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Promotional leaflet

Text of Mix-d: Promotional Leaflet

  • Our missionTo see mixed-raced people at the heart of mixed-race discussions.

    Mix-d: is pronounced mixed - at all times.

    When we remove artificial additives (commonly know as Es or E numbers) from food we are left with a fresh, healthy, artificial free product. Similarly, by removing the letter e from Mix-d: we are left with a fresh, healthy and artificial free Mix-d: (in this case referring to past historical prejudices) to make way for a fresh new dialogue.

    The colon at the end of Mix-d: is used exactly the same way it would be used in any punctuation. It means: from the general to the specific. We think of Mix-d: as a tree trunk with a number of branches. The colon represents where the branches reach out from the trunk.

    3 things you didnt know about the term

    Contact Mix-d:

    Call us onPhone: +44(0) 161 868 0034 E-mail: [email protected]:

    Postal address: C/o Multiple Heritage ProjectInnospaceMinshull HouseChorlton Street, ManchesterM1 3FY UK

    Mix-d: is our stem and the branches are our work.Bradley Lincoln, founder of Mix-d: a social enterprise and non-profit organisation.

  • our term for mixed-race

    Mix-d: is our concept. It seeks to tell it exactly as it is, without awkwardness, apologies, excessive explanations or overblown celebrations. Mix-d: is about living comfortably and confidently without being pulled between various labels.

    What we doWe talk frankly and honestly with young people, professionals, parents and carers on the subject of mixed-race identity. Our work is specifically tailored to meet the needs of an often neglected group.

    How we workWe engage with young people and professionals through Conferences, Training, Workshops, Art Projects and bespoke solutions.

    Do you want to play a crucial role in moving this discussion forward?Help us move the discussion from

    problematic to modern. Your contribution

    is important.

    Become a Friend of Mix-d:and have a read of what some of our

    friends have been saying by visiting

    We createWe are continually developing resources to support professionals and capture the many dimensions of the mixed-race discussion.

    Some of our works & activities Mix-d: BookMix-d: First National ConferenceMix-d: ExhibitionMix-d: Face 2010Mix-d: Education Pack

    Bespoke servicesIf you are looking to engage more closely with the mixed-race subject but unsure how, we have a range of bespoke packages to suit the needs of all groups.