Creating a Strategy Roadmap for Your Business

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  • Life Skills Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

    Building Blocks of Success


    To provide V a l u e - a d d e d B u s i n e s s

    C o n s u l t i n g to Organizations at the

    T r a n s f o r m a t i o n S t a g e , enabling

    them to deliver their E n d e a v o r s with

    E f f i c a c y

  • About Life Skills

    Why Life Skills

    We adopt a novel approach to Business Transforma=on Consul=ng.

    We not only assist in construc=on of the Business Strategy but also facilitate the implementa=on and alignment of objec=ve deliverables derived during Business Strategy formula=on.

    Seasoned team with Cross Industry exper=se and deep execu=on skills Experienced in leading large scale business transforma=on ini=a=ves Strategy framework that can be deployed across industry segments Young and dynamic delivery consultants for implementa=on and constant monitoring

  • The Life Skills Difference

    Client Partnership - We collaborate with our clients to become integrated client partner serving as an extension of their management teams.

    Pragma6c Business Solu6ons - We recognize that the right business improvement solu=ons must meet client's expecta=ons. Thus we develop and implement innova=ve, pragma=c solu=ons which give sustainable results. We focus on core opportuni=es which deliver the highest returns in the quickest way.

    Unbiased Client Advisory - We provide client advisory services as independent advisors. We are not a provider of outsourced services, soLware/hardware technology or aNest services. Thus we are unbiased and en=rely focused on our clients' return on investment.

    Customer First Culture - As a professional services firm, we have embedded our clients' priori=es in our organiza=onal model, recrui=ng programs and incen=ve systems. Our clients come first and have the highest precedence.

    People Exper6se - Our client service philosophy recognizes that world-class advisory is delivered by talented and top-quality professionals. ALer our clients, our people are our greatest assets.

  • What we do

    An Organiza6on faces mul6ple complica6ons during its life cycle: Opera=onal inefficiency, Non-op=mal use resources, Redundant costs, Uninformed decisions, Unstructured business strategy, Conflic=ng func=onal priori=es, Reducing margins with stagnant growth and many more.

    To remain competitive an organization continuously needs to evolve itself through various transformation initiatives. We partner with our customers in these transformations to deliver results and achieve business success.

    1. Business Transforma6on through Intent to Delivery 2. Lean Training & Deployment

    Our Services

  • Business Transformation Intent to Delivery

    Our Intent to Delivery (ITD) model ensures deriva=on of strategic objec6ves leading to specific ac6on plan at func6onal and individual level.

    A simple and highly effec=ve strategic framework Captures intent and aspira=ons of the relevant

    internal and external customers of the company. Converts them, through expert facilita=on, into

    specific measurable ac=ons through a unique deployment methodology.

    Intent to Delivery

    Our Intent to Delivery model ensures derivation of strategic objectives leading to specific action plan for function and individual level, thus knitting the entire organization together toward identified organizational goals.

    A simple and highly effective strategic framework

    Captures intent and aspirations of the relevant stakeholders of the company @ Organization, Business, Functional and Individual level

    Converts them into specific measurable actions through a deployment methodology.

    Duration: 3 days Who Should Attend: Senior Leadership Team Functional Heads Key People

    ITD knits en6re organiza6on together towards iden6fied organiza6onal goals

    Enhancing the Organiza=on Capability to being Strategy Focused from being Opportunity Focused

  • Three Stages Of Business Transformation

    Business T



    Stage 1 Ad hoc More opportunity focused with less impact assessment on every area of organiza=on. Non robust system integra=on of business cri=cal processes. Self driven accountability


    ortunity Aligne


    Strategy Aligne


    Stage 2 Documented

    Clear business strategy. Organiza=on structure, processes, controls, and people aligned to the central strategy. Casual assessment of compe=tors and markets. Focus on planning . Clear roadmap for improvement across func=ons

