China touch screen industry market demand forecast and investment strategy report, 2013 2017

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    China Touch Screen Industry Market Demand Forecast andInvestment Strategy Report, 2013-2017No comprehensive trend forecast, no gain.

    (Help you to discover the unsatisfied market need of touch screen industry, and explicit the

    development trend and prospect.)

  • 1Touch Screen Industry

    PrefaceIt is an oversupply economic era and key for corporations to success is that whether they are able to capture

    the demand before the demand takes shape. The outstanding corporations would prefer to spend great efforts

    in seeking the current demand, potential need and new requirement of the industry.

    Competition of nonwoven industry is more and more fierce. In the meantime, merger and capital operation

    among large touch screen corporations are ever frequent. And the outstanding touch screen corporations in

    China are placing more importance on the research of the industry market, especially the depth research of

    industry development environment and customers. Accordingly, many splendid domestic corporations are

    springing up and become leaders in touch screen industry gradually!

    Basing on the market data of industrial textile market, which tracked and collected by Forward in long-term,

    and applying the international scientific analysis model, this report provides you an overall analysis system in

    the height of the whole industry comprehensively and accurately. Major contents of this report include the

    following aspects about touch screen industry: background and current stage of touch screen industry;

    upstream and downstream industry chain of China touch screen industry; development status and prospect

    forecast of touch screen industry; import and export markets of touch screen industry; major product markets

    of touch screen industry; operation of leading corporations; investment analysis and suggestions to touch

    screen industry. Meanwhile, the comprehensive and detailed data about nonwoven industry in current 5 years

    is contained. In this way, it will help you to maintain the market trend and industry development

    comprehensively and accurately.

    The most significant features of this report are perceptiveness and timeliness. It gives a prudent analysis and

    forecast of touch screen industry according to the industry development track and Forwards years of practical

    experience. In conclusion, it is a significant report to learn about the latest development trend, grab market

    opportunities, and make correct marketing decision and explicit corporations development trend for all touch

    screen corporations, R&D institutes, marketing corporations and Investment corporations. Besides, it is the

    first heavyweight report to give a comprehensive and systematic analysis about the upstream and downstream

    industrial chain, as well as key corporations in touch screen industry.

    This report is useful for touch screen corporations, R&D institutes, marketing corporations and Investment

    corporations for the following reasons: it will help them to accurately know the latest development trend and

  • 2Touch Screen Industry

    timely discover the market gaps, opportunities, growth points and profit points of industrial textile industry; it

    will assist them to grasp the unmet market demand and development trend prospectively, form the sustainable

    advantages, avoid the investment risks effectively, consolidate or expand relevant strategic target markets

    more efficiently, and firmly grasp the competition initiative.

    Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to China Touch Screen Industry Association, State

    Information Center, Bureau of Statistics of China, General Administration of Customs, International

    Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation,

    Tsinghua University Library, Development Research Center of the State Council and Beijing Essence Forward

    Research Center, for their great support when we conduct this report!

    Notice: All the market data, especially corporations' ranking data in the report, only for business reference.

    Please do not take the data for enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility

    for any consequences!

    Special Notes: Neglecting the subtle signals of dramatically changing external environment, and untimely

    update strategies along with the changing environment will lead to the loss of competition advantages. The

    successful corporations will keep a scientific analysis upon the external environment before making their

    significant operational strategies!

    Forward Business Intelligence sincerely wishes every ambitious corporation can make a significant

    operational strategy, effectively avoid the industry risks and gain the continuous success!

    Forward Business Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research Center

