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  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 1

    Miss Millers Third Grade Stars

    Classroom Management Plan

    Janice MillerCurriculum and Pedagogy

    Dr. Beisser

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 2

    Table of Contents

    Classroom Organization

    Physical design pg. 3-5

    Student Learning Centers pg. 5-7

    Classroom Operations

    Student Records pg. 8

    Data/Goal Binders pg. 9

    New Students pg. 9-10

    Substitute Teacher/Associate Command Center pg. 10-11

    Parent/Guardian Communication pg. 11

    Conferences pg. 11-12

    Seating Arrangement pg. 12

    Earned Privileges pg. 13

    Student Desk Cleanliness pg. 13

    Disciplinary Policies and Professionalism

    Establishing Classroom Expectations/Rules pg. 14

    Classroom policy violation consequences pg. 15

    Professionalism pg. 15

    Daily Classroom Routine

    The First Day pg. 16Morning Arrival Routine pg. 16-17

    Lunch Count and Attendance pg. 17

    Bathroom and Drinks Policy pg. 17

    Pencil Sharpening and Other Supply stuff Pg. 17-18

    Must dos, May Dos, Ketch Ups pg. 18

    Brain Breaks pg. 19

    Lining Up, Transitions pg. 19

    End of Day, Dismissal pg. 19-20

    TA Role/ Class Project pg. 20


    Challenged Learners pg. 21

    Gifted Learners pg. 21

    References pg. 22

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 3

    door Lockers in pod

    White board & screen











    Guided reading






  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 4

    Classroom OrganizationPhysical Design

    My classroom learning environment is child centered and designed to

    foster a community of positive and respectful learners! Lockers for the

    students are located out in the third grade pod hall, just outside ourclassroom. Each locker will have hooks for coats and backpacks, along with a

    shelf on the top. Winter boots will be placed on the bottom of the locker when

    they are needed. Upon entering the room on the left wall, there is a welcome

    table/shelf labeled for each student where take home papers will be placed.

    On top ofthis shelf is the lunch sorter, with the How Do I Get Homeposter

    on the wall behind and to the right of the shelf. The sanitation bottles, or

    bathroom passes, will start the day out on this welcome table so students can

    use it when they enter the room. Also on top of the welcome table is a white

    basket to be used for papers that need to be dispersed to for students to take

    home. However, they will be moved to my teachers table for the remainder of

    the day to avoid distractions when students get up for them. Further down on

    this wall is the student computer center, and then a tall teacher bookshelf

    that has the capabilities of being locked to protect student privacy. In the

    corner is my desk along with a garbage can.

    Two windows are located on the back wall of my classroom, with a long

    bookshelf in between them. On top of the shelf will be a blue basket where

    students will turn their work in, alongside a white basket with graded papers

    waiting to be separated into the students labeled shelf by the door and a

    basket of extra lined paper for student use. The next shelf will be used for thefollowing student supplies left to right: sad pencils, happy pencils, extra pink

    erasers, extra glue sticks, extra highlighters and extra dry erase markers; each

    in their own labeled container. On the bottom two shelves will be the students

    data and goal binders. Also on top of the shelf, closer to the guided reading

    center, color coded baskets which coordinate with the leveled reading groups I

    will use. These baskets will hold enough copies of the book each group is

    reading so all students will have their own copy, as well as the teacher.

    In front of the left side window is the Independent Reading Center,

    which has a movable bookshelf full of books for student use. This center alsohas two couches and two bean bag chairs. There are several other bean bag

    chairs throughout the room that can be moved students would like to.

    Horizontally down from this is the half-moon guided reading table. This will be

    used for one on one and small group work. Located in the corner opposite of

    my desk is the group work area. This has a large rug for students to sit on, and

    they are also welcome to utilize bean bag chairs during time spent here. There

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 5

    is a large message board, along with a movable message board and my ball chair.

    On the adjacent wall is another large bookshelf that will hold the science,

    social studies and math learning centers, also known as the games and activity

    area. In the front of the room is a large white board and screen, with an Elmo

    directly in front of it and a garbage can close by. Student desks are located in

    the middle of the room, along with the student exercise ball chairs.

