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Thn cho cc anh ch ng nghip, Mt tun vi nhiu bn rn trong cng vic tri qua v tun mi li bt u, Ban Vn ha xin c tip thm nng lng cho cc anh ch bng tch c ph sng th Hai, mang tn Lim chnh. Cc anh, ch hy dnh t pht bui sng th gin v thng thc tch W-coffee c bit ca chng ti ngy hm nay trc khi bt tay vo cng vic ca ngy u tin trong tun nh! Xin cm n v chc cc anh ch ng nghip mt tun mi lm vic vui v v nhiu thnh cng! - - - - - - Dear all colleagues, One more busy working week passed by and a new week has just started, The Culture Committee would like to energize you by Monday morning W-coffee with a touching name: Integrity. Lets spend a couple minutes relaxing and enjoying with our special W-coffee before starting the first day of the week! Thank you and wish you new nice and effective working week!


  • 1. LIM CHNH Integrity

2. Danh d ta tm o gip s bo v ta sut i; hnh tin ta manh o ti s bc sn trong chc lt.Your honor, like a suit of armor, will last alifetime; your pride, like a costume, will easily tatter. 3. iu gin d tuyt vi nht gia nhngngi ng i vi nhau chnh l: lun gn gi c s chn thnh vi i phng.The highest compact we can make with our fellow is: Let there be truthbetween us two forever more.(Ralph Waldo Emerson) 4. iu thing ling nht trong cuc i mi con ngi chnh l sng tht vi chnh mnh. The greatest justice in life is to be who one is.(Vanna Bonta) 5. Khng c chic gi no m i hn mt lng tm trong sng. There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience. (French Proverb) 6. Nhn phm nn c gn gi chkhng phi phc hi.Character is much easier kept than recovered. (Thomas Paine) 7. Nu bn c thanh danh th chng c g ng ngi c.Nu bn mt thanh danh, th chng cn g ni na c. If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you dont have integrity, nothings else matters.(Alan Simpson) 8. ng bao gi ha nhiu hn mc bnc th lm v hy lun c gng lm tthn nhng g bn ha. Never promise more than you can deliverand always aim to do better than what you say that you can do. 9. Trc khi ha hn vi ai iu g, hy chc rng bn c g m ha hn. Before you can give to others, you need to havesomething you can give. 10. Nu mt vic xng ng clm th n xng ng c honthnh tht tt. If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing right. 11. Khi tuyn dng mt ai , cn xem xt ba yu t: tht th, tr tu v nhit huyt. Nu thiu iu u tin th tthn c l ng tuyn h.When hiring someone, look for 3 traits: integrity, intelligence, and energy. If they dont have the first, dont hire them. 12. Bn khng th nng tm ca bn thn bng cch h b k khc.You cannot build yourself up by tearing other people down. (Abraham Lincoln) 13. Danh ting l tm gng phn chiu ca nhng vic bn lm ch khng phi nhng vic bn sp lm. Your reputation is a reflection of what you have done, notof what you are going to do. 14. Hy i x vi ngi khc theo cchbn mun h i x vi mnh.Always treat people the way you would want to be treated.(Kelvin Carey) 15. D bt c iu g xy ra i na, hy i con ng chnh o.No matter what, always walk the straight line.(Jimmy Lozano) 16. Hy ni ch s tht m thi d iu c khkhn n u i chng na.Always tell the truth no matter how much it hurts.(Marc Rovssean) 17. HY GI LIM CHNH TRONG TMKEEP THE INTEGRITY IN HEART