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FactsEthnic Group Grouping %Bumiputera 62%Chinese 22%Indians 6.7%Others 0.8%Non-Malaysian Citizens








Ethnicity Segmentation

When you meet your friend:“Hi, have you eaten?”“Sudah makan?”

Most commercial food in hotels, shopping complexes, food courts must be approved Halal

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Meal times

• Breakfast (comprises of sweet, salty and sour)• Matinee Break (Sweet)• Lunch (Hawker, food courts, restaurants,

mamaks)• Evening Tea (Sweets or savoury)• Dinner (Hawker, food courts, restaurants,

mamaks)• Supper (Sweets)

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Malaysian Food

Malaysian Food (myriad of flavours)



• Spices arrived with trade in 15th Century• China, Persia,

Mesopotamia• Interracial marriage• Colonization from the

Portuguese• The English being the most

influential (East India Company)

• Came the Chinese and Indians

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Eid al-Fitr

• Food you might see– Rendang– Ketupat– Lemang– Cakes and sweets– Rose drink with ‘biji


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Chinese New Year• Falls usually on the first month

of the lunar calendar – changes each year

• Celebrations last about 15 days• Pay respect to ancestors• Visit family and friends

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Deepavali/ Divali

• Encountered– Indian sweets– Curry– Muruku– Rice– Lights/ candles

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Baba and Nyonya

• Assimilated Chinese• Speaks Malay and

Malay Creole• Influenced by malay

culture• All variants of taste

(sweet, sour, salty and bitter)

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Not forgetting…

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A simple character

Mostly outdoorsAt night