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  • Malaysia
  • FactsEthnic Group Grouping % Others Non-Bumiputera 62% 1% Malaysi Indian anChinese 22% 7% 8%Indians 6.7%Others 0.8%Non-Malaysian 8.1% Chinese MalayCitizens 22% 62%Most commercial food in hotels,shopping complexes, food courts Ethnicity Segmentationmust be approved Halal When you meet your friend: Hi, have you eaten? Sudah makan?
  • Meal times Breakfast (comprises of sweet, salty and sour) Matinee Break (Sweet) Lunch (Hawker, food courts, restaurants, mamaks) Evening Tea (Sweets or savoury) Dinner (Hawker, food courts, restaurants, mamaks) Supper (Sweets)
  • Malaysian Food Spices arrived with trade in 15th Century Malay China, Persia, Mesopota Chinese mia Interracial marriage Colonization from the Indian Portuguese The English being the most influential (East India Company) Came the Chinese and IndiansMalaysian Food (myriad of flavours)
  • Eid al-Fitr Food you might see Rendang Ketupat Lemang Cakes and sweets Rose drink with biji selasih
  • Chinese New Year Falls usually on the first month of the lunar calendar changes each year Celebrations last about 15 days Pay respect to ancestors Visit family and friends
  • Deepavali/ Divali Encountered Indian sweets Curry Muruku Rice Lights/ candles
  • Baba and Nyonya Assimilated Chinese Speaks Malay and Malay Creole Influenced by malay culture All variants of taste (sweet, sour, salty and bitter)
  • Not forgetting
  • A simple character Mostly outdoors At night
  • YouTubers My Generasi Ponderings =) My personal favorite 1 Char Koay Teow Penang Too much is not a good thing :0