CAREER- What to Do After a Job Interview

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1. CALL ME, MAYBE? Written By Gala Jackson, M.Ed 2. INTERVIEWS CAN BE A LOT LIKE A FIRST DATE. 3. INTERVIEWS CAN BE A LOT LIKE A FIRST DATE. You dress nicely, prepare with thoughtful conversation, want to be the apple of their eye. But what if the interview doesnt go according to plan? 4. BE PREPARED WITH THESE SCENARIOS. 5. INTERVIEW WENT GREAT... BUT NO PHONE CALL YET. Youre worried. You thought the interview went great. But theres just one thing... they havent contacted you yet. ONE 6. SEND AN EMAIL. Reiterate your appreciation for the interview and excitement for the job. Ask if theres any additional information you could provide or questions you can answer as the committee makes their final decisions. And finally, make sure you ask when you can expect to hear an update! ONE 7. THANKS... BUT NO THANKS. You nailed the interview, but the interview panel didnt agree. So now, youre wondering why you didnt land the job. TWO 8. PICK UP THE PHONE. You may not want to, but picking up the phone is the best thing you could do in this situation. Give the hiring manager a call, tell them you appreciate the opportunity, then ask for feedback on your interview. Be specific. Consider asking the following questions... 1. If there was a particular question I couldve answered more effectively. 2. About my execution of the interview. 3. About my presentation or delivery. 4. The deciding factor between me and the other candidates. TWO 9. CONGRATS! YOURE HIRED! But before you accept, wait at least 24 hours. Why? It gives you time to thoroughly think about your options. Are you sure this job is the right fit for you? THREE 10. HOW TO DECLINE. You have come to the conclusion that the company or position is not what you want. To break the news to the employer, give the hiring manager or recruiter a call. Express your sincere appreciation for the opportunity to interview and become a part of their team. After consideration of your long term goals, you would like to pursue other professional opportuni- ties that better align with your current career goals. THREE 11. HOW TO ACCEPT. After waiting 24 hours, call the hiring manager and express your excitement regarding the opportunity to work for their company and with their team. Make sure youre profession- al thoughout all the excitement. You want to display maturity and professionalism as you prepare to negotiate your salary, benefits, and employment contract. THREE 12. CALL ME? YES! When it comes to your employment contract, salary, and benefits always negotiate. Be prepared to ask for a bump in salary as well as items that will enhance your quality of em- ployment such as additional vacation or sick leave, a signing bonus, moving expenses, professional development funds, or other related benefits. 13. FIND MORE USEFUL TIPS AT: Trying to land the job is a full-time job, from tweaking your rsum to networking, career fairs and preparing for interviews. Through it all, you need to develop and tell the story of you. How you share that story matters. Were here to help. Gala Jackson, M.Ed. is a Millennial Expert & Career Management Consultant with InterviewSnob, a career consulting boutique for millennials. Connect with Gala @interviewsnob and check out her website at