Talk To Your Problem!!! Don’t Talk About Problem

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  • Talk To YourProblem!!!Dont TalkAbout Problem

  • When your talk is positive, good thingsstart to happen. When your talk isnegative, misery and limitations become your unwanted guests.

  • When you talk about your problems with everyone you meet, you magnify those challenges until they become a stronghold in your mind.They occupythe high ground and rooting them out is difficult.

  • Every time you talk about yourproblems, you increase their power. When you focus on them, they become stronger, and you become weaker.

  • If you have faith the size of a grain of mustard seed,you can tell a mountain tomove into the sea, and it will happen. You have to talk to the mountains in your life before they will move.

  • All of your problems - your mountains - are waiting to hear from you, and if you start speaking words of faith,your mountains will move. No matter what your problem, you must talk to it.

  • If you are depressed,you must talk to yourdepression and startpushing back.Tell your depression thatGod's love is themost positive and most powerful forcein the universe, andHis love is filling your heart and mind.

  • Tell your depression that you aremade in the image of God, andthat God loves you and accepts you the way that you are.

  • Tell your depression that God'slove changes the way you thinkand feel.You are a new personwith a new life.

  • The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into yourmind, and you must start filling your mind with positive things.

  • If you want to move a mountainof depression out of your life,you'll have to start talking toyour depression rather than talking about it.

  • If your life is full of problems,don't make matters worse by commiserating over your problems with everyone youmeet.Instead, start talkingto your mountains andcast them into the sea.

  • The first step in getting well, is wanting to get better. When you want to get better, andyou expect to get better, you will no longer talk about your problems.You will start talking to your problems and mountains will start moving in your life.

  • From now on, I talk to myself I am what I think about all day long.WhoeverI am, I am that person first in my mind.Whatever I accomplish, I accomplishit first in my mind.Whatever I become, I become it first in my mind.

  • The way I use my mind defineswhat it means to be me.At themost basic level, I am what I think about all day long.

  • My mind is the only part of methat can change or that would ever be worth changing.If I want to change who I am, I must change the collection of thoughts that defines what it means to be me.

  • What I think about is important,because it changes who I am.

  • When I think positive thoughts, I become amore positive person.

  • When I thinkempoweringthoughts,I become astronger person.

  • When I think resourceful thoughts, my life moves in thedirection of excellence, andI become a better person.

  • When I think unlimited thoughts, I realize there is no limit to how goodmy life can become. I become whatI think about all day long!!!