Stuart Garlick feat. La Dolce Lingua
Stuart Garlick feat. La Dolce Lingua

Stuart Garlick feat. La Dolce Lingua

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  • The fifth edition of La Dolce Lingua is special, because it's in English due to the fact that the source of our inspiration speaks English and is English! Stuart Garlick is a writer, journalist and an English teacher, who also has his own blog about culture, food, music. Besides teaching, he has given educational courses on the work culture in Britain, for us to understand why we are so different. Or maybe we're not so different?


    Stuart Garlick

    CravingsI miss English breakfast: fried eggs, bacon, proper fat sausages, lots of fried food. Also nice piesand vegetables.. steak and kidney pie from the Horse and Jockey in Ironbridge.Planting of ideasI enjoy writing 'cause it's something that I've always done,

    that I've always wanted to do. I'm passionate about it. Also about teaching.. I like motivating people to do better. At the end of the day it's not about the teacher! I just plant ideas in their head. In order to do that, I love to find out interesting ways to give them those ideas. I find teaching more stressful than writing. I've had to become more of a teacher I'd like to see.. It takes a lot of time to plan a lesson. Writing is a breakfrom teaching but not the other way round.

    MusicI enjoy understanding where musicians get their ideas from. I also appreciate good songwriting. I really like the last album by Bryan Eno and Karl Hyde. Producer of 40 years' experience and a 90's artist. Collaborative effort that they've put in the music is tremendous. Eno has brought something new out of every individual that he has worked with. There is also a classical composer Akira Kosemura. His solo performances are very nice to listen to with headphones. Just him and thepiano. Woodwork of the piano.. he puts the mic very close to the instrument.

    La Dolce Lingua


    Future plansLately I have been writing more long things. About life perspectives, how people change over time. I hope that I would be able to write a novel next summer. And I'd like to study the piano. For example, David Gray, a songwriter he uses the piano to compose music. It seems to be a versatileinstrument and to understand the effort that went into making music..

  • FamilyIf you're good at something you shouldn't stop there. That's what I've gotten from my family. I like to do many things at once and maybe I don't become so good at one thing.. I guess I don't know on what to focus during my whole life. I like to be versatile.

    PeoplePeople here are just different. In England you can ask someone how their day has been not being accused of being fake. We put together a picture of people by finding out how they feel. I miss the personal touch. But I have to say that I like the honesty of people here in Tallinn. When you make a friend here .. if you don't do something very bad you don't lose that friend and that is nice. People want to keep in touch and want to understand you.

    Fav' FoodiesI used to enjoy eating at Clazz quite a good intermingling of Estonian and international food. Their roast duck in cranberry sauce was delicious. At the moment my favourite place is Till and Kummel, but it's going to be closed in autumn. Their Estonian style breakfast.. A lot of Estonian food is healthy and it doesn't have to be boring to be healthy. And I've also keep meaning to try out Olde Hansa!

    Surfin' in WalesSurfing in Hell's Mouth in North Wales has been a very pleasent place to go on a holiday. I can surf very badly. I enjoyed it because I started from the scratch and became better at it. I actually like traveling and finding new places for example in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Taevaskoja has a lovelysort of a village green there. It seems quite self-contained and I think I would have been very happy growing up there.

    Making one's livingYou have to get very tired to make money here. But I don't think it's so difficult anywhere if you get used to getting less. There is only so much you can do. We all have to get used to what we have and be happy with it.

    Amount of inspirationMaybe when you are concentrating on what you're giving away and not to how many.. maybe then the thing itself doesn't lose value.. For example, Radiohead has given a lot of inspiration to bands.. Tens of thousands of people have started their bands due to them. Them giving out an album almost for free has been outnumbered by the people they have inspired.

    FoodThere are so many ways to describe food. When a new caf or a restaurant opens there's something new to the way they're doing things. Why they've taken so much time to prepare something.. How they've done it differently. I want to find that out. La Dolce Lingua

    Stuart Garlick