    Student Learning Centers

    Throughout my classroom will be various student learning centers. Thehalf-moon table located in the back of the room is a literacy learning center

    where one on one and small group learning will take place. Throughout my

    room will be cozy and inviting areas for independent literacy opportunities,

    such as the area with two couches and a double sided book shelf with a variety

    of books. Also available to students during independent reading time are bean

    bag chairs and homemade body pillows which students can move around the

    room as wanted, provided they are adhering to classroom expectations. Next

    to the half-moon table in the back, is the student computer center with two

    educational game loaded computers. The gaming center is available to students

    who have earned it through good choice making, and has a large variety of

    board games to play. The math center is an area designed for students to

    practice and advance their math skills, and houses a variety of flash cards,

    cubed dice and other math skill building games. Also located here are tubs

    with a variety of math games to be used by students during daily math time.

    These tubs will be changed every week or two as needed, and have student

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 6

    names on the outside with corresponding skill level games in them. These math

    games will be used by students daily during math time to enrich their math

    skills. The rug area will be used for the morning meeting, and as needed

    throughout the day. The shelf across from the math games shelf houses

    science and social studies games and activities, such as a globe.

    Mathematics Student Learning Center Games

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 7

    Social Studies Games and Activities

    Science Games and Activities

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 8

    Classroom Operations

    Student Records

    My first priority is to follow any district-implemented record keeping

    procedures and store student records in a location that can be locked up toprotect privacy. Aligning with those district procedures, my student record

    keeping will consist of a hard copy, as well as the use of an online software

    program. In the storage crates located on the small shelf by my desk, each

    student will have their own labeled folder, with name and class number

    arranged alphabetically, for each of the content areas they are assessed on.

    Following is the color coding for these storage crates according to content:




    Social Studies=Purple

    In here is where completed work will be filed weekly at the very beginning of

    the year, then daily as needed throughout the year as work increases. Prior to

    filing this work, I will record all grades in my teacher grading book so that at

    the end of each week I can easily transfer those grades into the online

    software program. Again, as amount of work completed increases I will need

    to complete this transfer twice, if not three times, a week. Grade recording

    and transfer of these grades will be completed during specials time, as well as

    duringWednesdaysimmediately following school as needed. It is my goal to not

    fall behind in this, however, I am also realistic in knowing that is not alwaysgoing to happen. Therefore, I will ketch-up on this as needed on Fridays. Every

    couple of weeks these folders will be cleaned out, with papers not being used

    in student portfolios, to be placed in student labeled shelves in the welcome

    table. Work that will be kept for sharing at conference time will remain in

    these folders until that time. I will display student work throughout the year,

    with student permission of course, throughout my classroom and the school

    hallways. I want students to be proud of their hard work and the end result

    achieved through that. Also in my teacher grade book will be a section for

    recording student work habits throughout each term. This area is used totrack daily notes for each student, as I am quite aware I will not be able to

    remember these details come report card time!

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 9

    Student Record Storage Case




    Social Studies=Purple

    Data/Goal Binders

    Each student will have their own data binder to track their progress

    throughout the year. These will be kept on the smaller student bookshelf

    located by my desk. In these, each student will track their own pre-test and

    post-test scores for each content area. (These binders will be set up by meprior to the start of the school year.) This information will be displayed in

    graph form so students can see a nice visual representation of their growth

    throughout the year. The goal aspect of this binder will be used with literacy

    and mathematics in the following manner. SMART goal system will be used.

    For example, goals they set must be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-

    focused and Timely. Again, there will be a poster in the classroom as a daily

    reminder to students. Each student will be assessed at the beginning of the

    year to determine their abilities in relation to grade level standards for these

    content areas. As I will discuss weekly with students the goals for all students,each student will be able to decide what goal they need to work towards.

    Students will then decide the goal they want to achieve next, write that goal

    down, and then also write down the habits needed to achieve that goal. These

    will be assessed every couple of weeks, depending on amount of material

    covered in a given week. Going forward, students will look at where they are at

    and decide whatc

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 10

    New Students

    If given enough advanced warning, new students will enter my classroomwith lockers, shelves, desks and take home folder already labeled. If not, I will

    complete that labeling during my first free time of the day they start. To

    promote the community of learners my stars are, we will meet on the rug when

    new students start so the class may introduce themselves to the new student.

