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Kartbild över föreningen. Husdjursföreningen Sverige. Mission: Creating conditions for improving Sweden's milk and beef production by developing profitability and competitiveness agricultural business . Vision: Together with our customers, are we most competitive in Europe . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kartbild ver freningenHusdjursfreningen SverigeMission:Creating conditions for improving Sweden's milk and beef production by developing profitability and competitiveness agricultural business.

Vision:Together with our customers, are we most competitive in Europe.

Business idea:We sell high quality and customized products and consulting services to agricultural businesses, primarily to dairy and beef farmers.

Ett uppdrag (eller en mission) beskriver en verksamhets hgre syfte, anledningen till varfr vi finns till och vrt uppdrag i ett strre sammanhang.

The business has developedOverall Objective 2015From an almost idealistic approachto ...a cost-focused businessand on to ...A modern and profitable value-added service and development company ! Overall goals 2015The effects of the merger have been realized.

We are a profitable, growing company.

A clear, central and leading role in the industry.

Swedish dairy and beef farmers is Europe's most successful for profitability and efficiency

Borderless Cooperation StrategyInitiate, establish and develop cooperation with strategic partners

Efficient interactions across market areas and competences to increased customer value Our customers' needs are unbounded and our work is to meet themBrand / New name

The important thing is not the name, but the feeling we are charging it with "The democratic organization of the company (March-May)Staffing plan ready. MBL-negotiations endedName Competition finished, the new name will be published at the annual meeting, June 21 Business Plan 2011-2012The General Plan is readyFor each Business Sector. The overall plan should be ready to the annual meeting June 21.For each market area.Ready to the representative assembly meeting November 23 - 24

Schedule for 2011Common for all market areas

New Salary system from June 1New Business Systems from June 1New Invoicing System from July 1New Internet-based time and billing system from July 1

Schedule for 2011Leadership and Business Skills DevelopmentStarted in the Management groupStarts for business area managers in August

Schedule for 2011Breedingoverall goalsWorking methods are standardized across Market areas (MO) and forms the basis for continuous improvement.

The distribution chain of nitrogen and semen doses is more efficient

A new system for breeding planning is developed.

The recruitment of qualified staff is assured

Breeding advisory service is streamlined. Development projects

Growth Projects Milk AI Service 2.0 (impoved ai-service)by ai-technicians 2.0Courses and training of DIY -farmersDevelop a model for running projects

Development projects I - Breeding Strategic herd visits Focus on Heatime for increased inseminationEducation in breeding and efficient distribution of our message.Staff - adviserFarmersSales - semen and breeding plans

Development projects II - Breeding

Optimized distribution of semen, nitrogen and suppliesTraining and support to DIY-farmersFocus on young farmers / Farming schools