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  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm



    section eight eightGalvaderm & Prescription

    Galvaderm introduction page 171

    Galvaderm Galvanic Range page 173

    Galvaderm Electrotherapy page 175

    Facial Treatment

    Galvanic Sequences page 177

    Galvaderm Eye Treatment page 178

    Galvaderm Neck Treatment page 179

    Galvaderm Bust Treatment page 180

    Super Galvaderm page 181

    Galvaderm Collagen Treatment page 182

    Galvaderm Back Treatment page 183

    Prescription Facial Treatments page 184

  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm


  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm



    Monu galvaderm

    The Galvaderm Facial gentlycombines galvanic and high

    frequency current using pure plant

    extracts. This balances and protects,

    giving the skin a healthy and youthful

    appearance. This electro-therapy

    treatment has been designed to

    deep cleanse, assist cellular renewaland introduce balancing Monu

    preparations deep within the skin.

  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm




    The Monu Galvaderm Electrotherapy

    Treatment is a complete facial

    treatment which deep cleanses through

    desincrustation and re-hydrates through

    iontophoresis. It also helps to normalise

    the skin and improve cellular renewal

    whilst oxygenating the pores. Monus

    unique active ingredients are quickly

    absorbed by the skin, which effectively

    re-hydrates the tissues, slowing down

    the ageing process and conditioningthe skin where needed.

    Suitable for all skin types, this effective treatment will balance the skin by allowing active

    substances to penetrate, moisturise and regulate the skins metabolism.

    There are Galvaderm Facial, Eye, Neck, Bust, Collagen and Back Treatments as well as

    the Super Galvaderm which is a combination of facial and eye procedures, therefore

    providing the ultimate rejuvenating treatment.

    A fusion of scienceand nature

    Assists cellular renewal

    Deep cleanses andbalances the skin, bringingimmediate results.

  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm





    Galvanic Current:The galvanic current is a direct current. Its strength

    remains constant and it has a safe, low voltage level.The Galvaderm machine has a patented circuit -

    Constant Current Generator (CCG) - ensuring a

    constant flow of the set current no matter what the

    skins resistance. The galvanic current will ionise

    molecules that contain metallic atoms.

    Desincrustation:Desincrustation has the effect of removing excess

    sebum and wastes found in the epidermis. The alkali

    Sodium Hydroxide is produced under the cathode (-).

    This has several effects including:

    Drying of the skin

    Softening the build up of sebum

    Breakdown of the keratinised cells in the

    superficial layers of the skin

    Opens the pores and release blockages

    Destroys the acid mantle

    Desincrustation is therefore used as a deep

    cleansing treatment.

    Iontophoresis:During iontophoresis the active substances in the gels

    are introduced into the skin by the current where they

    absorb to a deep level. Hydrochloric Acid is

    produced at the anode (+) which has the following


    The acid mantle is restored due to the formation

    of hydrochloric acidIt has a tightening and firming effect on the skin

    Tissue fluid moves away from the anode

    Revitalises the tissues

    Improves the oxygen levels

    High Frequency Current:This is an alternating current that

    changes direction i.e. an oscillating

    current. When the high frequencycurrent is applied to the skin, atoms in

    the Monu Galvanic Oxycreme (the

    stabilised oxygen molecules) separate

    to release free oxygen atoms. This gas

    is bactericidal and kills microbes at the

    same time as inhibiting the growth of


    Direct High Frequency:This setting is stimulating and drying

    and generally used on an oily skin.

    However its use can be adjusted to suit

    a dry mature skin type by reducing the

    time to a maximum of five minutes.

    High Frequency:When using this setting, check the

    comfort of the client and the skins

    reaction, keeping current low for dry

    skin. The machine is very quiet when in

    operation. It is important not to lift the

    high frequency electrode off the skin

    when the current is switched on or a

    slight shock could occur.

  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm


    Galvaderm Galvanic Range


    The Galvanic range contains pure plant extracts,

    essential oils and trace elements. Galvanic

    Oxycreme, the oxygenating cream, is suitable for all

    skin types and is used with high frequency. The

    Galvanic Gels are for use with a galvanic current and

    there is one suitable for dry, one for normal and one

    for oily skin and one for the eye area. Lotion Electra

    will help reduce the skins natural resistance to

    electric current and is used before applying the

    Galvanic Gel to aid conductivity.