    Students are encouraged to share their names, as well as the name of a candy

    that also starts with the letter of their first name. I would start, with Im Miss

    Miller, M&Ms, and we would go around the circle clockwise. Repeating of

    candies is fine, and again, I would encourage students to do so, but not force

    them. The new student would be sitting to my right, so that they wouldannounce their name and candy last. By doing so, I would hope the student

    would feel comfortable and welcome, rather than be put on display in front of

    everyone. After this, I would randomly select two student Popsicle sticks from

    the cup by my chair. These two students would be the new students helpers as

    he/she needs throughout the first two weeks of that students time in our

    class. At the end of these two weeks, I would check with the new student to

    assess if they felt they still wanted/needed these helpers and proceed

    accordingly to their wish. The new student would also be given the same big

    star as the rest of the class completed at the beginning of the year, and asked

    to complete it in two to three days. At that time, the new student would share

    his/her completed star during morning meeting time with his/her classmates. If

    the new student came to school with no supplies, I would provide the

    necessary supplies to that student from my extra supply. I would take the

    necessary time during the first morning to label the students notebooks and

    folders accordingly, and give the student a brief overview of how/when these

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 11

    supplies are used. Going forward, the student would receive direction of

    procedures from his/her helpers, or by observing tablemates.

    Substitute Teacher/Associate Command Center

    My lesson plans for a substitute teacher, or any visitor in my room, will be

    readily available in the curriculum command center located by my desk. The

    teacher curriculum manuals are located on the taller bookshelf by my desk,

    right next to the curriculum command center. Also located on top of the

    curriculum command center are any notes for associates that may work with

    my students. These will be completed prior to the start of the week, to avoid

    unnecessary disruption to class and/or time lost from learning. These notes will

    convey to the associate the students and work Id like them to focus on for

    that time. This should create easy transitions for the entire classroom.

    Substitute Teacher Associate Command Center

    Parents Guardians Communication

    Communication to parents/guardians will be done at the end of the

    week, both via email and in paper form, with both forms of communication

    conveying the same information. These newsletters will discuss what we have

    been doing, what we will be doing and any other key academic information that

    needs to be shared with the parents/guardians. While doing this is the primary

    responsibility of the third grade stars in my class, I also realize third graders

    may forget from time to time. Therefore, I will ensure the parents/guardians

    receive the information from another source. Field trip permission slips will be

    sent out in with the letter at the end of the summer, in hopes they are

    returned after the first week of school. Parents are expected to be highly

    involved with furthering their students education at home, and will be

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 12

    responsible for signing their students planner each night. By signing this, they

    are confirming they have seen their students completed homework, and the

    students have read a minimum of 20 minutes a night. These planners will be

    reviewed for these signatures daily by myself. Noncompliance from either

    student or parents will be addressed via an email in a positive, how can I help,

    manner. Third grade homework will consist of 2o minutes of daily reading, and

    any math boxes as needed.


    Conferences are a very important time of year. Because of this, I will

    plan to be prepared for each and every conference ahead of time. I will follow

    district required information to be shared, as well as ensuring I am sharing

    student picked work with each students parents/guardians. Prior to

    conferences, each student will complete a self-assessment of their work and

    efforts up to that point in the year. These self-assessments will be shared withparents/guardians at the beginning of the conference. And are a great way for

    students to take responsibility of their own choices and learning. The

    remainder of conferences will be sharing of student progress towards the state

    mandated standards, and end with any questions the parent/guardians may

    have. There will be no surprises for parents/guardians at conference time, so if

    there has been an issue during the school year that will be have been shared

    prior to conference time. Collaboration and communication with coworkers is

    crucial during conference time to ensure other educators, such as special

    education teachers, who need be present at conferences are available asneeded. Student selected work will also be shared with parents/guardians,

    along with student progress towards state standards, as mandated by the

    school district.

    Seating Arrangement

    My seating arrangement is designed to promote a community of learners,

    where all students collaborate in a respectful manner. Rather than numbering

    tables, I will label them with planet names. The seating arrangements will be

    changed every two to three weeks, to ensure all students have the chance to

    work with each other. If at any time a student needs to sit apart from a table,

    or planet, for their improved success, that student will be have their own desk

    closer to the Elmo and front of the room. This is not a punishment, and all

    students will be made aware of that. It is however, a place to allow a particular

    student to be successful.

