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A general overview of Young People's Ministry



2. Opening ActivityDraw a Typical Young Person Today 3. Your NeedsWhat Do You Want Out of Today? 4. What is a Youth/Young Adult? Youth Age 13-18 Bornbetween 1995 1999 6th grade 12th grade Young Adult Age 19 35 Born between 1978 1994 College student, militarypersonnel, singles, married, married w/children 5. Youth Culture Technologically Oriented Cell phones PC Internet Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare, etc.) Three Key Elements Craves Relationship Feeds on Stories Needs to Live Their Faith Experiencing a Rise in Cultural Violence 6. Element #1: Craves Relationships Importance Relationships Establish Community/Belonging Relationships Establish Credibility Types of Relationships Adult to Student (Mentoring) Peer to Peer Relationships Provide Comfort and Safety 7. Element #2: Feeds on Stories Importance Helps us know ourselves and others around usbetter God Communicates Through Stories Use Stories to Communicate Truth This is My Story This is Gods Story 8. Element #3: Needs to Live TheirFaith Importance Puts Faith (what I believe) Into Action Faith vs. Works Mission Opportunities Important Outbound not Inbound Follow the Example of Jesus 9. Discussion Discuss These 3 Key Elements? 1) Craves Relationships 2) Feeds on Stories 3) Needs to Live Their Faith What Grade Would You Give Your Church inTheir Response to the Youth and YoungAdults? 10. Conference Events/Resources Youth/Young Adult Ministry Consultations Confirmania (April 14 and May 12) Confirmation Retreat (Wesley Forest) Regional Retreats Narnia Experience YSF Grants (Deadline Sept. 1) Young Peoples Ministry Web Site ( 11. Questions 12. Homework What are you going to do next? Make a Deadline (30 days) Hold each other accountable 13. My Contacts E-mail: Facebook: Warren Bevacqua Twitter: @wardog498 Phone: 1-800-874-8474 (Conference Office)