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HIRFL-CSR 的的的的的的的 1 Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Lanzhou 2 Department of Physics, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing Hushan Xu 2 Zhigang Xiao 1 1 HIRFL-CSR 状状 2 HIRFL-CSR 状状状状状状状 3 HPLUS 状状状 4 To Do List

HIRFL-CSR 的强子物理讨论

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HIRFL-CSR 的强子物理讨论. Hushan Xu 2 Zhigang Xiao 1. 1 Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Lanzhou 2 Department of Physics, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing. 1 HIRFL-CSR 状态 2 HIRFL-CSR 计划的强子物理 3 HPLUS 的现状 4 To Do List. North. SFC: up to 10 AMeV SSC: up to 100 AMeV. SSC. Building 2#. SFC. CSRe. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of HIRFL-CSR 的强子物理讨论

  • HIRFL-CSR1 Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Lanzhou2 Department of Physics, Tsinghua Univ., BeijingHushan Xu 2Zhigang Xiao 11 HIRFL-CSR 2 HIRFL-CSR3 HPLUS 4 To Do List

  • 1 Status of the HIRFL-CSR complex

  • Commissioning of HIRFL-CSR

  • 2 Hadron Physics program planned at HIRFL-CSRHadron spectroscopy / Symmetry / Spin/isospin physics

    Channels ThresholdGeVPhysical interestpp elasticppppppK+K2.59NpppK+ (n+)1.79(1.58)

    ppda0(980) (f0(980))2.48Mesons a0/f0 & internal quark-gluon structurepppp ()pppp1.26(2.4)1.89Isospin symmetry violationppN*, ++(K)~1.38Baryon resonance pN*0.795Baryon excited states with Big N couplingpA(, )pA K+KSub-threholdLight Meson in Medium

  • 2 Concept design of HPLUS(Hadron Physics LanzhoU Spectrometer)Luminosity estimation: 1031/s/cm-1;Event Rate estimation: 105/s {50mb} / 10/s {1b}Total Space length: ~3.5mLife time of beam estimation: 10~1000s Some basics related to the designSome Fast Simulations Results Charged particles distribution: >85% in 90, For and N* channels, >90% charged products dominated within 30; TPC only insufficient for PID and p measurement, >5 single forward tracking detectors required; For /K identification at 1000 blocks of CsI crystals needed, totally 2m3;

  • Concept design of HPLUS

  • 3 Status of HPLUS3.1 MC Simulation3.2 Detector components R&D

  • G4 based simulation frameworkMC Simulation started

  • Event Generator = Pluto++ + Single Channel simu.

  • pppN*(K+)pppp*(K+K-)Feasibility Study of ppppppK+K in FTD

  • FTD Construction in Geant4

  • Track Finding and momentum reconstruction

  • Invariant mass spectrum of K+ K-

  • FTD: MWDC Prototype Able to assemble large area MWDCVarious MWDC Prototypes have been made and the performance have been tested.

  • MWDC tested by cosmic

  • MWDC tested by cosmicPosition Resolution =210m

  • TPC Prototype R&D in Tsinghua Univ.

  • TPC Test results (provided by Yulan Li from THU)Spatial Resolution and Working GasResolution achieved: 100 m @ 1T & 10 cm drift distanceTransverse resolution with P10 gas at B = 1.0 TTransverse resolution with Ar:CF4:i-C4H10=94:3:3 gas at 1 TTransverse resolution with Ar:CF4:i-C4H10=94:3:3 gasWidth of pad response with Ar:CF4:i-C4H10=94:3:3 gas

  • EMC Calorimeter R&DCsI crystal grown in IMP. Performance ensured.

  • CsI single unit tested with heavy ion beam101010 sample coupled to APD202020 sample coupled to PD101010 sample coupled to PDTested at IMP

    samplePeak channelsIMP11836.61835.01836.0IMP21788.21791.71788.0IMP31729.21728.31729.0S.C.H1463.71463.51464.0

    Peak channelIncrementBefore irradiation1730.0After 100 rad1696.9-1.9%After 1000 rad1611.6-6.8%

  • R&D of the targetPellet LDPT Pellet (in collaboration with Upp. & COSY )LDPT(in collaboration with Duke)

  • To do List 1 Simulation 2 Concept Design Report Version03 Detector R&D( )

  • Full Simulation1 Platform (Root and G4-Based) THU &IMP2 TPC ()3 TOF ()4 EMC ()5 FTD ( ) THU6 I/O and integration

  • CD0 Writing1 Physics Interest 1). 2). 3). ()2 Tsinghua3 Tsinghua4 5 Collaboration List and Responsibility