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 13

    Student Desk Cleanliness

    Staying organized and keeping your work space clean and tidy is a key

    component of being a successful student. First and foremost, I will model this

    for students with my own desk and other work spaces. As a class, time will be

    set aside each week or two, depending on need, to ensure our work spaces are

    clean and organized. This of course, will be done while listening to some

    upbeat cleaning music!

    Earned Privileges

    As a group, students will have the opportunity to earn special privileges

    based on appropriate choice and decision making. Any time a student is

    observed Being their Best, Being Responsible or Being Kind, they will be

    awarded a high five. These will be placed in a jar on the teachers desk. When

    the class earns a set amount of high fives, they will earn a privilege according

    to the following chart.50 high fives= 15 extra minutes of independent reading

    100 high fives= 25 extra minutes of independent reading

    150 high fives=15 minutes of Chromebook time per student

    200 high fives=20 minutes of board game time

    250 high fives=bring in healthy snack and drink for Insane Independent


    300 high fives=Movie chosen by democratic class vote

    I will catch the students behaving appropriately in line with the PBIS system,

    and award high fives accordingly. I do reserve the right to adjust and/or addto the chart throughout the year as I see fit.

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 14

    Disciplinary Policies and ProfessionalismEstablishing Classroom Expectations/Rules

    To continue to promote a community in my classroom, all students will be

    involved in creating the list of clear and concise classroom expectations to be

    displayed throughout the classroom. This list will be created the first day ofclass through the morning meeting. It may need adjusting throughout the first

    week, but will be finalized with the class by the end of the first full week of

    class. That way, there are no gray areas regarding classroom expectations. In

    accordance with PBIS used by my district, classroom expectations must be:

    taught, modeled, practice and observed. Therefore, I will ensure I first teach

    these classroom expectations through modeling. As a class we will then

    practice these expectations, and I will ensure I observe and draw attention to

    those students who are make appropriate choices in practicing these

    expectations. These expectations must be clear and concise, with appropriate

    behavior being labeled correctly. The following poster is a great example of

    clear and concise expectations for voice levels and hallway behavior while at


  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 15

    Classroom Policy Violation Consequences

    In accordance with district implemented PBIS, or Positive Behavioral

    Interventions and Supports System, it is my goal to catch my students making

    good and appropriate choices as often as possible. As a result, this is the

    behavior that I will draw attention to and reward. However, there will be times

    when I will need to address classroom policy violations. The consequences of

    these violations will depend upon the severity of the violation. Rather than

    drawing more attention to a student who is making poor choices, I will attempt

    to draw the student back in to appropriate classroom behavior by actively

    inviting the student to participate, and navigating myself around the room to

    ensure all students feel my presence, as well feel included in the group.

    Rewarding those students who choose to follow classroom expectations will be

    my focus. By doing so, those students who are not following these

    expectations will be motivated by their peers who are being good role models. I

    will follow my schools guidelines for minor and major referral behavior, andthose consequences accordingly.


    Presenting myself in a professional manner at all times is of upmost

    importance. Teaching is a collaborative profession, and as a result I will be

    working with a variety of other educators on a regular basis. As a member of

    the third grade PLC, or Professional Learning Community, I will collaborate

    with co-workers daily. I will need to be respectful to my co-workers andmaintain open lines of communication to ensure all students are successful.

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 16

    Daily Classroom RoutineThe First Day

    Two to three weeks prior to the start of class I will mail each student a

    Welcome To My Class letter! Through this, I will hope to share someinformation about myself, as well as attempt to paint a welcoming picture to

    the students of our classroom. I will also politely request students bring their

    school supplies with them to Meet The Teacher Night. Along with this letter

    will also be some district mandated paperwork for parent/guardian to complete,

    in an attempt to ensure 100% compliance with receiving this important

    information. There will also be a letter to the parent/guardian, conveying my

    high expectations of both students and parents, I will share with the

    parent/guardian how much I want them to be involved with their students

    school experience, and my hopes that we all value education. At MeetThe

    Teacher Night, held two days prior to the start of school, students will

    complete a scavenger hunt in the classroom to acquaint themselves with the

    room and find their desks. Therefore, their desk should be set up with school

    supplies and ready to go for them on the first day! Just as I will every day of

    the school year, I will be at the door with a smile to greet each student on the

    first day of school. To begin introducing daily routines, the daily schedule will

    be written on the board, along with a positive message. I love Kid President,

    and plan to incorporate a lot of his videos and sayings in my classroom! For the

    first day, the message may be: Its okay to not know,its not okay to not try.

