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    :- : ==: -:2 Q Marks assur ar cOd corrlpahy. co Labeling in Korea.

    Membership in KlSTi.Expo''t associatio1 n G'yeo1 ggi do.

    Moves in Woo Lim Lions valley in seongnam con lplex.

    lnnob z compan'y, started Institute of natural n atel'iaIs, chem caIs

    1r crease of cap t 4billion wo1 registralion of put ic

    procurenlent seI'vice.

    Registration of expol't compan'y in konea.

    Reg stration of rrlinistr'y of errlpIo yment and labo''.

    VOnture colpanly, CIea co[ pan'y.

    27 4. billion sales based on No ember, 2007.Ehibition n China (Beiji g, Sha ghai, Dalia , Harbi ,Guagzho , e zhe , Shenya g, Etc).Attending a d brand "Morning in the Fo est" pIomotion

    chosen as lle G'yeo1 ggi lnternet trading Iront er business

    and using e trading.

    2 tI31J F'

    i:i f Sta''ted r nanufacturing natural anion paint.

    Attended kotra nlarket exp10itation group b'y ko'ea.

    | nternat onal trading association

    (Tiwa , Chi a, Easter Europe, etc)

    :!!:. Opened office in Mumbai 1ndia, and in the type ofco

    lmission t'ype.

    20::::: Changed to the co''poration.

    Started paint b'siness ad nlanufacturi l g and sales.

    1 Fou ded IREA Cher'nical Fil'm.

    Started as a dor nestic sales agent for chem ca1 ravv

    rnate''ials like epo 'y, u''ethane, etc.

    Became the sole agent of Bitrez Po1'yar'nide.

    England and don lestic agent fo1' Kumho P&B and

    Korea Polyol.

    Div'ers fcation of paint 'ow material ''esources and

    dor'nestic che ic raw materi suprers.

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    New house s'/ndrole, new school syndnorT e, old house s'/ndrole and nesoIv'e at a ti


    ln a roo-' feel clean a

    d fnesh ai'' in the woods, shall enjo y the vvoods.

    Air vitarrlin 'ar io1 ' releasing large aounts of (Korea l st t te of co str ctio mteri s Iesl repo1't: Negatie io emiss o 241 2 o / cc).

    Pnevent oxidation caused by free rad cals, the stability of the a' tonomic neI' 'ous system function,

    blood circulatio , pI'orrIote metabol is.

    High emissi ity of far infrared space of over 93% implementation.

    I ntracellular rrIolec' les, stim' lating cell acti 'ity and pro-Iotes growth.

    There's n irritating smell fno the da'y of const''uction available.

    Minerals, natural vveapons (A,nio emissio , erssio s) and natural etracts of pine (Phytoncide effect)consists of a srTIell st

    -lulus is not av'ailable from the day of installation.

    Anti mold, bacterial, toxic chemicals, deodorant, insect repel le t effects excellence, hu lidit'y control

    can pnoduce beautifu l, colorful and diverse.

    Beddingset produce a variety of coIors and a v'ariety of bea' tiful and o' top of the waII paint or wallpape'',

    and paint ov'eI' waIIpape'', especiall'y finisher makes a diffel'ence as the new waIIpaper.

    New house s'yndrome and old house s yndrole effect ph'ytoncide well, Castro's syndrorne.

    Due to the natural pine tree ext''act phytoncide effects, such as pine woods to produce a comfortable

    env' ronrrlent.

    Abov'e all, Su1r-lac effect gives 'you a good sleep ng.

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    ::: ,/

    Frod'ces Iarge q Etities of A n ('::::

    gative o ) (::::,f a r.prevention of oidation b'y Activated ox'ygen. Stabilization of the autonorrlic ner 'ous s'yster


    ccelerE tiO Of OUf t rE l metoli(::;;m

    Creatior ofa h gh q'it'y"fa''infraned ra'y"space will ov'er93%e1 r iss on rate stirrl atior of rndec es will in

    a celI causes cell activit'y and growth to increase.


    "P'ytor ci( e effect the effec

    0f E traI ire tree extrct, YOLI Caf creae r e forest I ke

    I( ESE t e viro g'!e t

    W {ar a Ie reve "evv hse syrrie

    o'y' bl(:::'}Ck

    FormIdehyd ;::; VOC etc'you ane free from the effects of atopic derrnat tis.

    iverr:::e d e'.,jt

    f I coIo'.

    bu are able to decorate in Diversit'y because of the absents an'y repuls ve srnells you can utilize the anea

    rig ht away.

