Creativity through Technology על פי דרכו. JI Studio Why? What? How?

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Creativity through Technology Slide 2 JI Studio Why? What? How? Slide 3 WHAT? JI Studio is a one stop tool box for Limmudei Kodesh.. Slide 4 Why? Creativity Engagement Time saver Accessible Safe Inspiring Slide 5 HOW? Online tutorials Step by step lesson plans Trial and error Slide 6 How does it work? Layered approach Start with a Collection.. Find General Slide 7 General Generic Jewish-themed stickers Backgrounds Hebrew letters, vowels and words Characters & dress-ups Photographs Tanach texts in Hebrew and English Excerpts of daily prayers in Hebrew and English All of this can be used to create pictures, posters, cartoons, flashcards and worksheets in seconds. Slide 8 Lesson Idea: Bracha Poster well come back to this soon.. Slide 9 Chagim Collections Slide 10 Try changing a collection And see what happens Slide 11 Layer 1 - Backgrounds You do not have to use a background. However if you choose to look for this icon: Slide 12 3 Different Backgrounds Slide 13 PAPER Slide 14 SCENES Slide 15 COMICS Slide 16 Layer 2: STICKERS There are several categories of stickers Slide 17 Characters Slide 18 Themed Slide 19 Family Characters > Family includes images of children, parents and grandparents that can be used when creating pictures of a family Pesach seder, your Sukkah, and other such scenes. Slide 20 Dress - me - up Slide 21 Inserting text Slide 22 Text and bubbles Slide 23 Select Type in order to write your text, or to edit any text that is already there in the box. For example, when you bring in Torah Text, the text can be edited using this functionality. You can type in Both English and Hebrew, depending on whether you have a Hebrew keyboard on your device. Select Format in order to change how the text looks. A tool wheel will open up, allowing you to change color, size and the transparency of the text. Select Font to change the font that you want for your text. Select Bubbles to choose a background bubble for your text. You can choose the first option (with a red x) to have no bubble at all, or you can choose rectangles and bubbles that are semi-transparent or white. Slide 24 Alef Bet stickers Slide 25 Drawing tools Slide 26 The upper slider changes the Size of the tool The lower slider changes the Transparency of the tool When you have created your tool, use the Add to my tools icon to add it to My tools, found along the lower menu. In this way, you can build up your own collection of tools, colors and unique style! Slide 27 Tenach text Slide 28 Have a go!! Practice script.. Slide 29 Have a go Find a pasuk Highlight key vocab in yellow Circle prefix in green Slide 30 Sound Slide 31 NOTE: Sound doesnt transfer when sharing files Slide 32 Camera Slide 33 Slide 34 Take a photo and label Slide 35 Saving and Sharing Share Save Slide 36 Gallery My creations Slide 37 Make your own. Have a play first Then make a resource to teach : Purim Shabbat If you are a KS1 teacher make a reading resource If you are a KS2 teacher make a chumash resource Slide 38 Be Careful!! Its not just for the teachers How can we use this in the classroom? How can we use this tool outside the classroom? Slide 39 Remember our Brachot slide? Go back to General Slide 40 Can you find the siddur text? Can you find the haggadah text? Make a resource using only the general collections Slide 41 Brainstorm How will you use Ji Studio? Slide 42 Slide 43 Slide 44 Slide 45 Slide 46 Slide 47 Slide 48 Any Questions. Jewish Interactive 2015 @chanakanzen Please send creations to: