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Muscle diseases

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Text of Muscle diseases

Supervised by:Dr.Eftekhar

Supervised by:Dr.EftekharPeresented by:Mohsen KoolivandMSC Clinical of Biochemistry

Muscle Diseases


OutlineIntroductionMarker of muscle damageMuscle dystrophiesMetabolic myopathiesOther myopathies


Marker of muscle damage

CK Tree forms M-B-MM CK-MB : Use of management of chest pain

The highest activities in : necrosis , Duchenne

Serial plasma CK : for myopathic and response to treatmentNormal plasma CK

Other enzymes for marker

Aldolase , lactate dehydrogenase , myoglobin In severe muscle damage, myoglobinuria can occur and cause a brown colouration of the urine. Myoglobin can precipitate out in the renal tubules and cause an obstructive nephropathy: the renal failure associated with crush injuries is in part due to this.

Muscle dystrophiesMuscular dystrophy (MD) is a broad term that describes a genetic (inherited) disorder of the muscles. Muscular dystrophy causes the muscles in the body to become very weak.

Metabolic myopathies

Neuromuscular disorders in which the primary symptom is muscle weakness due to dysfunction of muscle fiber

Inflammatory MyopathiesPolymyositisDermatomyositisInclusion body myositisViralMuscular dystrophiesDuchenne muscular Limb-girdleCongenitalFasioscapulohumeral Oculopharyngeal Emery Dreifuss Distal (Welander) Myotonic SyndromesMyotonic dystrophy InheritedSchwarz-JampelDrug-inducedCongenital myopathiesCentral core diseaseNemaline myopathyMyotubularFiber-type disproportionMetabolic myopathiesGlycogenosesMitochondrialPeriodic paralysisEndocrine myopathiesThyroidParathyroidAdrenal/steroidPituitaryDrug-induced/toxic

15Other myopathiesMyotoniaMyasthenia gravisLambertEaton myasthenic syndrome

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