Community-based Entrepreneurship for Rural Development

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Text of Community-based Entrepreneurship for Rural Development

Community-based Entrepreneurship for Rural Development- Introduction to Training Program-Koichi MIYOSHI: Professor (Dr.), Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University OKABE: Bureau Chief,Institute for Community Design

K. Miyoshi & Y.Okabe2014/111

FacilitatorsKoichi MIYOSHI (APU-GSA)Yumiko OKABE (Institute for Community Design)

22016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

APU Officers (Research Office)Seigo TAKEBAYASHI: Deputy DirectorRyoko MASUNAGA: Program Officer

32016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

Self IntroductionKoichi MIYOSHI Dr.

Current Position Professor, Graduate School of Asia pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Past PositionManaging Director, Office Of EvaluationVisiting Professors: Graduate School of Tokyo University, Graduate School of Chuo University etc.Deputy Managing Director, Planning Department Chief Representative of JICA USA Office

SpecialtiesCommunity Capacity and Rural Development Evaluation and PlanningInternational Cooperation Policy2016/014K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

Self IntroductionYumiko OKABE

Current Position Bureau chief, Institute for Community DesignJICA Project Researcher, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Local Economic Development Advisor, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Nicaragua (INIFOM)JICA Follow-up Project Investigation Team (Bhutan, MoEA)

Past PositionParticipatory Evaluation Expert (Thailand)Rural development & Environment Expert (Paraguay)Research Assistant, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversityJICA Follow-up Project Investigation Team (Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua)Development Instructor, Development Aid for People to People (Malawi)

SpecialtiesCommunity Capacity and Rural Development Evaluation and PlanningParticipatory EvaluationInternational Cooperation Policy2016/015K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

List of Training Program Course (Country/Region), (As of FY 2014)2016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe6Course NameFY YearCountry/RegionNumber of Participants1Training Course in Seminar for Municipal Mayors of Clustered LGUS: One Village One Product Movement2006, 2007, 2008, 2009Country: Philippines382The Country focused Training Program on the "One Village One Product" Movement in Tunisia2006, 2007Country: Tunisia183Training Course in Region Development Promotion for ASEAN Countries - One Village One Product2007, 2008, 2009Region: ASEAN314Training Course in Community Capacity and Rural Development - Focusing on One Village One Product for AFRICAN Countries + Malawi2008, 2009, 2010Region: Africa475Training Course in Enforcement of Region Administrative Function for Local Industrial Promotion2008, 2009, 2010Country: Chile286Training Course in Seminar on One Village, One Product Movement in Savannakhet and Saravanh2008, 2009Country: Laos87Training Course in ANDEAN Region One Village One Product Promotion2009, 2010, 2011Region: Andean458Training Course in Development and Promotion of Region Industries Utilizing Local Resources for INDOCHINA and PACIFIC Regions2009Region: Indochina & Pacific139Training Course in Community Capacity and Rural Development - Focusing on One Village One Product for AFRICAN Countries (A) & (B)2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014Region: Africa12510Training Course on Community Capacity and Rural Development Promotion for ASIAN Countries One Village One Product 2010, 2011, 2012Region: Asian4911Training Course in Promotion of Local Industries for GUATEMALA2010, 2011, 2012Country: Guatemala4612Training Course of Promotion of One Village One Product Movement in COLOMBIA2010, 2011, 2012, 2014Country: Colombia6513Training Course in NEPAL One Village One Product Promotion2011Country: Nepal1514Enhancement of Capacity for Promotion of One Village One Product Program in Uganda2012Country: Uganda1415Training Course on Community Capacity and Rural Development Promotion for Central & South America One Village One Product (A)&(E)2012, 2013, 2014Country: Central and South America8416Training Course of Promotion of One Village One Product Movement in Kenya2012Country: Kenya1517Training Course on Community Capacity and Rural Development Promotion for East Europe and Central Asia One Village One Product 2013, 2014Country: Eastern Europa and Central Asia1818Training Course in Community Capacity and Rural Development - Focusing on One Village One Product for Asia and Pacific Regions C2013, 2014 Country: Asia and Pacific Regions2519Thailand Training Course: Marketing Techniques and OTOP Enhancement for Producers, Farming Households and Agricultural Products2013Country: Thailand1720Paraguay Training Course: Community Capacity and Rural Development: Decentralized Hands-on Program Exhibition for Environmental Issues2014Paraguay421Bhutan Training, Capacity Building for Development of Entrepreneurs in Rural Communities2014Bhutan1557 courses72 countries720

