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  • 1. Circulate August 2013

2. "The opportunity to own the place where people go for long-form reading is a very large opportunity, especially for advertising. - Josh Elman, Greylock Partners 3. The web lacks a user-curated space dedicated exclusively to substantive, thoughtful articles. Facebook is baby photos and bikini pics Twitter is 140 characters of self-narration Reddit is memes and LOL cats As a result, substance is buried by the trivial. The Problem 4. The Solution Circulate Requires a minimum of 350 characters/post First sharing platform to require a minimum amount of content (patent pending). Exclusively dedicated to articles Great reading is not buried under other types of media. Its form instructs its function Newspaper layout engenders content of newspaper- caliber. 5. Business Model Multiple revenue streams Ads Monetize early with Google AdSense Premium features Charge per use of special features, like ability to circulate an article anonymously Subscriptions Allow users to charge a subscription fee for access to their custom-curated publications take portion of the revenue 6. Vast Utility Use Circulate to Disseminate important content Generate and join discussion Discover relevant reading Save and manage articles of interest Strengthen your online footprint Make money - monetize your page and use Circulate as a source of revenue. 7. Competitive Distinctions 8. Milestones Path Forward Beta Launch September 2013 Subscription Payments Tool for Content Curators October 2013 AdSense Approval October/November 2013 Native App for Android December 2013 Native App for iOS February 2014 Launch API April 2014 9. Team Core Members Danny Sklar Co-founder CEO of Circulate, formerly of Teach for America, Bain & Co, and Suffolk Capital Eli Zuckerman Co-founder VP of Tech at Circulate, previously developed the Department of Defenses first Android app Mark Ghermazian Angel Investor Managing Director at T5 Capital, CEO of Appboy Henry Lichtenberger Attorney Specializes in securities, previously practiced at the SEC 10. Contact Email: [email protected] Cell: (310)279-7812

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