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名詞 普通名詞 :book, girl, animal 集合名詞 :family, class, committee 專有名詞 :Taiwan, Sally 物質名詞 :wood, air, stone 抽象名詞 :failure, success

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Text of 名詞 普通名詞 :book, girl, animal 集合名詞 :family, class, committee 專有名詞...

  • :book, girl, animal:family, class, committee:Taiwan, Sally:wood, air, stone:failure, success

  • I.+s books, studentss,x,z,ch,sh+es buses, boxes, watches, brushes, sexes+yy+ies flies+y+s boys+O+es heroes:pianos+o+s radios, zoos

  • II.f,fe f,fe+veshalf life knife shelf leaf thief loaf wife self wolf halves lives knives shelves leaves thieves loaves wives selves wolves: roof roofs chief chiefs handkerchief handkerchiefs

  • Manmen woman womenfoot feet goose geesetooth teeth mouse miceox oxen child children

    deer deer sheep sheepcattle cattle Chinese Chinese

  • passer-by passers-byfather-in-law fathers-in-lawson-in-law sons-in-lawmaid-servant maids-servantman-servant men-servantswoman-servant women-servants

  • EXERCISE:How many ____(woman) are there at the party?There are many ___(fly) in the kitchen.Dont count your ___(chicken) before they are hatched.She left the ____(key) in her office.Brush your ___(tooth) before going to bed.I see many ___(child) playing the park.The mountain is covered with fallen ___(leaf).The farmer keeps more than one hundred ___(sheep).My uncle gave us two ___(box) of apples.I take two ___(loaf) of bread and two cups of milk for breakfast every morning.

  • PART II. A. ;Mary is a girl.

    John likes Mary.

    I am afraid of snakes.

    dogs tail

  • B. :Helens hair: ---s or ---sboys schoolchildrens hospital:+smy father-in-laws carHelen and Marys schoolHelens and Marys schools

  • C. the + + of (the/that/my) + (the + + of + (the/ that/ my) + the door of the classroomthe leaves of the treethe name of our school

  • PART III. +--S +--S I.A. Natures law Heavens will the earths surfaceB. todays newspaper thirty minutes walkC. twenty miles journey

  • +--S +--S II. three pounds weight two hundred dollars ticket to one hearts content at ones wits end

  • PART VI. a, an, this, that, these those, some, many + N of + any, no a friend of minethat watch of hisa friend of my brothersmany clothes of my aunts

  • EXERCISEAn (hour/hours) walk is not long.Please look at (today/ todays) weather.(Bob and Toms/ Bobs and Toms) eyes are black.Mr. Wang is (Jorges and Marys/ Jorge and Marys) father.An old friend of (her/hers) wrote a letter to her last week.They are building a new (childs and womans/ children and womens) hospital on the campus.Uncle Wang is a friend of my (father/fathers).This notebook is not mine; its (somebody else/ somebody elses).

  • PART VII. of no =not adj.of no use = not usefulof =adj.He is a man of learning. = He is a learned man.of great =very adjof great use=very usefulall+=+itself=very adjShe is all beauty.=She is beauty itself.=She is very beautiful.with(in,by,on)+=advwith care=carefully

  • PART VIII. luggage, baggage, clothing, furniture, information, machinerymuch, little, plenty of, a lot of, a piece of, an article ofa piece of furniturea lot of information

  • Mr. Wang is a good friend of ___(me/ my/ myself/ mine).Mr. Smith: Can you help me, please? Salesman: Yes, sir. What is it?Mr. Smith: I am interested in looking at ___(a loaf of/ a sheet of/ a piece of/ a pair of) gloves.Saying only that she was a friend of __(Mary/ Marys/ Marys/ Marys), she left without giving her name.We have a ___(two hour/ two-hour/ two-hours/ two-hours) English class every week.She is generous, intelligent, and ___(lots of/ a lot/ lots/ lot of) fun.

  • QUIZ I.We gave them __(many milk/ a few knives/ a lot of sheeps/ several bottles of wine).The rich man is living in a ___(ten-story/ ten-stories/ ten stories/ ten story) building.Machines are ___(at/ by/ of/ on) no use without the power to run them.Both the tailors and ___(baker/ bakers/ the baker/ the bakers) houses were destroyed by the fire last night.___(Johns and Toms/ Johns and Tom/ John and Toms/ John and Tom) school stands at the corner of the road.

  • QUIZ II.The farmer bought two ___(deers/ sheeps/ oxes/ chickens) yesterday.Everybody needs at least ___(a piece of/ a pair of/ a sheet of) shoes in his daily life.It isnt Johns; it belongs to ___(a friends of his/ a friend of him/ his friends/ a friend of his).I met her at ___(the grocers/ grocers/ a grocer/ the grocer).Generally speaking, most of the people like ___(good weather/ a good weather/ beautiful clothings/ a useful advice).