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Scholarometer ( is a citation-based impact analysis tool. This work was presented at Altmetrics 2014 held at Websci 2014 conference at Bloomington, Indiana.

Text of Scholarometer Altmetrics2014

  • Jasleen Kaur with Mohsen JafariAsbagh, Filippo Radicchi and Filippo Menczer Crowdsourced disciplines and universal impact
  • Evaluation of: -Scholars -Journals -Institutions -Countries Role: -Grant evaluation -Hiring -Tenure decisions
  • author tags citation data impact measures bib records network widget API
  • Annota&ons Feedback Impact Analysis Query
  • Universality
  • Which metrics are universal?
  • Jasleen Kaur, Mohsen JafariAsagh, Filippo Radicchi, and Filippo Menczer Thanks: Diep Thi Hoang, Xiaoling Sun, Lino Possamai, Santo Fortunato, Alessandro Flammini, Networks & agents Network, NSF Award IIS-0811994 Featured on Nature news