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  • By Damien Salas

    Pentagram Staff Writer

    On Joint Base Myer -

    HendersonHall, historic military

    uniforms, weaponry and music

    are abundant. In preparation of

    the 2015 Spirit of America tour,

    the Soldiers-turned-reenactors

    f illed the historic military

    uniform warehouse July 30 for

    a costume fitting.

    The warehouse located on the

    Fort Myer portion of JBM-HH

    also called the flag shop

    holds authentic and recreated

    military uniforms.

    We have authentic gear

    spanning from aroundWorldWar

    II, said 1st Lt. Ryan Allgood,

    a platoon leader for The Old

    Guards Commander-in-Chiefs

    Guard. The uniforms before

    that are typically recreated.

    Spirit of America is a free,

    two-hour show that combines

    traditional military ceremony

    with a large-scale theatrical

    production. The annual event

    showcases military discipline,

    historical reenactments and tra-

    ditional and modern music.

    And for the first time in four

    years, the show will be per-

    formed in the national capital

    region beginning next month,

    according to the U.S. Army

    Military District of Washington.

    There are nine performances

    scheduled across two weekends:

    Sept. 10-12, at the D.C. Armory

    By Damien Salas

    Pentagram Staff Writer

    Medical professionals and

    other staff within the Andrew

    Rader U.S. ArmyHealth Clinic

    performed an active shooter drill

    July 28 on the FortMyer portion

    of Joint Base Myer-Henderson

    Hall in a joint effort with

    JBM-HH emergency services.

    As part of the drill, clinic staff

    was tested on their readiness

    in the event of a code white, or

    active shooter on the premises.

    A lone, fake gunman quickly

    made his way through the clinic

    as an announcement was made

    over the intercom system.

    The purpose of this emer-

    gency management exercise is

    to help the [clinic] staff identify

    and initiate proper procedures in

    accordance with emergency oper-

    ations plans, said clinic Senior

    Healthcare Noncommissioned

    Officer-in-Charge Master Sgt.

    Edres Rhone. It is designed to

    provide a training environment

    that will elicit awareness among

    Rader Clinic performs active shooter drill

    Vol. 62, No. 31 August 6, 2015 Published For Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall


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    This week in military history . . . . page 2

    Throwback Thursday. . . . . . . . . . page 2

    Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 3

    News notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 4

    SFL-TAP events . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5

    In photos:

    Chaplain Corps turns 240 . . . . . page 6


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    For more weather forecasts and information, visit

    By Guv Callahan

    Pentagram Staff Writer

    TheU.S. Armys Career Skills

    Program will soon be helping

    Joint BaseMyer-HendersonHall

    service members find civilian

    employment as they get ready

    to transition out of the service.

    The program launched

    nationally earlier this year in

    cooperation with the Soldier

    for Life-Transition Assistance

    Program. It is designed to

    provide credentialing, training,

    apprenticeships and internships

    to active duty service members

    who will soon be leaving the

    service in hopes that these

    opportunities will result in

    job offers or valuable resume

    building experiences as service

    members prepare to enter civilian

    life. The program is open to all

    service members, but Soldiers

    have priority.

    Deon Boyce, Career Skills

    Program coordinator for Area

    2, which comprises the East

    Coast from South Carolina to

    New Jersey, said the JBM-HH

    CSP is still in the coordination

    stage, looking for organizations

    and companies with which to

    partner for credentialing and

    internship opportunities.

    It allows a great partnership

    and shows that those organiza-

    tions care about those service

    members, but it also gives those

    servicemembers their full educa-

    tional benefit that they can still

    use once they leave the service,

    Boyce said during an interview

    with the Pentagram.

    Although nothing has yet

    been finalized, Boyce said the

    CSP office is working to set up

    a cybersecurity credentialing

    program in the National Capital

    Region, as well as job training

    and internship programs with

    financial institutions in the area.

    According to Boyce, CSP

    hopes to have one program

    stood up in the National Capital

    Region by October, and others

    operational within six months.

    Carlos Rodriguez, Transition

    Services manager for the joint

    bases transition program, said

    there is an evaluation process for

    Career Skills Program to help transitioning service members get jobs

    see PROGRAM, page 4

    News Notes

    Automated gate

    entry tests ongoing

    Automated Installation

    Entry (AIE II Plus) system

    upgrades are being tested

    throughmid-August. Although

    system testing will be trans-

    parent to most, personnel

    who enter the Fort Myer and

    Henderson Hall portions of

    Joint Base Myer-Henderson

    Hall may see delays, espe-

    cially accessing Fort Myers

    Wright Gate and Henderson

    Halls Gate 1. Everyone

    is encouraged to allow for

    extra time to get through the

    gates. For details, see https://e. or

    for more information, call


    Open swim for

    EFMP families

    Every other Saturday from

    10 a.m. to noon, Exceptional

    Family Member Program

    families have a designated

    area to swim in the Maj.

    Douglas A. Zembiec Pool on

    the HendersonHall portion of

    the joint base. There will be

    a portable chair lift available

    as well as plenty of pool toys.

    EFMP families are scheduled

    for every other Aug. 8 and

    22. Open swim events, co-

    sponsored by Marine Corps

    Community Services and

    Army Community Service,

    are free and open to EFMP

    families of all branches of

    service. See information on

    Zembiec Pool here: www. Be

    sure to register at least one

    day prior to each open swim

    by calling 703-696-0783 or


    see NEWS NOTES, page 4

    see SHOOTER, page 4

    see AUDITIONS page 4

    Soldiers suit up for Spirit of America


    Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Operations Specialist Willie Gresham III plays the role of an armed

    perpetrator while Staff Sgt. George Rush observes reactions during an active shooter training exercise

    inside the Andrew S. Rader U.S. Army Health Clinic on the Fort Myer portion of the joint base July 28.


    Pfc. Luke George, 4th Battalion, 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), tries on a historical uniform at the flag shop at the Fort Myer

    portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall July 31. Hundreds of Soldiers, all performers in the forthcoming Spirit of America show, were

    fitted for historical uniforms and costumes for wear in the show. Spirit of America opens at the D.C. Armory Sept. 10.

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