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  • 8/2/2019 Promotional Poster Reseach


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    4/22/12 Promotional Poster By: Syed RaihanulHaqueBrief

  • 8/2/2019 Promotional Poster Reseach



    A logo of the artist or artists.To me as a Rum and bassfan, this symbol representsthe nutshell and identity ofwho the upbeats are. Thisallows me to understandthat a promotional posterconsists of some form of

    simple yet effectiveness ifreflective quick response forthe audience to view as theywalk by for example.

    This then also allows me tounderstand to research uponwhat simple yet effectivesymbol may be useful forour group context. This

    becomes apparent to mefrom research further withinR n B that in our certaincontext, the artist himselfmay be a symbol within thatforte which would allow meto have chosen alone fromresearch that this will allowthe succession if was to

    become live to have rapidlysucceeded. The use of asymbol may alsoconnotation other attributesi.e. A cross may represent acertain artist however willcontain connotations ofreligion, and other Biblicalreferences forth Jesus.

    Learning into this evendeeper, this may also beviewed as a way of catching

    Dates, names, locations... Its clear the purpose of this promotional poster is towards a possible concert ratherintroducing a new song or band/artist. Without these key pieces of information, nothing would be clear. Why? Itwould to some extent serve as a poster with no purpose. HOWEVER. This also allows me to learn that if it didn'tnot contain these certain attributes to itself, it could serve the purpose in awareness of a new artist or a rebirthof an artist. Within the ancillary tasks, we have chosen to produce a poster with the purpose of introducing a

    Colours! House style!Layout! Three key factorswhich are shown within thispromotional poster.First of all colours/housestyle:From viewing this alone weview a consistent use of a

    certain house style ofgreen, cream and white.What does this allow? Thisallows a use ofresemblance for the artistssignified colours which itcan be assumed as blend ofgreen/navy blue from thesymbol alone. In my case,

    the house colour producesa use of resemblance forour music video which theposter, DVD cover andmusic video will come handin hand of being viewed asa tie/convergence ofsynergy in viewing by thetarget audience

    Layout: A simple yeteffective layout which fromview, serves a clear, boldmessage of what the groupaim to do, and the purposeof the promotional poster.

    The layout which decidedby my group will sustain itspurpose of the poster,

    which will allow us tomanipulate the use ofmedia codes and texts

  • 8/2/2019 Promotional Poster Reseach



    The text first of all! The use of 2various texts tends to follow upon aniche view. This is because themanipulation in the use of 2 differenttexts can be very hard due to theblend in tone, and compassion withintheir font style. If their is no apparentlink, it is considered as a failure.However in this case a success. Why?Because we view the manipulation insize, compression and tension of textto create an overall effective view!

    This links its self with the housecolours and style to a graveimportance. In this case we view it asred, blue and white. 2 dominant upbeat colours against a dark colours,

    however the cold/dark colour of blueis more forth a light surprise blue.The simplexes yet effectives bringsme to conclude towards producing aposter which is simple yet effective!As Leonardo Da Vinci once said,simplicity an be its own ultimate ofsophistication. This piece proveshand in hand with it. As the effectivesfrom the use of image to text link, it

    allows the dominance and level ofimportance of each section of textwhich the audience are immediatelyconfronted with ZERO FESTIVAL. Tome this means not much, however tothe target age group and audience ofthis poster would mean much more.

    This brings us to learn that themanipulation of colours and text/fontstyles can be used to such an

    amazing advantage, only and only if,manipulated correctly to ouradvanced forth our target audience.

    The logo of this festival in particularshows importance. This is because ofits large prominent size and placingwithin this poster. This uses bothcolours found within the house stylealso attracting it be viewed as the firstthing by the target audience when forexample, walking by!The symbol alone can be interpreted invarious different ways. This can be dueto the view of an person initiallyviewing this festival. This then brings toquestion to the person of the genre,whether it first for them? This isapparent towards acoustics, howeverdoesn't exactly pin point its genre.However the genre can be consideredas upbeat from the use of colours,which it could be jazz?When then also looking at this poster,

    we view a half bitten ice cream. Thiscan suggest to me it may involve usedor past time artists reviving or, freshartists whom have been bitten out ofthe cream allowing a chance for them.This may also suggest from the placingof the bite that they are the toppercentile of skilled artists, or just abite out of a normal artist. It can alsobring into question from its positioning

    towards the left as only a certainsection of artists, or also from the useof adding a guitar it brings to questionthe music being towards believing inthings which can be anything, whichthe bite from the left may be towardspolitics, a strong topic in Spain as anexample which left may be viewed asthe artists supposed the left wing. I canclearly conclude the symbol really doesmatter on size, placing and what it mayactually mean and whether theaudience are aware of this! As youcan also see s mbols can mean a

  • 8/2/2019 Promotional Poster Reseach



  • 8/2/2019 Promotional Poster Reseach


    4/22/12 The End