Pearson Longman Slovak Ventures, s.r .2 3 Module 1 Friends advert / dv t/ noun inzerát, reklama

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Text of Pearson Longman Slovak Ventures, s.r .2 3 Module 1 Friends advert / dv t/ noun inzerát, reklama

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    /w/ = way/e/ = let// = add/i/ = teeth// = bit// = art// = dog// = form// = put/u/ = do// = cup// = skirt// = the/e/ = make// = home/a/ = fly/a/ = now// = enjoy// = near/e/ = care/e/ = poor// = main stress after /ft/ // = seconadry stress afternoon /ftnun/


    Noun = podstatn menoAdj. = prdavn menoVerb = slovesoAdv. = prslovkaPron = zmenoPrep = predlokaNumber = slovka

    Pearson Longman Slovak Ventures, s.r.o Reprezentantka pre SR: Kasalova 6Mgr. Adriana Mikov 949 01 NitraMobil: 0911 710 717 tel.: 037/ 65 20 261e-mail: fax: 037/ 77 20 190 e-mail:

    Published 2007

    Pronunciation symbols

    /p/ = pen /b/ = bad /t/ = tap /d/ = do/k/ = can// = get/f/ = few/v/ = view// = throw// = though/s/ = see/z/ = zoo// = shop// = measure/t/ = cheese/d/ = join/m/ = man/n/ = not// = ring/h/ = hot/l/ = let/r/ = rain/j/ = yet

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    Module 1 Friendsadvert /dvt/ noun inzert, reklama Have you seen

    that advert for Nike sportswear?age /ed/ noun vek What age were you when your father

    died?all /l/ determiner, pron cel, vetok Have you done all your

    homework?American /merkn/ adj, n Amerian /ka/,

    americk His mother is American but he was born in Wales.and /nd, nd/ linking word a I have one brother and two

    sisters, and they all live in /t, t/ prep v, na Her auntie met her at the /bsktbl/ noun basketbal Im not very

    good at basketball Im not tall enough.beach /bit/ noun pl Shall we go to the beach for a swim

    in the ocean?because /bkz, bkz/ linking word pretoe I like

    history because its interesting.bed /bed/ noun poste34 I usually go to bed before 11 oclock

    at /best/ adj najlep, najlepia This is the best Chinese

    restaurant in /bk/ noun kniha Have you read any good books

    recently?Brazil /brzl/ noun Brazlia Rio is the biggest city

    in Brazil.Brazilian /brzlin/ noun, adj Brazlan /ka/,

    brazlsky They serve a unique blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee.

    breakfast /brekfst/ noun raajky I usually have breakfast at 7.30.

    brilliant /brljnt/ adj skvel, oslniv The concert was really good last night, and Santana were brilliant.

    Britain /brtn/ noun Britnia Britain is going to help France with the aircraft project.

    brother /br/ noun brat Carla has two younger brothers.but /bt, bt/ linking word ale Hes not much good

    at schoolwork but he is good at sport.butcher /bt/ noun msiarstvo, msiar Will you go

    and get some lamb from the butcher in the High Street?caf /kfe/ noun kaviare The coffee in that caf is not

    very nice.calculator /klkjlet/ noun kalkulaka You can use

    a calculator in this Maths test.camping /kmp/ noun kempovanie, stanovanie

    Camping in France in the rain is not my favourite kind of holiday.cartoon /ktun/ noun kreslen rozprvka

    At Disneyworld we met lots of cartoon characters such as Donald Duck.

    character /krkt/ noun postava /literrna, divadeln/ He played the character of Othello in the school play.

    chess /tes/ noun ach Do you know how all the pieces move in chess?

    childminder /taldmand/ noun opatrovate34ka det We pay a childminder to look after our little girl when were out.

    city /sti/ noun mesto What is the capital city of England?clean /klin/ adj ist He took off his dirty shirt and put

    on a clean one.clothes /klz, klz/ noun aty, obleenie He got

    out of bed and put on his clothes.collect /klekt/ verb zbiera Can you collect all the books

    and put them on my desk?comment /kment/ noun poznmka, komentr

    My teacher made some very useful comments about my game /kmpjut em/ noun potaov

    hra You can pretend to be a football manager in this new computer game.

    cook /kk/ verb vari Shall I cook an omelette for you?countryside /kntrisad/ noun vidiek Constable painted

    scenes from the English /dns/ verb tancova They danced and drank

    champagne until two in the morning.diving /dav/ noun potpanie I dived into the pool and

    swam to the other /du/ verb robi What are you doing ? Im making

    a /dkt/ noun lekr Nina had to go to the doctor

    because she was ill.early /li/ adj skor// - rno Its really difficult to get up

    early on winter mornings.eighteen /etin/ number osemns Ill be eighteen years

    old on January 25th.electric guitar /lektrk t/ noun elektrick

    gitara She plugged in her electric guitar and started to play rock music.