    Stage 3 Self Sustained Con=nuous Market and Customer Assessment, newer markets crea=on, strong flexibility to modify and scale up without puYng pressure on any aspect of business. Strong people focus


    er and

    Market A



  • Business Intent - WHATs

    Personal Aspira6ons

    Capturing Aspira6ons

    Align Team & Priori6ze Ac6on Plan

    Deploy Ac6on Plan

    Crea6ng a Shared Strategy Roadmap

    Strong Review Mechanis


    Monitoring and Review

    Steps to Successful Business Transformation

    Alignment with the team is extremely essen=al for success of deployment of any ac=on plan

    Business WHATs are converted to Business HOWS. Second and third level drilled down clearly defines specific ac=on plans. Refer Examples in subsequent slides

  • Business Intent (WHATs) to Actions (HOWs)

    Business Intent Providing Excellent value and service Deligh6ng Customers

    Delivering profitability

    Business HOWs LEVEL 1

    Engaged and efficient channel partners

    Effec=ve Supply chain management

    Product, Pricing, innova=on

    Customer driven Product Planning

    Resource planning and capability building

    Infrastructure and systems support Con=nuous need assessment of customer to align product and systems Effec=ve, =mely communica=on and resolu=on

    Best product mix

    Op=mum u=liza=on of funds

    Effec=ve Cost Controls

    Aligned Organiza=onal Structure

    EXAMPLE 1 : ITD for a Tex=le Company

  • Prioritizing the Business HOWs First Level

    Strategy Matrix Im



    Engaged an

    d effi


    t cha

    nnel partners


    e Supp

    ly cha

    in m




    uct, Pricing, inno




    er driv

    en Produ

    ct Plann


    Resource plann

    ing an

    d capa

    bility bu


    Infrastructure and


    s sup




    s need assessmen

    t of


    er to

    align prod

    uct a

    nd sy




    e, =mely commun


    on and



    Best produ

    ct M





    =on of fu



    e Co

    st con




    nal aligne

    d Structure


    Providing Excellent value and service 9 h h m h h h h h m m m m 702

    Deligh6ng Customers 9 h h h h m m h h m m l m 630 Delivering profitability 9 h h h m h h m l h h h m 738 Total 243 243 189 189 189 189 189 171 135 135 117 81

    Note: Life Skills facilitates the strategy roadmap sessions with aspiring organiza=ons

    Priori=zed Business HOWs aLer correla=ng them with Business Intent Business Intent

  • Second Level Drill Down of Prioritized HOWs

    Second Level Drill Down Engaged and efficient channel partners

    Effec=ve Supply Chain Management

    Product, Pricing, Innova=on

    Customer Driven Product Planning

    Resource Planning and Capability Building

    Infrastructure and Systems Support

    Con=nuous Need Assessment of Customer to align product and systems

    Effec=ve, =mely communica=on and resolu=on

    Second Level Priori6zed Ac6on Plan Channel Produc6vity focus Exploring new and alternate channels to reach out to target segment Product wise, partner wise contribu6on monitoring to reduce varia6on in Target Vs. Achievement Compe66on benchmarking on product, pricing, promo6ons, ac6vi6es Trend analysis to enhance accuracy of demand es6mates Inter-linked produc6on planning ensuring on-6me delivery resul6ng in good word of mouth of channel IT infra deployment to monitor product at every stage of supply chain integrated with communica6on to Channel Product composi6on to increase Net Realized Value Strong Management repor6ng, analysis and review mechanism New product launch in accordance with changing customer preferences Channel involvement and Feedback for enhancing value preposi6ons Accurate Procurement of orders against forecas6ng Assessment of requirement Vs. organiza6on structure Performance Driven Organiza6onal Culture Strategy linked Key Result Areas Effec6ve Warehouse Management, implementa6on of 5S and Lean principles Automa6on to reduce Non Value add ac6vi6es focusing building opera6onal efficiencies and scalability Warehouse Layout - Time & Mo6on study Automa6on in Warehouse Vendor Management - Finance Return, Defect & Credit analysis

    Note: This is not a comprehensive list but only the top priori=zed second level drilled down ac=on plans. Measures derived around these ac=on plans will ensure achievement of Business Intent

  • Starting Point for your organization!!

    Define business intent Create a strong strategy roadmap for the next financial year Align the organiza=on towards the strategy roadmap and ac=on plans Make organiza=on read