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  • 1. WritingJournal:Imaginethatamysteriousnutcrackersuddenly beginstowhisperamessagetoyou.Youlookaroundtheroom,andno oneelseseemstonotice.Writeaboutwhatthenutcrackerissayingto you. Brianna Johnny Mitzy JoshuaRoxana Joey Emma MaxNyashiaEric Alan Cincere Ricardo Ramon NatalieChristian JoseGia Adolfo David AndresMassire CameronElizabeth Carlos Angel MatthewLinder Brian Crystal ChristopherRyanSualee Alan

2. Reading - Cowboys and Cowgirls (page 228)Talk About ItWhat do you knowabout cowboys andcowgirls? What kindsof skills do you need tobe a cowboy or cowgirl? Cowhands are responsible for tending livestock, especially cattle, and are great horse rides. 3. Reading - Cowboys and Cowgirls (page 228)The vastness of an area refers to its large size.Enthusiasm is an interest in something.The horizon is the line where the sky and the ground seemto meet.A ravine is a deep, narrow valley usually formed by flowingwater. 4. Reading - Cowboys and Cowgirls (page 228)Presence refers to being in a place at a certain time.If a bike swerved in front of you, it would turn in front ofyou suddenly.If something flickered, it gave off an unsteady light.Something that is suspended appears to float. 5. Reading - Cowboys and Cowgirls (page 228)Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 66 6. Math - divide Decimals by Whole Numbers (page 124)LearnDid you know that a sponge isactually a type of animal?Sponges live rooted to oneplace and filter water to getfood.How many liters of water cansome sponges filter in 1 hour? Filters26.4litersin4hoursExample 1Find 26.4 4 to solve the problem.4 26.4Place the decimal point in the quotientabove the decimal point in the dividend.Divide like you would with whole numbers. 7. Math - divide Decimals by Whole Numbers (page 124)Math HomeworkPractice book, page 28 8. 1.dentist 11.culture2.jogger12.goggles3.fifteen 13.summon4.flatter 14.champion5.mutter15.kennel6.mustang 16.valley7.absent17.fragment8.hollow18.gallop9.empire19.vulture10.blizzard 20.pigment 9. Language - Commas (page 178) 10. Language - Commas (page 178) 11. Language - Commas (page 178) 12. Language - Commas (page 178) 13. Language - Commas (page 178)Language HomeworkPractice book, page 38Study for quiz tomorrow 14. Religion - On Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the first disciples (page 96) "HolySpirit,cometoliveamongus."We GatherHas anyone everhelped you to changesomething aboutyourself, forexample, the thingsyou eat or the wayyou play sports? Ifso, who was it andhow did you change? 15. Religion - On Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the first disciples (page 96)LessonRead pages 96-97 and answer the followingquestions:1. What happened at Pentecost?The Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit2. After the Apostles became filled with theHoly Spirit, what did they do?They went out to the crowds and told themabout the risen Jesus. 16. Religion - On Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the first disciples (page 96) Religion HomeworkRead pages 98 - 99 and answer thequestions:1. What sacraments are linked toConfirmation?2. What are the essential signs of theGift of the Holy Spirit? 17. Social Studies - Spanish Explorations (page 126)Do NowRead pages 126-132and define thevocabulary words. grant conquistador reform Reformation Counter-Reformation missionary 18. Social Studies - Spanish Explorations (page 126) Social Studies Project - due ThursdayThe conquistadors wrote reports to Spainabout their expeditions. Imagine that youare one of the conquistadors. Use this mapto write a one-page report describing yourexpedition, including descriptions of landfeatures and animals or people you saw. 19. Social Studies - Spanish Explorations (page 126)Social Studies Project - due Thursday 20. HomeworkSummaryMonday,December5,2011Reading1.Practicebook,page66Math edmodo.com1.Practicebook,page28groupcode:er8jqeLanguage1.Practicebook,page382.StudyforquizReligionReadpages9899andanswerthequestions:1.WhatsacramentsarelinkedtoConfirmation?2.WhataretheessentialsignsoftheGiftoftheHolySpirit?DueWednesdaySocialStudies1.SocialStudiesProjectdueThursdayTheconquistadorswrotereportstoSpainabouttheirexpeditions.Imaginethatyouareoneoftheconquistadors.Usethismaptowriteaonepagereportdescribingyourexpedition,includingdescriptionsoflandfeaturesandanimalsorpeopleyousaw. 21. KEYScorePayment03: $10debit645: $5debit6: $07: $2credit8: $3credit9: $4credit 10: $10credit 22. MondayMonday ThursdayThursday Readingquiz Religionquiz SocialStudiesprojectdueTuesdayTuesdayFridayFriday Languagequiz Spellingtest Scienceprojectdue WednesdayWednesdaySaturdaySaturday Mathquiz SundaySundayNOTESNotes Lookingahead...December59 23. Class JobsTeachers Assistant - $15/pay periodBanker -$20Cell Box Carrier -$4/dayLiner Leader -$4/dayCaboose - $3/daySubstitute -$2/daySnacks Leader - $4/dayHomework -$3/checkReminder -$2/dayHonor Roll -$30Math Achievement -$25Language Achievement -$25Citizenship - $20 Birthday - $15 24. Attachments imgres