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Agile Content Strategy

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Learn about the 4 P's of Content Strategy (Planning, Production, Publication and Promotion) in an Agile methodology to make sure your content creation is effective.

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  • 1. Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

2. WE ARE ALL CONSUMERS and our expectations for digital are set by the brands we interact with. If your experience doesnt measure up, its going to hurt your brand. A sub-par user experience results in 47% of site visitors having a less positive perception of the company and a third went on to tell others about it. Equation Research 3. WERE LESS TOLERANT When users have a less than positive experience online 78% go to competitor site 88% are less likely to return 38% go to a competitor and never return 4. YOUR NEW COMPETITION 5. CONTENT IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT WHAT PEOPLE SHARE WHY PEOPLE ACT Companies of all sizes need to realize that great content is required for success in digital 6. WE ALL MAKE CONTENT 7. SO WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING Planning Production Publication Promotion 8. AGILE MARKETING Making frequent, planned updates enables you to prioritize feedback and respond immediately to what users are saying. This connectivity with users builds loyalty and drives continued engagement with the content. TRADITIONAL METHOD Write Content OUTCOME? USER VALIDATED MARKETING MVP 0.2 0.3 0.4 1.0 LEARNINGS LEARNINGS LEARNINGS LEARNINGS OR 9. Building small requires rigorous prioritization of content opportunities based on existing user insights and business objectives Our aim is to learn from real users on a subset of content and let those insights inform the future allocation of resources LEVEL OF EFFORT SIZEOFSUCCESS CONTENT PLANNING 10. PLANNING Planning is about understanding your objectives and aligning them with the intent of your audience Feedback Comments, reviews, survey Behavior A-B testing, heat-mapping Analytics Page, event and conversion Connections Data bridges, Social INTENT SOCIAL INTEREST USER VALIDATED DRIVERS 11. CONTENT PRODUCTION Creating great content is lots of hard, rigorous work and there are no shortcuts to doing it right TECHNOLOGIES Ruby on Rails .NET HTML5 iOS Android PhoneGap PHP PLATFORMS Mobile Tablet Web Social Kiosk POS PRODUCERS Writers Editors Experts Videographers Photographers Recording Artists Actors 12. PLANNED PUBLICATION CONTENT PUBLICATION Though content roadmaps are critical, room must be made for the learnings gained from users. MVP Iterate Iterate 1 2 1 2 1 2 Listen & Learn Implement 1 2 13. Content isnt valuable to you or your audience you worked hard to create it for if nobody knows you created it. Great content is easier to promote, but it wont share itself. Next Steps for Content PROMOTION SHARING Influencers 1st Stay in the Conversation Make it Contextual Bite-size Bits UPKEEP Lifecycle Relevancy Platform Changes New Content SEARCH Micro & Meta Internal Links Natural Language User First 14. Great Content MARKETING Planning Production Publication Promotion 15. [email protected] Twitter: @Seth_Waite Web: