Influential Brands

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Influential Brands

#The UKs most influential brands



#Why is understanding influenceso important right now?

Lack of control of brand narrativeScarcity of premiumbrand environmentsScarcity ofattention

#Tell your own story or others will be Growing an online presence is important but lets get real about influence. Presence doesnt equal influence. Presence can be measure in social media followings. Influence cant. - Martha Giffen, Social Media Marketing Consultant, & Strategist


What do we mean when we talk about influence?A [Newsbrands] main product is not news or information, but influence: societal influence and commercial influence.Philip Meyer, Academic and Author

#What do we mean when we talk about influence?


Is the brand used, and are the users loyal to it?Does the brand inspire people to live better lives, does it change the way the user thinks?

AudienceDoes the user listen to brand communications, do they pass on these messages?



The Guardians influence

AudienceinfluenceSocietalinfluenceCommercialinfluenceMore brand converstations per reader per week, vs other QP readersSource: Keller Fay May 2015

#Average number of weekly conversations about product categories per audience member (print + digital audience, across all product categories).Guardian = 15.6Times = 15.4Telegraph = 13.6Evening Standard = 14.8Indy = 13.9YouTube = 13.7Twitter = 13.7Facebook = 11.7ITV = 11.5Channel 4 = 12.2


Our aimsConsumercentricIdentify driversof influenceBrandIndexand InternationalAdvice for brandson how to boost their influenceBroad range ofbrands & categories

#How we did it

2,000 nat rep sample per market (UK, US and Australia)Generating approx 15,000 brand rankings across key categories

N.B. Charity category not included in the US education/government

Alcoholic drinksTravelTechSocial mediaCharityFMCG (other)Finance & utilitiesMotorsFashion & BeautyRetailTelecoms

#How we did it

12 influence identifier statements e.g. I choose Tesco above all other similar brands

Respondents answered about brands they were familiar with

20 brand attributes applied to the personality of each brand e.g. Do you think that the Tesco is trustworthy?

N.B. Charity category not included in the US education/government

2,000 nat rep sample per market (UK, US and Australia)Generating approx 15,000 brand rankings across key categories

#What did we find out?


Brand influence is made up of four distinct pillarsCommercial

SocietalAudienceInwardAudienceOutwardInfluenceScoreThe impacta brand hason consumers purchasinghabitsThe impacta brand hason society andits industryas a wholeThe impactof a brands commsThe impacta brand hason otherpeopleA weightedblend of the four influencepillarsDrivers of influence

#Identify pillars of influence by exploring the relationship between the 12 statementsWeight the pillar scores to reflect their importance in determining influenceCalculate the CIS score for each brand by applying the weights to each pillar score, adding them together and multiplying by 100

CommercialI personally use / purchase / support themI choose them above all other similar brandsI would consider myself loyal to themThey influence what I buy / useSocietalThey inspire meThey change society for the betterThey change the way I think about their field / industryAudience InwardThey have advertising that interests meI pay attention to what they have to sayAudience OutwardI often recommend them to othersPeople often ask me for my opinion about themNB: The statement They improve my life was discarded because it showed no significant relationship to any other statement.


Key drivers feeding into the pillars (UK)

1. Positive2. Inspirational3. TrustworthyUnique

Interesting things to say

Overall Influence Score

20 drivers tested in total

#The UKs most influential brands




54.753.953.150.249.949.149.446.846.7Ranking and influence score (out of 100), by brand

#The top ten all perform most strongly on the Commercial pillar, with the exception of the two charities which are boosted by their societal, impact.13

The benefit of influence: loyalty

Overall influence scoreBrand loyalty




Surveys in three markets





#American made brands, dominated by tech and retail, Apple is a lot stronger here than in the UK


01Understand that influence is made up of different pillars

02Demonstrating that you are positive, trustworthy & inspirational has a particularly strong impact on influence

03Understand which influence drivers are key to their category, and how they perform against themThree rules for brandsTo be influential, brands should