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Convenience & Carwash Canada


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    JULY/AUGUST 2011


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    2 July | August 2011

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    5 Wcsa and nacs address nutrition and obesityGetting the skinny on obesity and making it a national (and natural) discussion.

    7 a closer Walk with teaAngela Altass discovers how diversified the unique drinks market is rapidly becoming, as savvy retailers seek out alternatives to the sugar pop blues.

    9 ice, ice babyAngelas back and this time shes craving something a little colder and bolder.

    15 getting through the Pci tornadoYou protect your home, why not outfit the financial security of your business in a similar fashion says Shekar Swamy.

    23 can your Pressure Washer clean interiors too? Its green, yet clear. Its affordable, yet priceless. Clearly, its steams turn now asserts Ryan Salkaln.

    25 in the nick of timeThe spirit of St. Louis is firmly ensconced in the reliable machines of PDQ equipment, which have helped Wallis Companies wash away the competition, writes David Dougherty.

    29 Winks special Feature

    69 When the smoke clearsCarter Hammett learns that theres much more to electronic cigarettes then meets the nose...

    72 north Meets needDespite widespread and longstanding social problems and poverty, our neighbours to the far north are among Canadas most generous people. Whats up with that?

    74 Fleet Managers Feel the PressureTechnology to the rescue again, as automated fuel management services offer you more control instead of letting your profits go with the flow.


    3 Publishers Message

    4 upcoming events

    19 Whats up down under Taxes and tobacco packaging conspire to eat C-store profits says David Burton.

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  • Brenda Jane Johnstone Publisher

    Publishers Message upcoming eventsSummer Time and The Living is Easy?With summer heat just about ready to launch its blazing attack, nows the perfect time for C-stores to start gearing up for a change of season, rolling out new

    merchandise and ramping up stock to include cold treats. Whats that? Need some assistance, you say? Require a fresh pair

    of eyes to help re-evaluate your offerings? Acquire cutting-edge new products? Lose some stale sellers?

    Well, fear not! Help is on the way! Our key story this issue fea-tures none other than that bastion of support itself, Winks. This banner program, offspring of industry leader Couche-Tard, man-

    aged by Macs, Winks brings unparalleled buying power to retailers, through the sheer size of its membership. Furthermore, a stellar in-store sup-port program that includes assistance with visual displays, trend spotting and obtaining just the right equipment to ensure a smooth running C-store, Winks puts the value in value-added. Were thrilled to be able to put them front and center this issue.

    Another service that Winks offers is product placement, which of course, helps to maximize impulse purchases. Summers an exceptional time to arrange fro-zen products near the entrance so consumers can grab products like ice cream and frozen fruit bars while on the go. Its another component that guarantees summertime sales get amped up as people run in and out on their way to the beach or cottage.

    And what would summer be without the opportunity of quenching your thirst with a cold one? Well, okay, most of us will have to wait a long time for beer sales to become a reality in our stores, but in the meantime, why not consid-er a unique beverage? This is one sector where people are being drawn to new drink experiences, including those perceived as healthy or flavourful. With unique juices, teas and other bevvies carving out a niche for themselves, Con-venience & Carwash Canada has the lowdown on what you need to keep your customers coming back.

    Speaking of returns, the second annual Western Convenience Store Golf tournie was an unqualified hit this year, a completely sold-out success, with a rousing good time had by all. I want to thank all of our attendees and sponsors that helped make this smashing good time that it was. With sales peaking so fast, Id strongly encourage you to pencil in July 5, 2012, the target date of tour-nie #3, so you can stake your claim in the game too. Registration forms will be available mid-July on www.convenienceandcarwash.com and the WCSA web sites. Watch this space for further details.

    And with that, were off to the races! We hope you have a wonderful season filled with fun, family and refills! Now get out there and get your summer on!

    September 13, 2011acsa n.l. charity golf tournamentClovelly Golf CourseSt. Johns, NL

    September 15, 2011acsa n.l. charity golf tournamentFox Creek Golf CourseMoncton, NB

    September 20, 2011cca golf tournamentEagle Ridge Golf ClubGeorgetown, ON

    October 1 4, 2011nacs/Pei shoWChicago, ILhttp://www.nacsonline.com/NACSShow/Pages/default.aspx

    October 17 19, 2011Western carwash assoc. tradeshowSan Diego Convention Centrewww.wcwa.org

    October 18, 2011Western convenience stores assoc.2nd annual state of the industry eventHeritage Park, Calgary, ABwayne@hoskins.ca

    convenience & carwash canada would like to thank all of our advertisers for their continued support.

    Beginning with this issue we would like to introduce you to our newest advertisers and invite you to visit their ads on the following pages:

    csi lustra page IFC/25

    the great canadian Meat company page 10, 66

    hd smoke page 69

    ryko Manufacturing page 76

    steamericas page 24

    smoke nv page 67

    set page 18

    Winks page OBC

    4 July | August 2011


    WCSA and NACS Address Nutrition and Obesity gone are the days where c-stores were perceived as junk food distributors. now they have a valuable role to play as socially-conscious purveyors of healthier choices.

    At the NACS Global Forum held in Vancouver recently, Hank Armour, president and CEO of NACS , and Wayne Hoskins, president WCSA representing WCSA and CCSA, discussed approaches to nutrition and obesity in North America. NACS agreed that it all comes down to choices. better choices and how we can work together to educate our customers.

    In Canada, we tend to be more ju-risdictional and inclusive with health is-sues, with our provinces and territories driving the agenda until we can agree on a national position and course of action. Collaboration and unity of purpose is the issue here, and being able to use the existing resources of all stakeholders, including manufac-turers, brokers, distributors, levels of government and others, to form part-nerships with purpose.

    We should be able to use what we already know to demonstrate where we need to go? Various non profit health service providers are already at the table. We now are too, and we

    are inviting all suppliers, manufactur-ers, and retailers to join us together to address something that is as simple as choices and knowing which are bet-ter for you.

    In BC, Premier Christy Clark has com-mitted to a Families First agenda which dovetails perfectly with better choices for government to support the people they were elected to serve and hopes it will be a template for other jurisdictions to adopt. In 2010, WCSA embarked on a similar discus-sion with Kevin Falcon, then Minister of Health and Ida Chong, then Minis-ter of Sport and Healthy Living about declaring war on obesity.

    We started talking about fountain drinks and cup sizes initially and quick-ly moved to what goes in the cup. The myth about fountain drinks is that the ice added reduces sugar. But why fo-cus on just one part of the equation? We took a broader look at all we con-sume and added in a way to burn the calories to be effective.

    The perception of C-stores being purveyors of junk food has changed

    as over the last decade we have emerged as food service outlets.

    gone is the iMage oF: A coffee and donut stop for

    breakfast as we now offer healthier products like granola, yogurts and fresh fruits

    A hot dog and pop for lunch as we now offer wraps, pitas, savoury pockets, salads, soups, eat in or take out

    A sugar hit and a coffee on way home for dinner as we now offer eat-in or take home meals from our in-store kitchens.

    We need to focus on education and our better for you assortment and WCSA has committed to helping identify these products and all stores that sell them. We will have more to announce in the coming months, so stay tun