    ThI(:::::: r ulat ((::::'If h rnidi y lev((:::::.I::::::;.

    W alw'ays rlaintain a pleasant hurT idit'y leve1'.

    Antibacter al, anti - old. repel la t properties

    / }'

    Y h i crease of overall ph'ysical stnength ev'en with a v'r ef exposure.'you are avle to fee1 effects to your uscles. bod'y har


    1ess to both skin and bod'y.


    1 Iue ea / cc



    1 500

    1 000



    Gee residenti

    Surrounding mountains

    Foresl anea

    Woter s su''rounding

    :: Fbrest morning

    Gene ra |

    residentia |

    Surroundingmot ntains

    Woterfalls Forest n orningsurrounding

    Fo1'esl area



    1 700


    , ::::

  • ornin in he 0re9t

    PIHfy 99%environmer friendly

    all natural paint.

    C ir $ystey

  • :

    Ar'nount of usage (0.3' ''0.5r nm) : 1 kg /3,5m2 Dr'y ng time : 4 GI

    BoDark Loess, Light Loess, Light white cla'y, White

    g, 1 :Z:'

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    office Hote1


  • ealth tedding set features

    |f you use natural rnaterials, natural air e

    'issions t

    -'axirT'ize the capabilities

    of the anion, Accordingly, the smooth bIood c rculation, respiration, and

    head back s' rT gole anions and blood pressure due to radiation relieve

    headaches and rr' igraines.

    T cIear rrl'y head coated wilh buckwheat shell buckwheat pillo vs, natura|

    negative ions in the indoor air forr naldehyde (HCHO) sr ne , odor, deodora t

    should clean the air anound the pillow.

    |n addition, buckwheat shells coated with the anion in the far infrared rays

    ane radiated through the photoelectric effect in liv'ing cells of the nervous

    tssue b'y acting on nerve ends tingl ng pain can be reduced.

    Mattness in the silver, copper, nickel, arranged at reg' lar intervals, as wel|

    as blocking the sumac inhibit bacteria, and bacteria sterilization, d sinfection

    and air b'y en'itting negative

    ons to New house syndron e is a pnoduct that

    can be nesoIved.

    There is need a good sleep condition, stnongly recommended, if consumers

    want a cory fortable night's sleep is worth.

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  • Product Specif cation

    Mattresses - 500, 700

    Size : 1.5 2.2(m), 2.O X 2.5(m)(1 Guest, 2 Guests)




  • Natural anion p iow

    . Natural anion effect (!Minimum 1 700ea/cc)2. ltra violet ra'ys effect

    3. Antibacte''ial, Steril zation, Mildew e clus o'

    4., Deodol'ization and VOC exclusion of air


    1 . Because anion that is en litted w thin anion buckwheat huIIs corT les into inte''ior of the bod'y b'y breath

    blood exchange n srT oothl'y and med' lla aftel'brain a' ion is erlitted and paliate a headache o'' rrligraine

    b'y bIood pnessure.

    2. Through photoelect''ic effect in because far infrared is radated w thi anion buckwheat hulIs Iiv ng

    bod'y ce Reduce pain ll at fe pricld'y acting direc 'y n vervus te1 nin is and per pher nere of fomation.

    3. BIoorned buckwheat hulls prevents Midew that r nicroscopic parasite such as tick, -:

    a little, head lice does not to Iive and happens in general buckwheat hulIs b'y anion ;:

    white clay.

    4. Deodorizes and clears nnidew on pilIow surro' ndings.

    Forrrlaldeh'yde (HCHO) srr'ell, a offensiv'e odor that anion buckwheat hulIs is

    among indoor air

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    Adhesive Repair ng Mater a's

    (StIong Ceramic, Epox'y)

    Epoxy Ranint

    'Jrethane Paint

    Sealant(Construction Pu rpose)




    Poduct List (PoI'yoI)

    Car, Fumiture

    H3021 , H3022 / '5603 / TP3000

    H301 0 / Y561 3 /TP300 1

    H1 000D/ L- 1 1 00

    H3322 / Y'481 3

    H4701 , H4705, H407 /Y'531 / GE52

    KE - 7083, H3033, H3021 / Y1 455 / GE3000

    Cu''ing agent

    : MD|

    : TDI (80 / 20)

    : Moca

    : etc.

    : Tio2 (Rutile, Anatase Type) - Du pont R- 902, etc

    :: Othe'' soI e t BTX

    : Phenol, Bis phenol A:: Monome1'