    Research Team of Touch Screen Industry

  • 3Touch Screen Industry


    Chapter IDefinition and Market Environment of China Touch Screen Industry

    1.1 Definition and Classification of Touch Screen Industry

    1.1.1 Definition of Touch Screen Industry

    1.1.2 Nature of Touch Screen Industry

    (1) Current Life Cycle of the Industry

    (2) Reaction of the Industry to Economic Cycle

    1.2 Economic Environment of Touch Screen Industry

    1.2.1 Macro-Economic Environment in China

    (1) Economic Status in 2012

    (2) Major Macro-Economic Indexes in 2012

    1.2.2 Influence of Macro-Economic to Relevant Industries

    (1) Influence of Macro-Economic to Upstream Industry

    (2) Influence of Macro-Economic to Downstream Industry

    (3) Influence of Macro-Economic to the Whole Industry

    1.3 Policy Environment of Touch Screen Industry

    1.3.1 Management System of Touch Screen Industry

    1.3.2 Relevant Policies and Regulations to Touch Screen Industry

    1.3.3 Development Planning of Touch Screen Industry

    1.4 Technology Environment of Touch Screen Industry

    1.4.1 Technology Development Status of Touch Screen Industry

    (1) Production Technology and Technical Progress

    (2) Technology Level and Characteristics

    1.4.2 Technology Gap of Major Touch Screen Products between China and other Countries

    (1) Technology Gap of Major Touch Screen Products between China and other Countries

    (2) Reasons of the Technology Gap

    1.4.3 Technology Development Trend of Touch Screen Industry

    Chapter IIUpstream and Downstream Industry Chain of China Touch Screen Industry

    2.1 Industry Chain Structure and Valued Chains to Touch Screen Industry

    2.1.1 Industry Chain Structure of Touch Screen Industry

    2.1.2 Valued Chains to Touch Screen Industry

    2.2 Development of Touch Screen Upstream Industry

    2.2.1 Development Status of ITO Film/Glass Industry

  • 4Touch Screen Industry

    (1) Supply of ITO Film/Glass Industry

    a. Development Status of Glass Substrate Industry

    b. Operation of PET Market

    c. Development Status of ITO Target Industry

    (2) Technology Level and Trend of ITO Film/Glass Industry

    a. Low-resistance ITO Super-multi Coating Technology

    b. Touch-screen-oriented ITO Super-multi Coating Technology

    c. Low-temperature ITO Super-multi Coating Technology

    d. OLED-oriented ITO Super-multi Coating Technology

    e. Auto-oriented Products

    (3) Market Capacity of ITO Film/Glass Industry

    (4) Entry Barriers of ITO Film/Glass Industry

    (5) Competitive Structure of ITO Film/Glass Industry

    2.2.2 Operation of FPC Market

    (1) Development Overview of FPC Industry

    (2) FPC Technical Level and Trend

    (3) FPC Market Capacity

    (4) Development Trend of FPC Market

    2.2.3 Operation of Control IC Market

    (1) Development of Control IC Industry

    (2) Market Scale of Control IC Industry

    (3) Major Manufacturers and Structure of Control IC Industry

    (4) Development Trend of Control IC Industry

    2.2.4 Operation of Photoresist Market

    (1) Development of Photoresist Industry

    (2) Market Scale of Photoresist Industry

    (3) Product Structure of Photoresist Industry

    2.3 Development of Downstream Touch Screen Industry

    2.3.1 Development Status of Auto Electronic Industry

    2.3.2 Development Status of Consumption Electronic Industry

    2.3.3 Development Status of Mobile Phone Industry

    2.3.4 Development Status of ATM Industry

    2.3.5 Development Status of Retailing Industry

    2.3.6 Development Status of Computer Industry

  • 5Touch Screen Industry

    2.3.7 Development Status of Medical Device Industry

    2.3.8 Development Status of Household Appliance Industry

    Chapter IIIDevelopment Status and Prospects of Global Touch Screen Industry

    3.1 Development Status of Touch Screen Industry in Major Countries and Regions

    3.1.1 Development Status of Touch Screen Industry in America

    3.1.2 Development Status of Touch Screen Industry in Japan

    3.1.3 Development Status of Touch Screen Industry in Korea

    3.1.4 Development Status of Touch Screen Industry in Taiwan

    3.2 Development Status and Trend of Global Touch Screen Industry

    3.2.1 Scale of Global Touch Screen Market

    (1) Output of Global Touch Panel

    (2) Sales Revenue of Global Touch Panel

    3.2.2 Competition of Global Touch Screen Market

    (1) Domestic Environment to the Industry is likely to Upgrade

    (2) Positive Adjustment of Taiwan Factories to Play the Strengths

    (3) Korean Factories with Technology and Material Advantages