Concept of Training Program2016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe7Inception Report(Project, Program or Policy)Revision and ModificationInterim Report(Project, Program or Policy)

Community Capacity Development and Policy Structure Model- Concept of Community Capacity Development- Concept of Planning and Evaluation- Concept of Systematic Value Addition for Rural Entrepreneurs/Development PromoterDecentralized Hands-On Program Exhibition (D-HOPE) Policy Approach ModelCommunity-based Collective ActivitiesStudy ToursCase Studies: Group DiscussionsAction Plan: Group Discussions

Final Report(Project, Program and Policy)

ImplementationProject, Program and PolicyConcept + Practice

K. Miyoshi & Y.Okabe2014/117


K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

K. Miyoshi & Y.Okabe2014/118


K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

K. Miyoshi & Y.Okabe2014/119

Viewpoints of Rural developmentRegional disparity=Big Issue

Goal setting by rural peopleViewpoints of urban area/criteria from urban viewpointsRural development based on urban criteria for developmentDifferences between rural development and rural peoples desire and sentimentCompetition with urban areaImbalances situation of resources between urban and rural Decrease of rural area initiative for development

Rural lives and rural developmentNecessity of reconstruction of development by rural peopleDevelopment of community capacityDevelopment of collective activities

102016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

Criteria for Rural DevelopmentCriteria for Rural developmentWay of Lives required by rural people Value, Vison and Norm of rural community

Expansion of possibility for affluent rural developmentConstruction of concrete rural development for rural people11

2016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

Reconstruction and Implementation for Rural DevelopmentReconstruction and implementation of development from the rural peoples viewpoints

Evaluation and planning from the rural peoples viewpointsParticipation of rural people in evaluation and planning

Recognition of framework of evaluation and planningSubject of evaluation and planning: community policy structureQuestion for evaluation and planning: change of society and possibility of collective activitiesEvaluation and planning methodology: participation and emphasis on the rural peoples viewpoints


2016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

Our IntentionsTo discuss an alternative development approach focusing on community capacity and collective activities that benefits rural communities. To conceptualize the rural development approach for practical usages; not to theorize the rural development phenomenaTo clarify the practical, operational concepts to examine, discuss, and analyse the real life operation. The real life is not simple to interpret by simple theories for causalities. We can choose various options for development. 132016/01K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

Community Capacity Developmentand Policy Structure Model

Outcomes of Community(Change of Society)

FunctionsStrategic ComponentsDecentralizationHistorical Condition and Context

Intermediate Outcomes(Change of Target Group)




CommunityImplementationOutcomesCharacteristics of Community Capacity

2016/0114K. Miyoshi & Y. OkabeCommunity Policy StructureCommunity Capacity

Community Capacity Developmentand Policy Structure ModelDecentralizationHistorical Condition and Context

2016/0115K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

Outcomes of Community(Change of Society)

FunctionsEvaluationPlanning ImplementationStrategic ComponentsHuman Resources: ChampionsLeadership: Community LeadersOrganizations for Collective activitiesNetwork: Relational Capital

Intermediate Outcomes(Change of Target Groups)



CommunityImplementationOutcomesCharacteristics of Community CapacitySense of CommunityCommitmentsAbility to Set and Achieve ObjectivesAbility to Recognize and Access to ResourcesCommunity Capacity





Community Policy Structure

2014/1115K. Miyoshi & Y.Okabe

Systematic Value Addition

Higher Value Added and Better Well-being Policy Structure(Collective Activities) +Community Capacity

2016/0116K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe

2014/11K. Miyoshi & Y.Okabe16

Level of Community

International Community

Regional Community

Country Community

Provincial Community

District/Municipality Community

Village Community2016/0117K. Miyoshi & Y. Okabe