Less Content. More Strategy. (KCDC 2014)

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This presentation will briefly describe the concept of content strategy, then explore how an abundance of content increases stress and costs money, and how LESS content is a much better approach. Attendees will gain an appreciation of content strategy as a discipline, consider a new approach to product content, and assess the wisdom of their own company's content strategy (if they have one).

Text of Less Content. More Strategy. (KCDC 2014)

  • Less Content. More Strategy.
  • 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Danielle Gobert Cooley danielle@dgcooley.com @dgcooley 15 years as a UX Specialist BE, Biomedical and Electrical Engineering Vanderbilt University MS, Human Factors in InformaNon Design Bentley University hPp://linkedin.com/in/dgcooley Selected Work
  • 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • (Less) Content. (More) Strategy. 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Content Stress Expense Value to End User Revenue Expenses and stress increase with content. While end user value and revenue ulNmately suer.
  • SO WHAT IS CONTENT STRATEGY? 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • Uh-oh! 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • You probably already do it! 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • Aaaah. Clients. 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 I need a wireframe. Uhhhhh OK?
  • Which one? 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 ?
  • KrisNna Halvorsons deniNon 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Content Strategy is the pracNce of planning for content creaNon, delivery, and governance. - KrisNna Halvorson
  • Rahel Bailies deniNon 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Content Strategy is the development of a repeatable process that manages content throughout the enNre content lifecycle. And that means, from planning to creaNon to management within the CMS, to publishing, to post-publishing acNviNes, and back through the next iteraNon of planning, and so on.
  • What content are we talking about? 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Graphics Audio Video Photos PDFs Blog Entries Copy Tweets hPp://www.site.com Links spacer.gif
  • Content creaNon Whos going to create it? How oien? What kind of content will it be? Tone? 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Dont forget about maintenance!
  • Content delivery Is this going on the website? TwiPer? Facebook? Email? Annual Report? 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Technical consideraNons can be huge!
  • Content governance Who reviews & approves new and updated content? Who determines and enforces removal and archival rules? 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Who gets to (has to?) say No! to the boss?
  • (LESS) CONTENT 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • The long neck 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 hPp://www.gerrymcgovern.com/ 80%
  • The Pareto Principle 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 E-commerce site: 714,716 pages and 12,125,733 pageviews 36% 71 pages (0.01%) 677,848 pages (94.8%) were viewed fewer than 25 Nmes each
  • The Pareto Principle 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 B2B IT Soiware Company: 211,318 pages and 9,025,793 pageviews 68% 21 pages (0.01%) 205,775 pages (97.4%) were viewed fewer than 25 Nmes each
  • Contents long neck 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • Required quadrant map 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Benet Cost Logo & Branding FAQ Culture Video Contact LePer from the CEO It Depends J
  • Content is expensive 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Intermediate Copywriter $51,358 Webmaster $66,169 Java Developer $80,858 Art Director (Web) $102,526 Salary.com (2011)
  • Signal to noise raNo 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 www.jolyon.co.uk
  • Signal to noise raNo 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 hPp://www.electronicink.com/a-bePer-system/Embracing-Brevity-Pays-O
  • The psychology of cluPer 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • The psychology of cluPer 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 At Your House On Your Website Insecurity I might need that someday! A customer might need that someday! Keeping up with the Joneses The neighbor has new landscaping. I need new landscaping, too! My compeNtor uses video. I need to use video, too! HecNc pace of life Ill just put this mail here for now and deal with it later. I dont have Nme to meet about that. Just check with legal before you put it up there.
  • DusNn CurNs gets it 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 hPp://www.dusNncurNs.com/dear_american_airlines.html
  • AA is even starNng to get it 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 2011
  • 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 2013
  • This person got it. 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 Everything Else Enter your tracking number Track My Package Reference unknown.
  • GoDaddy Didnt Get it. 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 hPp://www.heathbrothers.com/posts/2011/04/gone-godaddy-gone/ And it cost them a (high prole) customer.
  • 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 vs.
  • Lane Furniture.com doesnt get it. 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014 hPp://www.lanefurniture.com/Contact-Us/FAQ.aspx
  • (MORE) STRATEGY 17 May 2014 @dgcooley #KCDC2014
  • The mos