    email /i mel/ noun, v elektronick sprva, posla el. sprvu He e-mailed me to say hes not coming tomorrow.

    every /evri/ determiner kad Every child has to go to school till they are sixteen.

    factory /fktri/ noun tovre, zvod She works asan engineer in a car factory.

    factory worker /fktri wk/ noun robotnkv tovrni The factory workers finish at five oclock.

    false /fls/ adj klamn, nepravdiv, falon He gave false information to the police.

    family /fmli/ noun rodina There are four girls and two boys in my family .

    favourite /fevrt/ adj ob34ben We chose Joes favourite music for the party.

    find out about sth /fand at bat sm/ zisti, vyptra, odhali You can find out more about this product on our website.

    flat /flt/ noun byt She lives in one of the flats in that huge block over there.

    food /fud/ noun jedlo She went to the shops to buy food and drink for the party.

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    football /ftbl/ noun futbal The England football team are playing Germany next week.

    friend /frend/ noun priate34 She invited all her friendsto the party.

    friendship /frendp/ noun priate34stvo Our long friendship began at school.

    from /frm, frm/ prep z, od He took the train from London to Glasgow.

    garage /rd/ noun gar Ill put the car awayin the garage.

    gender /dend/ noun rod I dont know what gender this cat is.general /denrl/ adj veobecn This book should give

    you a general introduction to the subject.get up /et p/ vstva I have to get up at five oclock

    to get the early train.glamorous /lmrs/ adj kzeln She led an exciting

    and glamorous life.go // verb s Sams having a party, and I want to go.go out / at/ s von He goes out to work at eight and

    comes home at six.grandmother /rnm/ noun star mama This is

    a photograph of my grandmother in /rup/ noun skupina Theres a group of islands

    off the coast of Scotland.guess /es/ verb hda, uhdnu The teacher soon

    guessed that the boys had been smoking.guitar /t/ noun gitara Most guitars have six strings but

    some have twelve.gymnastics /dmnstks/ noun gymnastika There

    will be a display by the Russian gymnastics team.have /hv, hv/ verb ma Do you have todays newspaper?hobby /hbi/ noun z34uby My hobbies are playing the guitar

    and reading.homework /hmwk/ noun domca loha Have

    you finished your English homework?housework /haswk/ noun domce prce I need

    to do some housework the flat is really untidy!How /ha/ adv ako How can I get from here to Glasgow?Hungarian /herin/ noun, adj Maar/ka/,

    maarsk The binary system was discovered by a Hungarian.husband /hzbnd/ noun manel She met and married

    her husband in 1998.I /a/ pron ja I saw Mike yesterday but he didnt see hockey /as hki/ noun 34adov hokej The players

    were fighting at the ice hockey game.imaginary /mdnri/ adj vymyslen, imaginrny

    The story is about an imaginary princess called /n/ adv, prep v, vo He had a pencil in his pocket.information /nfmen/ noun informcia How can

    I get more information about the sports programme?iron /an/ verb elezo There are large iron gates across

    the entrance to the prison.job /db/ noun prca The students work in the chocolate

    factory in the summer holidays.

    koala bear /kl be/ noun koala Koala bears move very slowly and always look tired.

    late /let/ adj, adv neskoro, neskor I got up late and missed the bus.

    learn /ln/ verb ui sa How long have you been learning English?

    learn about sth /ln bat sm/ ui sa o, poznva Theyre learning about the history of the USA.

    like /lak/ verb pi sa, ma rd Katie likes John a lot.listen to /lsn t, t/ pova He likes to listen to

    the news on the radio in the /lv/ verb i, bva Where do you live? 41 Redvers

    Street.local /lkl/ adj miestny You can now get these foods

    in your local supermarket.look after sb /lk ft smbdi/ stara sa o Will

    you look after the baby while I have a shower?lot /lt/ noun mnostvo, mnoho There were a lot of people

    at the concert last /lv/ verb milova Anna says she loves Steve and wants

    to marry him.magazine /mzin/ noun asopis I bought a magazine

    to read on the train.make /mek/ verb robi Do you want to make some cakes

    this afternoon?manage /mnd/ verb zvldnu, uspie After twenty

    minutes I finally managed to open the door.manager /mnd/ noun riadite34, manar The managers

    spend all day in meetings and we do all the work!maths /ms/ noun matematika The new maths teacher

    is very good at geometry.mechanic /mknk/ noun mechanik The mechanic put

    a new engine in my car.medicine /medsn/ noun liek Are you taking medicine

    for your cough?meet /mit/ verb stretn Ill meet you at 8 oclock outside

    the cinema.motorbike /mtbak/ noun motorka Its easier to get

    through the traffic on a motorbike than in a car.nationality /nnlti/ noun nrodnos We have

    students of many different nationalities.neighbour /neb/ noun sused The neighbours on both

    sides of us are very /nju/ adj nov Have you heard the bands new