    Gel description skin type/skin concern product benefits

    Effectively reducesdehydration, soothesand helps restoreelasticity whilst

    reducing the signs ofageing.

    Dry, sensitive or mature.

    Discomfort, tautness or

    dehydration lines.

    This Galvanic Gelcontains collagen,elastin,mucopolysaccharides,trace elements, essentialoil of neroli andmoisturising ingredients.

    Galvanic Gel D

    Deep cleanses the

    skin and moisturises

    where needed.

    Normal orcombination skin.

    Fine lines, first lines andexpressions lines.

    Line smoothing.

    This Galvanic Gelcontains trace elements,essential oils of neroliand chamomile andmoisturising ingredients.

    Galvanic Gel N

    Helps to normalise oilysecretions, tighten the

    pores and reduce the

    effects of acne.

    Oily or spot prone.Excess shine, conjestion

    and breakouts.

    This Galvanic Gelcontains extracts ofbirch, nettle, watercressand lemon balmtogether with traceelements and zinc.

    Galvanic Gel O

  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm


    Galvaderm Galvanic Range continued



    Gel description skin type/skin concern product benefits

    Helps to soothe andfirm the area aroundthe eyes whilst helpingto reduce prematureageing.

    All skin types.For use around thedelicate eye area (onlyto be used withiontophoresis). ThisGalvanic Gel containscollagen, elastin, metalsalts,mucopolysaccharides,

    trace elements, vitaminsand moisturisingproperties.

    Galvanic Gel E

    Helps to oxygenate theskin when used inconjunction with a highfrequency current.

    Has a bactericidaleffect on the skin thatkills microbes and will

    prevent the growth ofbacteria.

    Greatly helps acnesufferers.

    All skin types.This soothing creamcontains essential oils oflavender, moisturisingelements and allantoin.

    Galvanic Oxycreme

    Helps reduce the skins

    natural resistance to

    the electrical current.

    Oily or spot prone.

    Excess shine, conjestion

    and breakouts.

    This lotion is usedbefore applying theappropriate GalvanicGel.

    Lotion Electra

  • 8/9/2019 Sect 8 - Ref Galvaderm




    MONU GalvadermElectrotherapy Facial Treatment

    STEP 1 CLEANSE & EXFOLIATE Eye Make-up Remover

    Eye Lotion



    Toning Mist

    STEP 2 MASSAGE/MASK Lotion Electra

    Galvanic Gel



    Prescription Massage Cream


    Prescription Gel Mask

    Eye Lotion

    Toning Mist

    STEP 3 SPECIAL CARE Eye Gel or Eye Cream

    Lip Balm

    STEP 4 AFTER CARE Collagen Cream, Skin Perfector, Recovery

    Balm or Mattifying Lotion


    Designed to deep cleanse, improve cellular

    renewal and introduce balancingpreparations deep within the skin. It combines

    galvanic and high frequency current using

    pure plant extracts and essential oils.

    Preparations required:(in addition to Prescription Gel Mask and

    Massage Cream)

    DRY SKIN: Eye Make-up Remover; Cleanser;

    Toner; Lotion Electra; Galvanic Gel D; Oxycreme;

    Eye Lotion; Toning Mist; Collagen Cream; Eye

    Cream; Lip Balm.NORMAL SKIN: Eye Make-up Remover; Cleanser;

    Toner; Lotion Electra; Galvanic Gel N; Oxycreme;

    Eye Lotion; Toning Mist; Skin Perfector; Eye Gel;

    Lip Balm.

    OILY SKIN: Eye Make-up Remover; Cleanser;

    Toner; Lotion Electra; Galvanic Gel O; Oxycreme;

    Eye Lotion; Toning Mist; Mattifying Lotion; Eye

    Gel; Lip Balm.


    Ideally, once a month, depending on thecondition of the skin and the noticeable benefits

    All skin types Duration: 1 hr 15 mins.


    Remove eye make-up and lipstick. Wipe away any residue with Eye Lotion and blot.

    Cleanse the face and neck with the appropriate cleanser.

    Tone with the appropriate toner and blot.

    Apply Lotion Electra with the fingertips to the entire area to be treated.

    Select appropriate Galvanic Gel and apply liberally to the area to be treated.

    Set the Monu Galvaderm Machine to the correct setting for the skin type and work the electrodes over the area

    for 10 minutes. If desincrustation ha

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