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7 класс ; о парках Тамбова

Text of проект по английскому

Project by Alisa Artemova From 7B class

Parks in Tambov I`want to tell you about some parks in our town. The first park is "Park of culture and rest".

There are plenty of activities. On the grounds of the park there are some carousels.For example Ferris Wheel , Hip-Hop, "Sheels" and others. You can walk around this park and enjoy it`s beauty and sightseeings. There are a lot of caffes in the park. In this park also organised some festivals. In summer there was the colour-festival.

I have visited it. This day all the people in the park threw colorful powder to each other. There is an others parks in our town. It called "Avtogorodok".

This park is situated in the North of town. The "Avtogorodok" is dedicated to the road leaves. You can go there with your chilg and have a new information about laws. Some festivals also go there sometimes.

I like to visit this parks in my free time.

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