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PowerPoint Presentationand beyond
Asset Skills
January 2013
The Sector Skills Council for the places where we live and work
Asset Skills
1. We work with Employers across housing, property, facilities management & cleaning sectors.
2. We write the skills and competencies that are required for different job roles within these sectors, then turn them into qualifications.
3. We work with government ministers, funding agencies and employers.
This is achieved via:
A. The Asset Skills academy.
B. Insight – our research department.
C. Funded projects enabling sectors to participate in projects that improve the skill sets of either the individual or the organisation.
D. Upkeep – our training organisation that delivers operational courses for the built environment.
Profile of the housing sector
• There are currently just under 76,000 staff employed in the housing sector across the UK (BRES, 2010).
• There are currently just over 162,600 housing workplaces across the UK (IDBR, 2010).
• This indicates that the number of housing workplaces more than doubled between 2005 and 2010.
• London accounts for the highest concentrations of workplaces and employees.
Source: IDBR, 2005 and 2010
To remain effective, employers need to:
• Operate effectively and efficiently
• Ensure compliance with ever increasing legislation and regulation.
• Address and capitalise on issues of sustainability.
– Support skills issues identified in the sustainability agenda.
• Take advantage of the opportunities available through technology.
• Develop and promote career pathways for the housing sector.
• Address staffing and training issues such as the ageing workforce and the need to attract quality employees.
A workforce with Higher Level Skills can help employers meet these needs…
…but what do we mean by Higher Level Skills?
Higher Level Skills are generally viewed as being at National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 4 or above and are often associated with gaining
higher education qualifications.
Current skills and qualifications
• In general, staff within the housing sector display a higher qualifications profile compared to the UK across all sectors.
• 44% of staff employed in the housing sector are qualified to Level 4 or above.
• Only 15% of the housing workforce have no qualifications or a qualification below Level 2 (including other).
Figure 1: Qualifications held by housing workforce, 2010
Source: APS, 2010
• Management and leadership skills
• Organisational development and income generation skills
• Knowledge of relevant legislation and policy and how it should be applied to decision making
What Skills and Qualities are Employer’s Looking For?
• Is prior experience required?
• Is there a particular degree that employers like new recruits to have if they don’t have a housing degree?
• What critical skills do new recruits on over £25,000 pa need to have?
• Rating of skills/attributes/short courses?
• Knowledge of relevant legislation and policy
Why are higher level skills important?
• The knowledge and skills of workers in the UK were worth an estimated £17.12 trillion in 2010.
• Success for the UK in the global economy will depend on the development of a highly skilled workforce with graduate level skills to meet demand for 775,000 jobs in 2014.
• Higher education can provide employees with specialist knowledge, confidence and alternative approaches to improve operational performance.
• Encourages individuals to aspire to develop their careers and improve their earnings potential.
What are Asset Skills doing to develop Skills in our sectors?
Asset Skills have a number of funded programmes that Housing Employers are working with us on :
1. Higher Level Skills programme
2. Talent Management programme
4. Careers and Labour Market Information (LMI) programme
For more information about these programmes please contact Lisa Lister via email [email protected] Research reports published so far are in your information packs.
What are Asset Skills doing to develop Skills in our sectors?
Asset Skills are working with Sheffield Hallam University around higher level skills required in the changing face of business for housing associations and the financial commitments that everyone is now facing.
Next Higher Level Skills Meeting in on 14th February 2013
Please speak to Daniela during the break should you want to come along.
What are Asset Skills doing to develop Higher Level Skills in our sectors?
The Asset Skills Insight Team is working on two research projects:
1. Higher Level Skills Careers LMI Report – designed to provide careers information, advice and guidance based on labour market trends across the Asset Skills footprint to support learners selecting higher education courses.
2. Masters and Postgraduate Course Models – the Insight Team is developing some research that will look at employers views in relation to masters and postgraduate courses for their sectors to inform the development of these courses.
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