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Career Exploration. By: Haley Mack. About Me. My name is Haley Mack, and I would like to be a pharmacist. Some of my hobbies include doing hair, getting on the computer, shopping, listening to music and shooting pool. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career ExplorationBy: Haley Mack

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About Me My name is Haley Mack, and I

would like to be a pharmacist. Some of my hobbies include

doing hair, getting on the computer, shopping, listening to music and shooting pool.

My goal is to get the best grades I can in high school, so that I may get scholarships to many different colleges. I would also like to be Valedictorian of 2013.

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About Me cont…

My favorite classes are work place readiness, (which is my 1st Block) math, (which is my 3rd Block) and 9th grade Lit. (which is my last block)

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My Occupation

I would like to be a pharmacist. I’m very good at helping people.

My occupation has some difficult working conditions.

We often have to deal with not so happy customers.

We must pay close attention to what we’re doing. Ex. Counting pills

We have to meet strict deadlines on a daily basis.

We must have a high level of social contact. Meaning be friendly, and talkative. But not annoying.

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Nature of work Pharmacists distribute prescription

drugs to individuals. They also advise their patients, as well as physicians and other health practitioners, on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications. Most pharmacists work in a community setting, such as a retail drugstore, or in a health care facility, such as a hospital, nursing home, mental health institution, or neighboring health clinic.

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Education and Training Requirements

Pharmacist must earn a Pharm.D. Degree from a college or school of pharmacy. To be admitted to Pharm.D. Program, a student must have completed at least two years of postsecondary study, although most student have completed three or more years.

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Outlook Employment is expected to increase

faster than average through 2016. employment of pharmacists is expected to grow by 22 percent between 2006 and 2016, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Macon: 450 (large) 27.%

Georgia: 6,927 (large) 22.2%

United States: 243,482 (large) 21.7%

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Related Occupations

Some related occupations are: Pharmacist Technician Pharmacy aides Biology Scientists Physicians Surgeons

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Georgia Southern UniversityAdmission Requirements High school academic GPA 2.0+.

The high school academic is based on the following credits 4 English credits 4 math credits 3 science credits (at lest 2 lab

science) 3 social science credits 2 foreign language credits (same


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Georgia Southern UniversityAdmission Requirements cont… Writing portion required or 21

ACT Math and critical reading

minimum of 1000 SAT Must have your high school

send your transcript to P.O. Box 8024-statesbro, GA 304060-8024

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Georgia Southern UniversityTuition In state - $1,998 Out of state - $7,986 Residence Hall Activity Fee - $20 Parking - $85-$140 Books and Supplies- About $600Total In state - $6,800 Out of State - $12,880

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Student Activities

They have fun raising, cheerleading, Career Services, Academic Success Center, Multicultural Student Center, and Campus Recreation and Intramurals. They also have concerts, rock climbing and more.

There website is Georgiasouthern.edu.

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Georgia Southern UniversityContact Info 912-GSU-INFO (912-478-4636) PO Box 8024-Statesbro, GA