ch l ngi su tm v phin dch, ni mt cch khc, ngi

    gip chuyn ti nhng thng tin m cc tc gi bi vit cung cp, n tay cc bn .

    B sch ny l ti liu su tm v dch bi mt sinh vin Y khoa ch khng phi l mt gio s

    tin s hay mt chuyn gia Y hc dy dn kinh nghim,do c th c rt nhiu li v khim

    khuyt khng lng trc , ch quan hay khch quan, cc ti liu b tr c th cha hp l , nn

    bn cnh vic thn trng trc khi thu nhn thng tin , bn cng cn c k phn mc lc b

    sch v phn hng dn s dng b sch s dng b sch ny mt cch thun tin nht.

    Tc gi b sch in t ny khng chu bt c trch nhim no lin quan n vic s dng sai

    mc ch , gy hu qu khng tt v sc khe, vt cht, uy tn ca bn v bnh nhn ca bn .

  • Khng c chuyn mn , khng phi l nhn vin y t , bn khng c ph p t s dng nhng

    thng tin c trong b sch ny chn on v iu tr. T trc ti ny, cc thy thuc IU

    TR BNH NHN ch khng phi l IU TR BNH. Mi ngi bnh l mt thc th c lp

    hon ton khc nhau, do vic b nguyn xi tt c mi thng tin trong b sch ny vo thc

    tin s l mt sai lm ln . Tc gi s khng chu bt c trch nhim g do s bt cn ny gy ra.

    V l b sch cng ng, to ra v mc ch cng ng, do cng ng , b sch ny c pht trin

    c hay khng mt phn rt ln, khng ch da vo sc lc, s kin tr ca ngi to ra b

    sch ny , th nhng ng gp, xy dng, gp , b sung, hiu chnh ca ngi c chnh l

    ng lc to ln b sch ny c pht trin. V mt mc tiu tr thnh mt b sch tham

    kho y khoa tng hp ph hp vi nhu cu v tnh hnh thc tin trong lnh vc y t ni ring v

    trong cuc sng ni chung . Tc gi b sch mong mi bn c nhng li ng gp chn

    thnh mang tnh xy dng, nhng ti liu qu m bn mun san s cho cng ng , v mt

    tng lai tt p hn. l tt c nim mong mi m khi bt u xy dng b sch ny , ti

    vn kin tr theo ui .

    Ni dung b sch ny, c th ch ng trong mt thi im nht nh trong qu kh v hin ti

    hoc trong tng lai gn. Trong thi i cch mng khoa hc cng ngh tin nhanh nh v bo

    nh hin nay, khng ai bit trc c liu nhng kin thc m bn c c c th p dng

    vo tng lai hay khng . tr li cu hi ny, ch c chnh bn thn bn , phi lun lun

    khng ngng-T MNH-cp nht thng tin mi nht trong mi lnh vc ca i sng, trong

    c lnh vc y khoa. Khng ai c th, tt nhin b sch ny khng th, lm iu thay bn.

    Nghim cm s dng b sch ny di bt kz mc ch xu no, khng c ph p thng mi

    ha sn phm ny di bt c danh ngha no. Tc gi b sch ny khng phi l tc gi bi vit

    ca b sch , nhng mt rt nhiu cng sc, thi gian, v tin bc to ra n, v li ch

    chung ca cng ng. Bn phi chu hon ton trch nhim vi bt kz vic s dng sai mc ch

    v khng tun th ni dung b sch ny nu ra.

    Mi l thuyt u ch l mu xm, mt cun sch hay vn cun sch cng ch l l thuyt, ch c

    thc t cuc sng mi l cun sch hon ho nht, bn khng phi l c gi m l din

    vin chnh. V Bch Khoa Y Hc cng ch l mt ht thc nh, vic s dng n xo nu hay

    nhn ging l hon ton ty thuc vo bn c. V ngi to ra ht thc ny s vui mng v

    c truyn thm ng lc tip tc c gng nu bit rng chnh nh bn m bit bao ngi

    khng cn phi xp hng ch cu tr.

    Mi ng gp lin quan n b sch xin gi v cho tc gi theo a ch trn. Rt mong nhn

    c phn hi t cc bn c gi cc phin bn sau c tt hn.

  • Knh chc bn c, gia quyn v ton th ngi Vit Nam lun c sng trong khe mnh,

    cuc sng ngy cng m no hnh phc.

    Lng, Ngh An. Thng 8/2010


    ebook editor: Le Dinh Sang

    Hanoi Medical University



    Tel: 0973.910.357


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    specialties, as well as changes in presentation, Medical Encyclopedia 2010 is divided into many

    small ebooks, each ebook includes a subject of medicine, as this may help readers save time

    looking up informations as needed. The author would like to thank all the critical comments of

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