Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (ECC)

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    Thailands Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for the Future of ASEAN


  • Bangkok


    Chon Buri


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    Thailands Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Strategic Location Infrastructure Linkage

    Excellent Atmosphere

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    Thailands flagship Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to accelerate future growth of the region

    Strength of the leading industr ies: Automobi le & parts, Petro chemicals, Electrical Appliances

    Springboard location to ASEAN, China, and India: via multi-modal linkages and Free Trade Areas (FTAs)

  • Thailand

    Other ASEAN Countries



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    Thailands Eastern Economic CorridorSEZ for Special Investment Opportunity




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    Thailand: The Excellent Strategic Investment Location

    Significant market size with quality purchasing power of ASEAN, China, and India

    Resilient macro-economic stability and growth

    Leading production and exporting hub Diversity of strength: from modern-

    agriculture to manufacturing & advanced petrochemicals

    Infrastructure readiness Eastern Economic Corr idor: A Strong Foundation for Stronger Future

    A l ready home of wor ld s famous manufacturers and tourist destinations

    Already base of Thailands energy and fundamental industries (5 oil refineries, 3 petrochemical complexes, 20 power plants, 29 industrial estates)

    Excellent infrastructure connections (200 kms f rom Bangkok through highway l inkages, Laem Chabang commercial port, Map Ta Phut industrial port, U-Tapao international airport)

    Our Ambitious: EEC to be the Best and Most Modern SEZ in ASEAN

  • Bangkok


    Chon Buri


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    The Future is HereFuture Development Plans to Strengthen Cluster Connectivity

    Strong Connectivity and New Infrastructures

    : 1,000 Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port ExpansionInvestment: 1,000 Million USD

    (): 1,822 Double Track Railway (Map Ta Phut Port)Investment : 1,822 Million USD

    (): 580 Motorway (Map Ta Phut)Investment: 580 Million USD

    290 Map Ta Phut industrial Port ExpansionInvestment 290 Million USD

    ( ): 4,471 High Speed Train (BKK Rayong)Investment: 4,471 Million USD

    3 U-Tapao International AirportCapacity: 3 Million Passengers/year


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    : The 3 EEC Provinces (Chachoengsao-Chon Buri-Rayong): The Perfect Settings for Work-Life Harmony

    Chachoengsao Chon Buri Si Racha-Laem Chabang

    New Bangkoks UrbanEducational and

    Human Resource Development Center

    Center of Work-Life Harmony

    Development Area M o d e r n l i f e s t y l e

    r e s i d e n t i a l a r e a o f Bangkok

    Future hub for rail and high-speed train linking east-west and north-south corridors

    Future town for central government offices

    C u r r e n t l y h o m e o f 3 universit ies and 6 technical colleges

    Future for education and workforce training a n d d e v e l o p m e n t c e n t e r t o s u p p o r t industrys needs

    The great combination between urban and local ways of life that c a n p r o v i d e b o t h m o d e r n f a c i l i t i e s , health park, leading hospitals, school and natural places make it a dream place for living.

    Laem Chabang: Deep-s e a p o r t a n d m a i n export gateway to AEC and the world

    Pattaya-Sattahip U-Tapao Rayong

    World-Famous Tourist Destination

    Home of Future ASEANs Aviation &

    Marine Service Center

    Home of Petrochemicals and

    Energy Industries

    P a t t a y a a s w o r l d s d e s t i n a t i o n a n d investment opportunity to support industrial development.

    S a t t a h i p : H o m e o f Royal Thai Navy and future development for Pattaya

    C u r r e n t l y h o m e o f U-Tapao International A i r p o r t t o s u p p o r t P a t t a y a t o u r i s m industry.

    Future area for aviation and marine service and maintenance center to support ASEAN growth

    L inkage wi th future h i g h w a y a n d h i g h -speed rail systems

    M a p T a P h u t : current As ia s top-5 p e t r o c h e m i c a l complex and major hub of Thailands refineries and power.

    Future bio-chemicals, bio-energy and bio-plastics industry



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    60 km 1 hr drive

    from Bangkok50 km

    1 hr drive30 km

    hr drive25 km

    hr drive40 km

    1 hr drive50 km

    1 hr drive

  • Bangkok


    Chon Buri


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    Strong Connectivity and New Infrastructures

    29 50,500 3,786 Establishment of 29 industrial estates. Investment of 50,500 Million USDProduction based of 3,786 factoriesFoundation for efficient management of infrastructure, utilities, and connectivity

    12,500 Automobile Production HubInvestment of 12,500 Million USDFoundation of parts & material developments for auto and aviation industries

    21 ( 2,345 14,660 )

    6 ( 2,431 15,190 )

    Prepared Industrial Zones for EEC 21 industrial estates are ready to invest

    (approx. 2,345 Hectares) 6 industrial estates are under development

    (approx. 2,431 Hectares)

    1 5 13,000 , Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate + ComplexTop 5 production capacity in Asia petrochemical complex.Investment of 13,000 Million USDFoundation of plastics, rubbers & polymers for value-added industries

    The Strong FoundationsWorld-class Manufacturing & Production Base

    EECs True Success Stories3

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    5 Five future sectors

    Develop into

    5 Five uplifted existing sectors












    The Future ProsperityUplifting of Existing Strong Base & Moving Towards Future Industries4

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    EEC as Thailands Flagship SEZ for Valued Investors: Offering the best investment locations in ASEAN Advantages from the existing strong manufacturing & production bases and linkages Excellent work-life harmony in the world-famous industry & tourism provinces Professional business supports & services, with competitive & tailor-made investment

    privileges Future investment prosperity through the expanding local and ASEAN markets

    EEC Special Economic ZoneThe World-Class SEZ Offerings5