AAITF Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Tradeshow

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  • Table of Contents Advisory Board Introduction on Tarsus Group Limited Tarsus Group Portfolio ASEAN Automotive Aftermarket Acquisition AAITF Shenzhen State of the current ASEAN aftermarket ASEAN Aftermarket Growth Five Year Plan AAITF Bangkok AAITF Bangkok Overview and statistics AAITF Executive Forum Ecommerce Focus Media Partners/Associations/Global reach Floor Plan

  • Advisory BoardAAITF Bangkok 2015 is in the process of carefully selecting members for an exclusive Executive Advisory Board to ensure that we remain the thought leading exhibition in the SE Asian Automotive Aftermarket.

    Uli Kaiser President of Thai European Business Association !Publisher of Thai AutoBook 2015 !Area of Expertise: ASEAN Automotive Industry

    Each board member has a specific area of expertise in the automotive aftermarket and will be sharing their expertise, knowledge and opinions with the AAITF Bangkok global community.

    Scott McCormick !President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association!Area of Expertise: Connected Vehicles

    Jeff Smit TaT - Director and Head TrainerArea of Expertise: Technical Repair Training!

  • Tarsus is an international business-to-business media group with interests in exhibitions, conferences, publishing and online media.

    Since its inception in 1998 with one key brand and a turnover of 4.8 million, the Group has grown substantially and now operates in thirteen key sectors with over eighty events and websites, twenty-five publications, and an annualised turnover of over 50 million.

    Tarsus is operational worldwide with over 180 staff in offices in Dublin, London, Paris, Milwaukee, Boca Raton (Florida), Peterborough (New Hampshire), Dubai, Jakarta, Shanghai and New Delhi, and over 60 staff in Central and Western China through a joint venture with Hubei Hope Exhibition Company Ltd.

    Tarsus Group Ltd

  • Since being founded in 1998, Tarsus has built a diverse portfolio of leading brands that span a wide range of industries and geographies. Tarsus has developed solid international customer base whilst forging a strong presence in local markets and nurturing a loyal team with exceptional market knowledge.

    Tarsus Group !Portfolio

  • Tarsus Group Ltd & AMB Expo

    In June 2015, Tarsus Group Ltd, acquired the AMB Expo Group. The reason for the acquisition was to cement Tarsus as the number 1 organiser of Automotive Aftermarket events in Southeast Asia.

  • AAITF Shenzhen AAITF (Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair) is one of the worlds largest and most influential automotive aftermarket events and is now going into its 12th year in February 2016. Following the strategic move of the show to Shenzhen in January 2015, the 11th edition of the show was the most successful yet with higher visitor and exhibitor numbers than ever before.

    ONE OF THE WORLDS LARGEST AUTO AFTERMARKET SHOWS: The top 500 Chinese automobile appliance companies A combined spend of $32 billion Over 3,500 Exhibitors 8,000 booths 10 world class exhibition halls Over 100,000 sqm of show space More than 20,000 new products released 30 high-end automotive industry activities including competitions !

    and live product demonstrations

  • ASEAN Aftermarket: A Growth Market

    *All the above information was taken from as of July 2015: http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/details/asean-automotive-aftermarket

    ASEAN Automotive Aftermarket Anticipated to Expand at 7.8% CAGR through 2025

    It is expected to reach a market value of around US$ 37.7 Billion by the end of forecast period 2015-2025.*

  • ASEAN Aftermarket: Growth Drivers! Growing vehicle parc - demand for general automotive repairs

    along with transmission repairs such as starter & alternator, brake services, lubricants tires, filters, and batteries among others.

    Increasing preferences for customised exterior and interior components and accessories for improving vehicle aesthetics is increasing the demand for accessories at considerable growth rate in ASEAN countries.

    The cost of the automotive aftermarket parts - less compared to original parts.

    The increasing mandates by the government - which further aimed at reducing risk and ensuring the minimal safety requirements in the automotive aftermarket across the globe.

    The global economy is in recovery - as a result the !industry is expected to experience faster growth over the !forecast period 2015-2025.

    *All the above information was taken from as of July 2015: http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/details/asean-automotive-aftermarket

  • !Expected Growth Per Segment ! Components segment CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 7.4% * ! Further sub-segmented into oils & lubricants, tyres, batteries, wear & tear parts, filters,

    collision body parts, starters & alternators, lighting components, exhaust components (13.9%) and spark plugs.

