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  • 1. Katalog ksiekanglojzycznychStatystyka w naukachspoecznychAmerykaskie Towarzystwo Statystyczne ogosio rok 2013Midzynarodowym Rokiem Statystyki. Oglnowiatowa akcjama na celu uczczenie i docenienie osigni nauk statystycznych.Przyczylimy si do akcji promujc najwaniejsze ksiki z tejdziedziny.Przegldaj katalog z nowociami i najciekawszymi publikacjami.Dowiedz si wicej na

2. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych2 www.abe.plA Calculus of Ideas: A MathematicalStudy of Human Thought978981438318928.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 59,00Ulf GrenanderThis monograph reports a thought experiment with a mathematical structureintended to illustrate the workings of a mind. It presents a mathematical theory ofhuman thought based on pattern theory with a graph-based approach to thinking.The method illustrated and produced by extensive computer simulations is relatedto neural networks. Based mainly on introspection, it is speculative rather thanempirical such that it differs radically in attitude from the conventional wisdom ofcurrent cognitive science.World Scientic PublishingA Gentle Introduction to Stata978159718109916.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 49,99Alan C. AcockUpdated to reect the new features of Stata 11, A Gentle Introduction to Stata, ThirdEdition continues to help new Stata users become procient in Stata. After readingthis introductory text, you will be able to enter, build, and manage a data set as wellas perform fundamental statistical analyses.New to the Third EditionA new chapter on the analysis of missing data and the use of multiple-imputationmethodsExtensive revision of the chapter on ANOVAAdditional material on the application of power analysisThe book covers data management; good work habits, including the use of basic do-les; basic exploratory statistics, including graphical displays; and analyses usingthe standard array of basic statistical tools, such as correlation, linear and logisticregression, and parametric and nonparametric tests of location and dispersion.Taylor & FrancisA Primer of Multivariate Statistics978041564558403.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00Richard J. HarrisDrawing upon more than 30 years of experience in working with statistics, Dr.Richard J. Harris has updated A Primer of Multivariate Statistics to provide a modelof balance between how-to and why. This classic text covers multivariatetechniques with a taste of latent variable approaches. Throughout the book there isa focus on the importance of describing and testing ones interpretations of theemergent variables that are produced by multivariate analysis. This edition retains itsconversational writing style while focusing on classical techniques. The book givesthe reader a feel for why one should consider diving into more detailed treatments ofcomputer-modeling and latent-variable techniques, such as non-recursive pathanalysis, conrmatory factor analysis, and hierarchical linear modeling. Throughoutthe book there is a focus on the importance of describing and testing onesinterpretations of the emergent variables that are produced by multivariate analysis.Taylor & FrancisA Statistical Guide for the EthicallyPerplexed978143987368723.10.2012Oprawa: mikka 31,99Lawrence J. HubertFor disciplines concerned with human well-being, such as medicine, psychology,and law, statistics must be used in accordance with standards for ethical practice. AStatistical Guide for the Ethically Perplexed illustrates the proper use of probabilisticand statistical reasoning in the behavioral, social, and biomedical sciences.Designed to be consulted when learning formal statistical techniques, the textdescribes common instances of both correct and false statistical and probabilisticreasoning.Lauded for their contributions to statistics, psychology, and psychometrics, theauthors make statistical methods relevant to readers day-to-day lives by includingreal historical situations that demonstrate the role of statistics in reasoning anddecision making. The historical vignettes encompass the English case of Sally Clark,breast cancer screening, risk and gambling, the Federal Rules of Evidence, "high-stakes" testing, regulatory issues in medicine, difculties with observational studies,ethics in human experiments, health statistics, and much more. In addition to thesetopics, seven U.S. Supreme Court decisions reect the inuence of statistical andTaylor & Francis...Academic Advancement in CompositionStudies978041551563413.12.2011Oprawa: mikka 28,00Richard C. GebhardtThis volume deals with a number of related issues that are becoming increasinglycrucial for English studies during this time when most faculty in the eld are assistantprofessors approaching tenure review or associate professors seeking promotion.These critical issues focus on:The diversity of research and scholarly publication in composition studies;The fact that composition studies faculty are often evaluated by personnelcommittee members, department chairs, and deans unfamiliar with the natureand demands of the eld;The way that American higher education is rethinking "scholarship" and the role itplays in the work and evaluation of faculty members; andThe role composition studies faculty can play in this review of scholarship andprofessional advancement.Taylor & FrancisAdvanced Research Methods inPsychology978041565346622.