Love Is Hear : The Concert for The Deaf

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  • THE STORY of how a group of friends created a phenomenon

    - From the idea to let the deaf enjoy the music becoming Thailands first concert for the deaf

    - All artists & team contributed for free

    - US$25,000 raised for The Foundation for The Deaf, purely from 0 investment, and heart devotion.



  • From the curiosity

    Is music only for those who can hear?


  • To the question


    Can the deaf enjoy the music and the concert?


  • The Discovery -The deaf can sense music through vibration, for example, touching a balloon while the music plays -They will have even more fun if they see non-deaf having a good time with them -As music consists of two parts - Melody and Rhythm, the deaf already appreciate half of the music

    how can we fulfill the other half?



    - 2 melody rhythm


  • Idea Inspirer

    Let the deaf and the rest enjoy the music through all 5 senses in live concert, to feel the beauty of music like never before

    The Idea

  • Idea Happening-Maker

    Inspires the Happening

    The Countrys First Concert for The Deaf & The Rest

  • For the first time ever, the deaf can

    hear the music through sight, smell,

    taste, touch in full-scale live concert.

    While the audience can experience

    the music with 5 senses;

    deaf or not,

    performers or audiences,

    they will fulfill each other,

    making the moment

    the most fun and happiest ever.

  • The Challenge


    We want to prove that, even without money,

    we can make this charitable project for good happen.

    We dont need sponsorship, all we need is FRIENDSHIP.

  • How it works?

    The Foundation

    Friends Team Artists



    Press & Media




    - - - !- - contributor supplier- Contributor - Supplier - -

    - Good idea brings good hearts - with no initial fund, ALL proceedings go to The Foundation - All friends come with heart-full support and great talent - Team bring in heart-full contributors and suppliers - Contributors support the expense by donating money to The Foundation - Suppliers charge minimum fee - Press & Media fully promote in prime time & space for free - Public support tickets and donate more

  • idea

    The Foundation

    Friends Team Artists



    Press & Media


    Te&A SoundEngineer

    It Works!

  • The Team

  • Producer:

  • Poster & Print Designer: try2benice

  • Website & Online: Feelto

  • Show Director: Kittisak Noicharoen

    Backstage Team: Panumas Ruengtaviset

    Charnchai Ratanakul

    Thanes Thanasarnwanich

    Prachaya Maiarsa

    Chinawatra Swasdichai Peerayut Lekcharoen

    Suttiphong Chalothorn

  • Photography & Filming: Napasorn Limchaiyawat

    Anat Yuang-Ngern

    Thanawut Chottipradit

  • Communication Designer (Interactive Poster) : Practical

  • The Contributors

  • Theme Song: SILENT LISTEN

    Lyrics: Prapas Cholsaranon

    Melody: Chakapat Iamnoon

    Vocal:Q Flure Arranged & Produced: Ground Piano: Chakapat Iamnoon

  • Theme Song: SILENT LISTEN

    Vocal: Trai Bhumiratna, PIANO, STAMP Band: Link Corner Cello: Aunyawan Thongboonrod

    Drum: Suthiti Chaisamut

    Sound Engineer: Vatchara Buppakhum

    Arranged & Produced: Sevendogs Recorded at Big Hit Studio by Nattanan Sankasup

  • The Contributors: Venue

  • The Contributors: Sound

    Sound Engineer: Nathapong Sukhatungkha

    Varayut Prachapipat

  • The Contributors: Visual Projection

  • The Contributors: Lighting

  • The Contributors: Printing & CD

  • The Contributors: Merchandising Items

  • The Contributors: Catering and The Taste during the show

  • The Contributors: The Scent during the show

  • The Contributors: The Touch during the show (white heart-shaped balloons provided at every seat, for the deaf to sense the vibration, and everyone can try this new experience too)

  • The Contributors: The Media Partner

  • The Media

  • The PR Team & The Pre-Concert Support from Press & Media

  • The Media Coverage

  • TV



    Nation TV



    Voice TV



    TV Asahi


    Idea TV

    H Plus Channel



    Magazine a day

    a day Bulletin



    Knock Knock

    Computer Arts

    Music & Art Mag

    BE Mag

    Woman Plus

    Radio Fat Radio



    Website You2Play


    The Media at The Concert

  • The Artists

  • MC: Khomsan Nanthajit

  • Thai Royal Anthem | Vocal: Supannada Plubthong Sign Language:Yada Chinachoti

    Performed by The VIP audience

  • Mime Show: BABYMIME Thong-glur Thongthae Nuttapol Kummata Ratchai Rujiwipatna

  • Introduction to MUSIC

    The musicians play each instrument

    asking the audience to touch the balloon

    and feel the different vibration

  • FRIDAY Trai Bhumiratna (vocal)

    Adun Ratchdapisit (guitar) Kreiangkrai Wongwanich (guitar)

    Animators: Vitavat Prapan

    Thitiwat Chaisiriratana

  • Short Film Directors: Nopphan Boonyai

    Manasnam Panlertwongskul

    STAMP Apiwat Eurthavornsuk


  • A Duet: Theme Song SILENT LISTEN Sitaporn Pipopvorachai (the deaf pianist)

    Koh Mr. Saxman Sekpol Unsamran (the saxophonist)

  • Percussion Band & New Media Performance EXOTIC

    APOSTROPHYS (new media artist)

  • SCRUBB Torpong Chantabuppha (guitar) Thawachpol Wongboonsiri (vocal)

  • Short Film Director : Chulayarnnon Siriphol Dance Instructor: Cris Horwang

  • Short Film Director : Professional DryCleaner Group

  • Short Film Director : Kittiphat Kanoknag

  • Visual Artists: Rueangrith Santisuk

    Kantasorn Puangkham Supawich Suwannetr

    Lighting Designer:

    Pornpan Arayaveerasid


  • Q Flure

    Suweera Boonrod

  • Music Video: The Countrys public figures and Prime Minister

    Performing sign language of Theme Song

    Produced by Jor Kwang Films