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21st C Learning Tools

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  • 1. 21 stCentury learning Tools Margaret Vass ICT Curriculum Support Officer Falkirk Council Education Services

2. Social Bookmarking Falkirk CouncilEducation Services

  • Social bookmarking is a means of saving, organizing, and sharing your favourite websites.
  • is on example of a Social Bookmarking site

3. Basics Falkirk CouncilEducation Services

  • The Delicious buttons can be downloaded to your computers toolbar
  • When you visit a site you would like to bookmark, simply click on the tag icon

4. Practical Ideas

  • Rather than save things to favourites, save them in Delicious. That way, you can access them from anywhere.
  • Create a Delicious account for staff in your school to share great websites
  • Create a class delicious account for topic work. Encourage parents to contribute, too

5. Digital Camcorder Falkirk CouncilEducation Services

  • What can it do?
  • It can record up to 60 minutes of video
  • it has its own built in FlipShare editing software
  • the flip-out USB arm plugs into any computer

6. Digital Camcorder Practical Ideas

  • Use the camera to create a video yearbook
  • Have the children work in groups to write a playscript. Video the groups acting out their finished scripts
  • Give the class a maths problem to solve. Allow collaborative groups to video how they solved the problem. Compare the problem solving techniques applied by each group
  • Groups of children could produce a video of a short t.v. type advert on helping the environment

7. Mp3 Voice Recorders Falkirk CouncilEducation Services Inexpensive and portable Mp3 players with built in microphones have many uses. Voices can be easily recorded, then edited using the Audacity programme installed in all Falkirk Council computers. 8. Voice Recorders Practical Ideas

  • Pupils interview parents to find out about their early years. This could help them write an autobiography.
  • Interview oldest members of the family to discover what life was like in the past. This could gove the children a sense of history when learning about WW2, for example. Recordings from each family member could be shared with the others back in class.
  • Use the Mp3 recorders to help recount what was learned on a class trip. Photographs could be used as prompts.
  • Use the voice recorders along with pictures to help make a digital story.

9. Wiki Collaboration Falkirk CouncilEducation Services

  • Features of a wiki:
  • Like a website or blog, you can add text, pictures, links, sounds & video files.
  • Unlike a website, a wiki can be collaborative.

10. Blogging with Classes

  • Set up a class blog using

11. Blogging Practical Ideas 1 12. Blogging Practical Ideas 2


13. Blogging Practical idea 3


14. Using Wordles in Class

  • Google Interesting Ways To Use Wordle in Class!

15. Prezi

  • A great alternative to Powerpoint!

16. Using Freely Available Tools


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