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Theo kinh nghim hc v dy IELTS ca mnh, mnh nhn thy writing v speaking vn c dng i dng li qua cc k thi. C th c lp ghp hoc thm tht, sa i (paraphrase) 1 xu. V vy cc bn i thi hy report li thi gip cc bn khc nh. ;) Mnh s i tin phong ^^ Thuy Thu Nguyen Mnh thi hm 20/11. thi hm l: Wrting: -Task 1: The table shows the percentage of the total water used in different sectors ( Domestic, Industrial, Agricultural) in 6 countries in 2003. - Task 2: Some groups of people have benefitted from modern communications technology, but some groups have not benefitted at all. Do you agree or disagree? Speaking: -Part 1: Do you work or study? What are you interested most in the subject you have chosen? Do you like cooking? Did you learn cooking when you were a child? Who cooks in your family? Do you like reading books? What kinds of books do you usually read? - Part 2: Describe a toy you were given when you were a child What kind of toy it was When and where you played it * Cn cu cui mnh qun mt ri* :D - Part 3: What kinds of toys are common in you country? What are differences between toys in the past and now? Are there differences between toys for toys and toys for girl? Will TV replace toys in the future? What benefits that toys have but TV do not have? Should parents only give children educational toys? * Cn my cu na m mnh ko nh* :D Writing Academic Training: Society is based on rules and laws. It could not function if people had an acceptation to do whatever they want. To what extent do you agree or disagree with these ideas? (AT VN 11/10/2008)

Through out history, male leaders have led their society into violence and conflicts. The world would be a better-governed and more peaceful place, if women were the leaders. Do you agree or disagree with these ideas? (AT VN 25/8/2005 & South Africa 10/2008) Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS 14 months ago Speaking Part 2: Describe a place you like best when going swimming. You should say: Where it is How often you go there What it is like What kinds of people you see there And explain why you enjoy going swimming at that place.

Describe a postcard/an email that you have recently received. You should say: When you received it. Who sent it to you. What the content was. And also say why you like it.

Describe a process of doing your homework You should say: When you often do your homework daily How you do your homework Why you choose that way to do your homework And also say what difficulties you often have when you do your homework.

Describe a memorable sport event that you either took part in or participated as a viewer.

You should say: What the event/sport was. Where it held Who played on the event How you took part in/participated And also explain why you like it.

Talk about a stage in your life that you enjoyed the most. You should say: When it is Where you stayed What you have done And also explain why you enjoy it the most. Phm Thu Hng 14 months ago mh thi hm 25-9 thi speaking l what is the benefit of tourism in developing the domestic trade of your country? is it good or not when tourism comes to some rural village? -> dis and advantages of tourism what is the most common way to connect with another people? have u worked? how can you contact w him? how often? why u choose that? the most memorable holiday that u ever had?

writing task 2: 2 sides of high technology in our normal life and education. ch nh n vi thi :D:D:D Boy Converse 13 months ago

Mnh th thi 27/11 ni l, Describe one artist ( actor, actress, musician..) that you admire. vit l, mnh hok nh c th cho lm, nhng ni chung ni dung n th ny: these days in some countries, people prefer shopping in some big shops outside the city centre than shopping in small malls inside the city. This thing leads to an increasing in using cars. Do you think the disadvantages of the increasing overweight advantages? Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS 2 months ago By Nguyn c Huy IELTS Nov 26th 2011 IDP Reading: Megafire, Fingerprint & Innovation Listening: Wedding, Company, Interview & Electric cars Writing: 1. 2 pie charts: Pollutants entering a particular are of the ocean 2. Economic growth --> more richer in both developed and developing countries While people in developing countries are happier, people in developed countries are not happier Why? Lessons? Speaking: 1. Job, driving cars, exercise 2. Describe a leader 3. How --> gov --> develope leader? Ideal leader?

Ci j y na qun ri Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS 2 months ago By Nguyn c Huy IELTS Dec 3rd 2011 IDP Reading: Bridge, Language, business information Listening: Forget all :D Nhng nn thi chung vi general v nghe d hn nhu Writing: T1: 2 bar charts: number of children go to primary and lower secondary school in average in some countries (compare with world average) T2: food travels thousands of miles from farms to consumers Why? Is it positive or negative? Speaking: 1. Your house. Colour. Swimming. 2. Someone in the News. 3. Related to News. In general, what kinds are people are usually in the news? Do you think the news today is (much) different to the news in the past (20 or 30 years ago)? Why do you think people are often more interested in bad news (such as disasters) than in good news? Are people in your country more interested in national news or international news? Luci Pham 2 months ago y l thi task 2 hm nay mnh thi (10/12): Human activities has had a negative affect on plant and animal species all over the world. Some people think that it is too late to improve this problem. Other people think that effective actions can be taken away to improve this situation. Discuss these views and give yr opinion.

