Doing More With Less (@ Tokyo Game Show)

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Jeroen Elfferich's presentation at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2010

Text of Doing More With Less (@ Tokyo Game Show)

  • 1. Doing More With LessE T @jeroen020

2. Social Entertainment Technology & Services HQ in Amsterdam, US office in San Francisco Customers & partners in media, games & brands 3. ~4 hours a day ~few times a year 4. SnacknzapFeature length 5. A bit of revenueevery day Jackpot. Then nothing. For a long time. 6. Write Design Fund, license Fund, license Produce Develop Market (a lot!) Market (a lot!) Pray (for a hit!) Pray (for a hit!)CinemaConsole 7. Write Design Produce Pilot Develop v0.9 Market Seed and/or market Broadcast Upload and launch Evaluate Write, produce Season 1, Evaluatemarket a bit, broadcast Tweak, upload v0.91 Wash, rinse, repeat Analyse, rinse, iterateTV Web/Mobile/Social 8. 4 Billion TV users worldwide US: 4 hours a day (2 months non-stop per year!) TV in 99% of all households, 2.24 sets on average TV is turned on 6h47m a day Total hours of TV consumed: 250 billion % Americans who say they watch too much TV: 49 Youth hours in school: 900 behind TV: 1,500 TV commercials seen per year: 20,000 9. Euro 25.300.000.000 US$ 10. Euro 2009 US market TV revenues, Idate 25.300.000.000 US$ 2009 US market game industry revenues, Newzoo 11. Show Debut channel Debut year Distributor Sony Pictures1Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? ITV (UK)1998 TelevisionNederland 22Deal or No Deal2002 Endemol(Netherlands)3WipeoutABC (US)2008 Endemol CBS Studios4Wheel of Fortune NBC (US)1975 International5Family FeudABC (US)1976 FremantleMedia6Dont Forget The LyricsFox (US)2007 RDF Rights7Hole in the Wall Fox (US)2008 FremantleMedia Shine8Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Fox (US)2007 International/Mark Burnett Productions CBS Studios9Jeopardy NBC (US)1964 International10 I Love My CountryRTL4 (Netherlands) 2008Talpa MediaMost Popular TV Gameshows in the World TBI, 2009 12. 1988The HennyHuisman Effectis a situationwhere thenational phonesystem grinds toa halt due to asudden, massiveamount of phonecalls. 13. 1996Participation TVMulti Billion$industry forBroadcasters, TVproductioncompanies,aggregators &TelcosSet the standardfor premium IVRand textmessaging 14. 1999Big BrotherMaking headlinesworlwdieInteractive votingvia SMS and IVR2008: broadcastin 32 countries,320 millionviewers 15. ... The programme is sold in a series of 52 episodes to national TVcompany Sichuan TV. Never before did a European producer sell a fullseasons worth of TV to a Chinese broadcaster. The show will be calledWo Ai Wo De Zhu, or I love China 16. TV Lessons Scheduling & scarcity Marketing & episodes Web: Personalisation & social graph Gameification of Everything Massive multiplayer New platforms iPad, Google TV, Apple TV, TV app stores 17. Ex Machina 2010 18. PlayToTV: 4 pillarsReal-time sync with TV Massive scheduled interactiveentertainmentAccess with mobile apps, web apps,TV apps and web services Live interaction thru social networks, playing with friends 19. Social network integration Poll Rate Vote & Predict Q&A/Quiz Chat & Twitter aggregation Stars (achievements/badges) Advertising interaction 20. Launch quick & iterate Artificial scarcity works Pilot, episodes, seasons Interaction over form The moment matters A TV is a TV, not a computer Leverage your fans, involve your communityEx Machina 2010 21.