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How To Be An Amazing Liquor Model Written By: Edwin J. Goitia A Promo Rockstars Publication

How To Be An Amazing Liquor Model

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Text of How To Be An Amazing Liquor Model

  • How To Be An Amazing Liquor Model Written By: Edwin J. Goitia A Promo Rockstars Publication
  • Posture Positive vibes Always go in with a positive outlook Set the tone Ensure that everyone you are working with is on the same page. Teamwork goes a long way in your success Smile Nothing earns trust faster than a genuine smile!
  • Sales Always assume the sale When you speak to a consumer and go in with the expectation that the product is already in their possession/cart, you CREATE buyers. People feel good purchasing from those they trust. Assumption of sale allows a liquor model to create an environment based off consumers interests.
  • Display Be impeccable Remember to set your display signage in the correct spots Make sure table cover and table is clean. Use clean ice in ice bucket. Strive for the best Dominate what you can control. Dont sweat over what you cant.
  • Relate Share a story Listen/Empathize Find ways to fit the product into their everyday lives Paint a picture in the mind of the consumer of the perfect situation.
  • Call To Action Use lots of energy, think ahead a couple steps. Listen to the consumer, and have a REAL conversation with them. Focus on numbers, but dont do it at expense of customer experience. Deliver an amazing customer experience Customer always comes first before anything
  • Make Magic Happen Make the experience unforgettable The consumer should feel as good about their purchase as you do of the interactive experience. When you have a great feeling about their decision to buy, you have done everything right. With honesty and integrity comes a fulfilling transaction.
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