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We have a wide range of LED lights. Using LED based lighting saves a lot of energy while providing the same brightness as any ordinary lighting would do. This drastically cuts down the power consumption and is also economical. Unlike mercury vapour lamps, sodium vapour and fluorescent lamps which are known to emit hazardous wastes, LEDs are free from hazardous wastes. This concept is very much in sync with our concern for the environment and its protection from the greenhouse effect. Not only limiting ourselves to just having LEDs, we continue to extend our products to include controllers and dimmers, component accessories, LED modules etc. As our website continues to be updated here is a glimpse of what we have for our LED Lighting Department.


  • 1. Your Alternative Energy CompanyLED LIGHTING-The Trend of Future. By EE

2. Your Alternative Energy CompanyThe 21st Century has pushed human beings into energy crisisExhaust of petroleum resourcesMining of natural resources has become threat to environmentHydraulic stations creating ecological imbalanceAutomobiles and industrial gases polluting the air with CO 2The whole world is in crisis and moving towards Saving of energy Lowering of CO2 content Protection of environmentSave EARTH mission 3. Your Alternative Energy CompanyWhat is. The Solution? Fewer automobiles.. Pollution control.. Renewable energy.. And LED 4. Your Alternative Energy CompanyWhy LED ? Lower energy consumptionconsumes only 20~ 30% of incandescent lamps, 50% of halogen lamps. Longer life span50000 ~ 100000 hours (10-12 years) Lower light decayA well managed LED light has less than 5% light decay after thousands of hoursoperation. Environmental friendlyNo filament No Gas - No Mercury - No UV rays - No Pb - No hazardous substance 5. Why LED Your Alternative Energy Company Eye protectiveLED lighting is free from strobe flash lighting that incandescentlamps and other lamps have. High brightnessA more vivid color of lighting, giving clearer images than lowbrightness lamps Wide color TemperaturesWarm white, Cool White, RGB, Ranging from 2700K 7000K Combination with renewable energyWind power, Solar power 100% Green technology to save earth 6. Your Alternative Energy Company . Key Factors of LED Lighting Constant Current Driver TechnologyPower factorEfficiencyStability in static current driving Light DecayMaintenance of brightness at a longer period Heat DissipationMaintaining LED junction temperature at low to increase its lifespan CostTo be economical in mass application 7. Why CESPE LED Street LightYour Alternative Energy Company Power supply design: Power factor up to 0.98 Power efficiency up to 85% Constant current driver Wide Voltage range from 85~265V AC Added features: Temperature monitoring: Auto cut off when lamp gets overheated, Maintains safe temperature range for long life. Time control: Setting a time period for lighting, Saving more energy Light control: with a light sensor ,Dusk-Dawn operation. Longer lifespan : Use of superior quality electronic components, ensures lifespan up to 5 years or even longer. 8. Your Alternative Energy CompanyLED Vs. HPS Street Lights EE LED Street Lamp150W 120W90W60W30WLuminous Flux15000lm12000lm 9000lm6000lm3000lm Sub way/ gardenApplicationMain road Sub- roadSub- roadSub- roadroadRecommended Pole 39~44ft32~35ft26~30ft22~15ft16~22ft heightCentral Illumination >22Lux Illuminative Area131ft114ft98ft 82ft 75ftEquivalent to HPS Lamp 550~600W400~450W 250~300W150~200W 100~150W LED lampHPS lamp Power Factor >0.95>0.6Color Temperature4000~7000k 1900~2500kColor Rendering Index>80 25 9. Your Alternative Energy CompanyComparison of Energy -LED street lampsExample as 100 units lamps (1KM road) 120W LED Street Lamp 400W HPS LampLight source Power consumption 107W 400WDriver power/Electric Ballast cons. 20W120WCable0 24WTransformer0 12WPower Factor0.980.7Total Input power130W794W 10. Your Alternative Energy CompanyEnergy and Cost saving analysis LED Street LampHPS Lamp 11. Your Alternative Energy CompanyComparison between LED and HPS Street LightHPS LED 12. Your Alternative Energy CompanyBenefitsWith EE LED Power Light 70-80% saving on ENERGY 2 3 Years Payback period More economical 3 - 5 Years warrantee Patented design High reliability Excellent after sales service 13. Your Alternative Energy CompanyComparison of Energy Clients120W LED400W HPSExisting Pole 132 unitsStreet LocationLampLamp Westfield Mall Light source Power 17.2 KPH 104.8 KPHconsumptionPer Hr Savings $2.58$15.75120W LEDExisting Pole 132400W HPSStreet units Lamp Light source PowerLampconsumption Per$18.06 $473.00Week SavingsLight source Powerconsumption 107W400WLight source Powerconsumption Per $73.00$1,892.00Month SavingsDriver power/Electric 20W120W Ballast cons.Light source Powerconsumption Per$876.00 $22,704.00Year SavingsCable 024W5 yearsOnce a yearTransformer 012WCovered cost canWarranty 50KrangeMaintained Hours fromOne yearPower Factor 0.980.7 $400.00freeupreplacementTotal Input power 130W794W Change once aTotal Cost Installed $60,000.00 year 14. Your Alternative Energy Company Thank You !Excellent EnergiesHQ : 2500 NW 79 AVE SUITE 134 DORAL, FL. 33122Contact:Tel: 305-359-3987 Email: Excellentenergies@gmail.comWebsite: www.excellentenergies.com