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Deskripsi:Writing SkillKompetensi Dasar: 1. Mengungkapkan makna dalam bentuk teks tulis funsional pendek sederhana dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa tulis secara akurat, lancar, dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan sekitar.


Unit 5: TEENAGE LIFELesson 1: What is a teenager?

KDAktivitasTeks/ PresentasiGambarVideoTes/Quiz/TugasSilabus/ KalenderLink:URLGlossaryInstructional Method

12 Membuat list tentang hal-hal yang seharusnya dan tidak seharusnya teenagers lakukan Advice on being a teenager

GambarLittle children boy/girl, big children boy/girl and teenagers- Tugas 1 minggu Teenagers Grade Chores Responsible Trust

The Grammar-Translation Method

Materi Ajar Buku Students Book for flying start 2B Gambar Little children boys/girls, big children boys/girls Contoh paragraph Advice on being a teenager

Materi Pembelajarana. Pictures

b. Unfamiliar wordsa. Read the text carefully! b. Please find the unfamiliar words based on the text! (doing together)c. Answer some questions correctly! (doing together)

Advise on being a teenager.By RudyThis is the time in your life when you want to make your parents very happy. You want them to trust you. You want them to believe that what you are a good student. You want to get good grades. You want to do a good job on your chores. You want to be polite and kind to your little brothers and sisters. You need to be home at the time they want you are a very responsible person. Because when they think you behave responsibly, then they will trust you. Then good things will happen in your life. They will allow you to do more activities because they know they can trust you. You may not always believe this, but your parents really want to do nice things for you. They want you to be happy.

c. Essay 1. What do you feel after you read the text? 2. What do you think of Rudys advice?3. What you have to do to make your father trust you?4. When you have to make your father happy?5. How do you do to make your father be happy?

d. Work in GroupMake a list of things you think teenagers should or shouldnt be able to decide for themselves.Example: - Teenagers should be allowed to choose what clothes they want to wear.