    On the first day of school, I will kindly ask all students to find their desks andwait patiently. The first week or two of school will be learning and adjusting to

    the routines and classroom expectations. Bumps are to be expected, but as a

    class we will all hold each other to high expectations.

    For everyone in the class to get to know each other, I will send home

    large blank stars with each student on the first day of school. Their

    assignment will be to decorate their star in the best way that visually represents

    themselves to others. The Monday of the following week, we will all take turns

    sharing our stars and describing why we put what we did on those stars. The

    stars will then be placed outside our door for the rest of the school toappreciate.

    Morning Arrival Routine

    After school announcements and the pledge of allegiance, I will begin

    showing students my expectations of them when they enter the classroom each

    day. I will show the students the lunch sorter located on the welcome table.

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 17

    We will walk through how to put your Popsicle stick in the correct spot for the

    lunch youre having that day. If a student has cold lunch, I ask that they keep

    it in their locker until it is time to line up for lunch. From there, the next step

    when students enter the classroom is to find their desk, bringing with them

    their planner and two reading books. Next, they will look to the white board

    for further instructions.

    Lunch Count and Attendance

    The TA, or Teachers Assistance, will be responsible for taking lunch count

    and attendance. They will do this by counting the Popsicle sticks in each of

    the sections of the lunch sorter, Hot/Cold/Sandwich. The notepad in the back

    of the lunch sorter is for attendance and will be completed by the TA, or

    Teachers Assistant. This has 3 columns that correspond with the lunch

    options, Hot/Cold/Sandwich, as well as a 4thcolumn with an absent label. The

    TA will write the numbers they counted on the lunch notepad in thecorresponding column. To determine the number in the absent column, they

    will need to add the total of Popsicle sticks, and subtract that number from

    our total class number. This slip will then be put on the teachers desk in the

    lunch/attendance basket.

    Bathroom and Drinks Policy

    While students will be allowed to use the bathroom as needed,

    monitoring of how many times it is being used is necessary to avoid missing out

    on learning time. There will be a morning and afternoon classroom bathroombreak in our daily schedule. In the event a student needs to use the bathroom

    at a time other than the schedule time, a student will simply show me the ASL

    sign for restroom, learned during the first week of school, for permission.

    Once acknowledged, the student will take the boys or girls sanitizer bottle,

    located on my desk, and place that on their desk. Upon their return, they will

    use the sanitizer and then return it to my desk. During the scheduled

    classroom break, students will also be allowed to get a drink of water. Water

    bottles are welcome to be kept at a students desk, provided they do not

    become a distraction.

    Pencil Sharpening and Other Supply Stuff

    To avoid a student missing out on important learning material, our

    classroom will make use of happy and sad pencil cups. These will be located at

    the center of each planet, along with a basket of extra pink erasers, Post-its,

    highlighters and dry erase markers. If a student needs a sharp pencil, they

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 18

    simply take one from the happy pencil cup. They place dull or broken pencils in

    the sad pencil cup. If a student is in need of any extra supply, they may also

    take that from the container. At the end of the day, the TA will be

    responsible for collecting all the sad pencil cups, sharpen them, and then

    return them to the happy pencil cups, and the sad pencil cup to each table.

    Must Dos, May Dos, Ketch-ups

    Also on the white board, in the bottom right corner, will be the Must

    Dos, May Dos and Ketch-ups. Alongside each corresponding picture will be a

    list of tasks for all students. Alongside the Must Dos will be listed tasks

    students must have completed prior to the end of the day. Alongside the May

    Dos are going to be tasks that the students may do if they complete all the

    must dos. And finally, alongside the Ketch-ups, will be tasks students may have

    to catch up on, for example if they had recently been absent from school. This

    will be easily visible to all students and reviewed after the morning meeting.

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 19

    Brain Breaks

    I am utilizing exercise ball chairs in my classroom

    to encourage good posture and improve focus.