    Interior Accessories - CAGR of 8.4% Accessories - CAGR of 7.8% Services - CAGR of 6.7% In just over 10 years economic output has nearly tripled, and vehicle ownership has

    doubled across the region that includes Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to this increase in vehicle sales the aftermarket is expected to grow. Even with slower automotive sales, the aftermarket will continue to boom due to the fact that the vehicles in circulation will need to be maintained.

    Products like Wiper blades in particular are piped to be one of the !fastest growing segments due to their short life span, as well as !Car Care products, Accessories and many other parts and products.

    *All the above information was taken from as of July 2015: http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/details/asean-automotive-aftermarket

  • AAITF Bangkok: Five Year PlanVISION Become leading Automotive Aftermarket trade show in the ASEAN region

    within 5 years.

    Replicate Chinese Exhibition and bring the worlds leading Aftermarket brands to Thailand.

    Educate Thai market (targeted visitor groups, want to educate companies e.g. petrol garages should be selling high quality products.

    Looking to attract key retailers, distributors, agents, buyers from all over ASEAN:

    Year 1: 70% Thailand, 30% ASEAN Year 3: 60% Thai, 40% ASEAN/ international Year 5: 50% Thai, 50% ASEAN/ InternationalBuild relationships with International Associations who will bring their international members with them (ACMA, AAAA, AASA, Autocare, !SMMT and many more).

  • AAITF Bangkok at a Glance 5,000 + B2B professionals from the ASEAN Region 150 + local and international exhibitors displaying the most

    innovative automotive aftermarket products

    1 day pan ASEAN high level Executive Forum for networking and learning

    2 day technical seminar and workshop programme, free to attend to all visitors

    Feature areas Co-location and partnered with organisers of the Thailand

    International Motor Expo

    World Class Exhibition Hall, IMPACT Forum Exhibition Centre, Bangkok

  • AAITF Executive Forum

    TOPICS INCLUDE: Green Energy The Connected Car in SE Asia 3D Printing Ecommerce Helping new companies enter the

    ASEAN Market. E.g. Fuel additive and oil companies

    Modification Wellness & the in-car environment Key trends in tuning Sustainability Connectivity - safety & maintenance

    Advances in chemicals & lubricants OEM trends & the aftermarket The multi-media car Advances in coating, wraps & films

    Impact of new technologies Audio visual innovations Car care & beauty innovations Fuel additives & enhancers

    Lighting technology innovations Sustainable product trends Impact of electric vehicles

    1 day high level invite only knowledge sharing executive conference covering most innovative and forward thinking topics and solutions in the Auto Aftermarket. Attendees will include the largest companies and brands within supply chain:

  • Exhibitor Profile

  • Expected core buyer profile by country

  • Expected core buyer profile by segment.

  • Who are we going to attract?!We will be inviting a huge variety of visitor for our Exhibitors and Sponsors to speak to.

    Local Retailers for example - Worachak and Vorajak markets and many other local retailers 500 buyers minimum

    Thai and ASEAN independent Retailers Large Thai/ASEAN retailers for example the 7-11 group, Big C,

    Tesco lotus, Tops Supermarket, Family Mart, Isetan, Jiffy, Shell, BP and many other larger retailers from Thailand and the ASEAN

    Chinese small to large retailers as well as 4s groups (Sale, Spare Part, Service and Survey)

    On-lines stores For example all the large retailer mentioned above and dedicated sites such as www.shopat7.com (part of 7-11), Lazada.com, Pantipmarket.com, Tarad/TaradPlaza (B2B platform), Alibaba, Aliexpress.com, and many many more.

  • Ecommerce Focus Rapid User IncreaseStatistics by Euromonitor have stated that South East Asia is due a rapid growth in Internet Users. With a huge increase of Internet Users comes more e-commerce sites, more e-commerce sites = more competition, more competition = diversification, diversification = new markets, new markets = new products and so on.

    In 2016 the internet users in South East Asia are projected to be 205 million users (Taken from the Big 6 stats).

    In 2016 Internet users in Thailand are expected to reach 36 million users.

  • Executive Seminar - Ecommerce

    Discussion will be based on the current Thai ecommerce market.

    How we are looking to educate the market by helping these online stores diversify their product range.

    Looking to personally invite the following key