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00David GilesHow do you perform a MANOVA? What is grounded theory? How do you draw up arepertory grid? These, and many other questions are addressed in this wide-ranginghandbook of methods and analytic techniques which uniquely covers bothquantitative and qualitative methods. Based on a broad survey of undergraduatecurricula, the book takes curious readers through all of the methods that are taughton psychology courses worldwide, from advanced ANOVA statistics throughregression models to test construction, qualitative research and other more unusualtechniques such as Q methodology, meta-analysis and log-linear analysis. Eachtechnique is illustrated by recent examples from the literature. There are alsochapters on ethics, signicance testing, and writing for publication and researchproposals. Advanced Research Methods in Psychology will provide an invaluableresource for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers who need areadable, contemporary and eclectic reference of advanced methods currently inuse in psychological research.Taylor & Francis 3. Statystyka w naukach 3Advances in Congural FrequencyAnalysis978160623719905.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 41,00Alexander von EyeUsing real-world data examples, this authoritative book shows how to use the latestcongural frequency analysis (CFA) techniques to analyze categorical data. Some ofthe techniques are presented here for the rst time. In contrast to such methods aslog-linear modeling, which focus on relationships among variables, CFA allowsresearchers to evaluate differences and change at the level of individual cells in atable. Illustrated are ways to identify and test for cell congurations that are eitherconsistent with or contrary to hypothesized patterns (the types and antitypes ofCFA); control for potential covariates that might inuence observed results; developinnovative prediction models; address questions of moderation and mediation; andanalyze intensive longitudinal data. The book also describes free softwareapplications for executing CFA.This book will be invaluable to researchers and graduate students in psychology,education, management, public health, sociology, and other social, behavioral, andhealth science disciplines.Taylor & FrancisAgent-Based Computational Sociology978047071174330.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 55,00Flaminio SquazzoniThis book presents an introduction to agent-based computational sociology and thekind of science that is done with agent-based models. The focus is on marking thedifference between what is intended for sociology as a science and what is not,emphasizes is given to the idea that the complexity of social phenomena and thepeculiarities of complex social systems should not condemn sociology but toembrace qualitative un-formalised historical accounts as the only methods to doresearch. Cooperation and Social Norms, Social Patterns and Dynamics and FutureProspects and Challenges feature throughout the book along with an accompanyingwebsite. The website will feature instructions and codes of the models. The websitewill also support new functionalities, such as educational programmes, furtherexamples and research announcements. Agent-Based Computational Sociology iswritten in a common sociological language, along with examples of models that lookat all the traditional explanatory challenges of sociology, with focus onepistemological, methodological and substantive issues, by combining theory andexamples.WileyAn Introduction to Statistical Concepts978041588005304.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 62,99Richard G. LomaxThis comprehensive, exible text is used in both one- and two-semester courses toreview introductory through intermediate statistics. Instructors select the topics thatare most appropriate for their course. Its conceptual approach helps students moreeasily understand the concepts and interpret SPSS and research results. Keyconcepts are simply stated and occasionally reintroduced and related to oneanother for reinforcement. Numerous examples demonstrate their relevance. Thisedition features more explanation to increase understanding of the concepts. Onlycrucial equations are included. In addition to updating throughout, the new editionfeatures: New co-author, Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn, the 2007 recipient of theUniversity of Central Floridas College of Education Excellence in Graduate TeachingAward. A new chapter on logistic regression models for todays more complexmethodologies. More on computing condence intervals and conducting poweranalyses using G*Power. Many more SPSS screenshots to assist withunderstanding how to navigat