    However, I still do not want my students sitting the

    majority of the day. Therefore, I will incorporate

    brain breaks as needed throughout the day. These

    may range from brain teasers, to quick little exercises,

    such as jumping jacks or planks. Not only are these

    intended to break the day up for students, but I also

    want to share with them the importance of taking

    personal responsibility for their health. Playing for 60

    minutes a day is crucial, and will be highly promoted in my classroom.

    Lining Up, Transitions

    To avoid a mass exodus, I will dismiss students by planets, or tables, to

    line up for specials, lunch and dismissal. This will be switched up, so that the

    same planet is not always going first or last. To transition, I will loudly say

    super, to which the students will respond star. This will indicate to them

    that I need their eyes on me for further instruction. I will also use counting

    down from five to zero, with my expectation of voices off by the time I get to

    zero. Rather than asking students to quiet down if they are not yet quiet when

    those are done, I will say Ill wait for you, or simply stand quietly where thestudents can see me. And I will not start with any instruction, until my

    expectations of voices off has been met.

    End of Day Dismissal

    End of day dismissal will begin 10 minutes before the bell rings, 15 or

    longer when it is winter and students have additional winter clothing. The

    students riding the bus will be dismissed first, to allow adequate time to make

    it to their bus. The remainder of the students will be dismissed by planets, and

    line up by the front door according to their mode of transportation home.

    There will be a W in tape on the floor for the walkers, a C in tape on the floor

    for the car riders, a D in tape on the floor for those riding daycare buses and

    an A in tape on the floor for the after school care students. The students

    riding daycare uses and being picked up in cars will be dismissed first, with the

    walkers next and the after school care students last. Just like the start of the

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 20

    day, I will be at the door with a smile and a Have a great evening, looking

    forward to seeing youtomorrow for each student.

    TA Role/ Class Project

    For class helper I will utilize a TA, or Teachers Assistant. Each student

    will be the TA for a week at a time. The following jobs will fall under the role

    of the TA: lights on and off as needed, handing out and collecting of papers,

    lunch counter and attendance taker, sad pencil collector and sharpener and

    line leader. This role only applies while students are in my classroom, so any

    student will be line leader during line ups in other areas of the building

    throughout the day. This is a way to encourage students to be leaders and

    take on additional responsibility.

    It is my hope for this third grade class to allow

    them to be involved in a group project through

    which they can give back to their community.For this, I plan to allow students the opportunity,

    if they wish, to tie fleece pillows and/or small

    blankets while I read to them. I will provide pre-

    cut pieces, along with the necessary stuffing for

    pillows. Students may complete these

    individually or with classmates during this time.

    This is not meant to be a distraction away from

    the book. And if it becomes one, those students

    will be not be allowed to participate until they can again prove they can makeappropriate choices. At the end of the first term, these blankets and pillows

    will be donated to a local womens shelter, or childrens hospital. I feel it is very

    important for students to understand there are less fortunate people than

    them in our community, and that anyone can help make a difference.

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 21


    Challenged Learners

    While my classroom will be a welcoming, fun and positive place for

    students to learn and grow, classroom expectations will be clear so everyoneknows what to expect. In addition, since the schedule will be clearly posted

    for all to see, and I will always provide a five minute and two minute warnings,

    transitions will be seamless. I believe a structured environment with clear,

    concise and high expectations for all will help all everyone have a great year!

    But in particular, it will benefit those who may deal with any social or

    behavioral issues, as well as those with other challenges. Taking the time to get

    to know all students, will provide me with information about each student and

    their individual needs. This will allow me to devise strategies to help those who

    need extra support to be successful. For those students with an IEP, or

    Individualized Education Plan, I will work collaboratively with their support

    educators to ensure their needs are also being met, as outlined in the IEP. One

    of my goals is to allow all students to become the best version of themselves.

    Gifted Learners

    My goal for gifted learners in my classroom is to provide them with

    extensions of curriculum being taught so they are allowed to explore the same

    content, but on a much deeper level. Gifted learners will be allowed the

    opportunity to explore areas of interest, as well as be given open-ended tasks

    that promote critical thinking. I will be very aware to avoid placing thesestudents in teacher role with their peers, as well as avoid simply giving them

    more work. Gifted learners will be challenged academically, while also afforded

    the opportunity to choose areas of study that they are interested in.

  • 7/25/2019 Classroom Mgmt Plan


    Classroom Management Plan Miller 22


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