Thien Tran 2 months ago PART 2 speaking 16-17/12/2011 : Public places -> part 3 : k ra vi ni a thch , cho gii tr , lut ni cng cng , c nn cho animals ni cng cng khng ? s khc bit gia mc ch ca cc buildings l g :D Hik , ni hi nhanh , thnh ra ni cha ht :P Thien Tran 2 months ago task2 17/12 : c nhiu ngi mn tm hiu v lch s gia nh . ti sao , y l tt hay xu? Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS Last month By Hana Tran thi hm nay 7.1 ni chung theo t cng ko qu kh. Ni dung th nh th ny: - Listening: Sec 1: Job vacancies, 1 ng gi thng bo 1 s cng vic cn ch,ch yu l vic vit lch, reporter, researcher. Sec 2: Recycling Sec 3: Business tools nh SWOT, PEST, c bi ny l MCQs chn p n (mnh s nht dng ny) Sec 4: Archaeology and metal detectors. Ni v my ci d tm metal di t tm ra cc hin vt (on th) C bi ny l dng gap filling (dng mnh yu thch) - Reading: Passage 1: Wild animals c th tuej cha tr bnh cho mnh bng cch n l cy, n t, Passage 2: v 1 ng tn l Ducker v nhng nghin cu ca ng y v management, cch qun l v i x vi nhn vin Passage 3: Record v preserve Internet data

My bi ny nhiu MCQs v k, mnh cn lm my ci 1 lot cng p n lin tc ko bit c ng ko :-s - Writing: Task 1 bar chart v percentages of water use in industry, agriculture v homes 4 nc: China, USA, Russia v Australia Task 2: i l some people say it should be allowed foreign companies to open offices and factories in developing countries to make their economies grow. Other people think it should keep foreign companies out and let local companies work on their own. Discuss and give opinion Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS Last month By Hana Tran update tnh hnh hm nay mnh thi speaking cho c nh. May mn sao mnh gp 1 bc examiner (bc zai) rt nice, thoi mi, d chu, ci sut, hi cng nh nhng, nn mnh rt vui, c chm m m, cng ni cng hng. Vo ci bc y bo, the end, c khi cn thy chn, nhanh th :))) V thi nh, task 1: Work study, Newspaper, Climate, weather. Task 2: A place in another country U would like to visit (hehe ny mnh ni v Japan, chm thi ri, ni Ph s, cc kiu blah blah). Task 3: Holiday, Immigration, Go abroad. C my cu nh 1. What should we learn before going to a country? Why? 2. What difficuties do you meet when you go to a country having different languages? 3 . Do ppl in your country often go on holiday to another country? 4. What do you think of immigration, ppl migrate to a different country.... C my ci cn ch l, bi ni ca t v fluency, grammar... kh ok nhng vocab th ko a dng v uncommon lm. Nht c c 2-3 idioms (cng kh nh). Th nn nu cc bn mun im cao th c gng hc idioms v vocab nhiu hn, t li hc mycai ny lm :( ri tp ni cho quen th s ni t nhin hn Ah 1 ci na l ng ta hi full name/name th nn tr li y h tn nh. Ngoi ra, bn nn n trc h thi t nht 30ph, v nhiu khi bn ng trc ngh thi hay cha n, c bn n cha kp th vi vng y vo th lun. Vi li i thi tm l s rt run, t ngi run cm cp , cng ht hng :(( nn cc bn n s... M bn phi i ngoi n khi c GK ra gi bn vo nh, c bn xng vo, Gk

ang chm bi bn trc nn ko thch lm. N s nh huwongr n phn thi ca bn. M trc khi thi nn ung nc, ng kh ming, chm mt lm :D (nhng cng nh i William cng nh :P) Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS Last month By Dolphine Sea thi 14/01/2012: Listening: Part 1: telephone contract; Part 2: Garden, Part 3: Discuss abt making presentation; Part 4: Railway in Australia from Adelaide to Darwin. Reading: Passage 1: Understanding abt manager's job; Passage 2: Antikythera mechanism; Passage 3: Images and Places. Writing: Are social skills as important as good qualifications to success in a job? Enjoy! ^ ^ Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS Last month B sung v thi ngy 14/01/2012 by Dolphin Sea: Writing: Task 1: The table shows the percentage of population who were over 60 years of age in 6 regions in 2000 and projected figures in 2050, also data for the whole world. Task 2: Are social skills as important as good qualifications to success in a job? Report on my speaking experience: no stressful at all. The examiner was very nice. It was very easy to get on. Part 1: abt 8 questions (hometown, internet, shopping online, doing exercise, ); Part 2: favourite TV program; Part 3: TV celebreties, disadvantages of being famous, why people want to know abt TV personalities, TV advertising (is it good, what makes an advertising), should goverment control the broadcast on TV,... Hi