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Multicultural Canada. Immigration and Diversity. Some facts. 1 in 5 Canadians are foreign-born (20% of ppl .) 60% of immigrants come from Asia 20% come from Europe Most move to big cities Toronto Vancouver Montreal . Facts. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multicultural CanadaImmigration and Diversity

Some facts1 in 5 Canadians are foreign-born (20% of ppl.)60% of immigrants come from Asia20% come from EuropeMost move to big citiesTorontoVancouverMontreal

Facts73% of Canadians support immigration BUT

2/3 of Canadians think too many immigrants do not learn Canadian values

Gateway to CanadaRead p. 75 questions 1-5Was it difficult to answer these questions?Do you think cultural differences can cause problems in Canada?

Read p. 70: RefugeesWhat problems can refugees have in Canada?ConsiderIn Korea, 5% of the population is foreignIn Canada, 20% of the population is a visible minority

DiscussHow is multiculturalism good for a country?

What problems might come from multiculturalism?

Would you want to live in a foreign country? Why/why not?

RacismIn a country with so many cultural groups, racism can be a big problem.

Gateway to Canada p. 257-58P. 258 Q 1-4

Multicultural Canada Part 2The good and bad parts of multiculturalismGroup Activity: Part 1Look at the letter or number on the corner of your page. What colour is it?

Find your group and sit with themPink Letters (Aa)

Pink Numbers (#)

Green Letters (Aa)

Green Numbers (#)

Blue Letters (Aa)

Blue Numbers (#)

Brown Letters (Aa)

Brown Numbers (#)

Yellow Letters (Aa)

Yellow Numbers (#)

Orange Letters (Aa)

Orange Numbers (#)

In your groupLook on your grid and answer the questions for your topic:

What are some advantages of multiculturalism?

What are some difficulties with muticulturalism?Group Activity: Part 2Look at the Letter or Number in the corner of your page

Find your group and sit with them

1234ABCDYou are the expert!In your group, take turns explaining your information

The other group members should write down the information

In the end, everyone should have a full chart