Digital Media Analytics Report on the Indian Health Care Industry

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This is our in house Digital Media Analytics report on the Indian Healthcare Industry. The report has been created using our proprietary tool, IncPot. It talks about how the Healthcare Industry in India can leverage the opportunity of using analytics to track relevant conversations happening across 500 million websites related to Healthcare, and how to cater to the needs of its customers, both existing and prospective, by identifying the necessary actionable insights.

Text of Digital Media Analytics Report on the Indian Health Care Industry

  • 1.Indian Healthcare IndustryJune 2013

2. Internet Penetration in IndiaThe number of internet users in India equals the number of registered car vehicles owners in India. The number of people using social media are greater than the population of Italy. Source: WeAreSocial 3. Internet Users Growth Rate in IndiaThe number of internet users in India is growing by more than 1,500,000 every month. Thats like adding the population of the Netherlands every year. Source: WeAreSocialIndia adds a new internet user every 2 seconds. 4. Demographics of Internet in India75% of the internet users are below the age of 35. 39% are Women. Source: Oneclickcustomers 5. Fastest growing sectors in India IT, 43%Telecom, 30%Healthcare, 18% Retail, 15% Infrastructure, 10%The above graph illustrates the growth rate of the top five sectors that are likely to hold the country in good stead in the future, in terms of employment generation and business growth. Information Technology leads the way with 43% followed by Telecom and Healthcare. Source: Business Today 6. Growth Drivers for Healthcare Rising health awarenessHigher Credibility and success rate attracting Medical tourism Rising Affordability for better facilities Incremental Government spendingHealthcare growing @ 18% Rising economic growthSource: Mediminds 7. Key Segments in the Healthcare Industry Healthcare Industry Pharmaceutical 12%Medical Equipments 15%Hospitals & Nursing Homes 20%Clinical Lab Diagnostic 30%Our area of focus will be Hospitals which are growing at a rate of 20%. Source: MedimindsRetail Pharmacy 40% 8. How digital affects the choice of a HospitalThese results are based on a global study done by Google, but the behavior of patients is expected to remain same for India as well. Behavior was analyzed from start of the search to booking an appointment, finding a doctor or a hospital. Source:: 2012 Google/Compete Hospital StudyHospitals were tracked for an year from Q111 to Q112. 9. Digital plays an important role in the choice of a Hospital84% of patients use both online and offline sources for research.21% patients booked their appointment via non-traditional mediums, computers or mobiles. Source:: 2012 Google/Compete Hospital Study 10. Initial search criterion in the choice of a HospitalTreatment or Procedure E.g. Dialysis6%Branded E.g. Apollo19%Conditions or diseases E.g. Arthritis37%Symptoms or DepartmentsE.g. Cardiology Department38%This is the search criterion that was used primarily while searching for healthcare information online Only 19% came to search with preconceived brand in their minds Source:: 2012 Google/Compete Hospital Study 11. A brand is no longer what we tell customers it is it is what consumers tell each other it is - Scott Cook, Founder, Intuit 12. Word of mouth affects the choice of a Hospital Patients are using digital for everythingXYZ hospital has the best facilities.Studies tell us that 51% of the prospective patients go for brands which are recommended by friends and family.94% of prospective patients said reputation of facility is important in hospital selection. Source:: 2012 Google/Compete Hospital StudyPay attention to what people are saying about your healthcare organization online. 13. "We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it. Erik Qualman, Author 14. Videos help in choosing a HospitalYouTube traffic to hospital sites has increased by 119% YoY. 30% of the patients who watched an online video, booked an appointment. Source:: 2012 Google/Compete Hospital Study 15. Hospitals in Social Media Understanding how social media is leveraged by top hospitals in India. Webenzas Media Analytics Tool IncPot used for Analysis 16. Identification of hospitals to be trackedBased on the number of beds and geographical presence across the country, these five players were identified for social media channels analysis. All the five players were tracked for 10 days, using our in-house tool IncPot from June 4th to June 13th, 2013. 17. Tracking Methodology DurationKeywordsConversationsGeographyChannels 18. Demographic Analysis AgeBased on the keywords tracked, the total number of conversations were segmented by gender and age using IncPot. It is observed that people of more than 40 years of age form the major chunk of the conversations tracked. 19. Digital Media Channel Breakout Discussions Blogs 2% 1%YouTube Post 1%Facebook 14%Twitter 35%Customsite 18%News 29%n=608The total number of conversations were classified based on their sources. The most popular sources of earned media engagement are Twitter with 35%, followed by News with 29% and Facebook with 14%. Custom sites also constituted a large chunk(18%) of the conversations. 20. Share-of-Voice Analysis Others(Columbia Asia, Sagar Hospitals etc.) 6% Narayana Hrudayalaya 10%NIMHANS 11%Apollo 20%Fortis 31%Manipal 22%n=608Share-of-Voice measures how a company is performing relative to its competitors and communication methods. Based on the keywords tracked, the total number of conversations were segregated by the players that are being tracked. Fortis tops the list with 31% closely followed by Manipal at 22% Apollo at 20%. 21. How all the five players have leveraged their own Social Media Channels? A case of owned media 22. Social Media Quotient (SMQ) A methodology for calculating a cumulative score by analysing how the hospitals are leveraging social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest (Includes blogs, Wikipedia and the official website) 23. Social Media Quotient (SMQ) Building Brand SMQ 87.26 65.76 35.1232.89 16.96Narayana HrudayalayaFortisApolloNimhansManipalSMQ is affected by a hospitals social media practices, engagement level, content, popularity, and reach against the industrys benchmark. Apollo Hospitals leads the way in SMQ with 87.26%, but it could have fared even better with its presence on Pinterest and high number of views on YouTube. Fortis and Manipal Hospitals lag because of their insignificant presence on all other popular channels like Wikipedia, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 24. Consolidated Analysis of Hospitals Here the Social Media Quotient across all the channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare for all the five players have been represented in a single chart and a median value is plotted to identify the industry benchmark for each of the channels 25. SMQ Scores vis--vis Median SMQ Score Narayana HrudayalayaFortis HospitalApollo HospitalNIMHANS 70.0Manipal HospitalMedian Score for a Channel50. 30.3 11.710.634.0 34.0 30.0 30.0 30.0 10.30.0 Twitter40. 30.0 30.0FacebookWebsite0.0 Blog30.0 28.311. 34.430.030.011.3 0.0 0.4YouTube0.0 LinkedIn20.021.315.530.020.0 11.3 0.0 0.0Wikipedia0.00.0 0.0 Google+Median is better than the average value as it nullifies the effect of outliers in that category.NIMHANS has a scored zero on Twitter, while the median score is 30.3. It implies that NIMHANS is doing worse than at least two out of the five hospitals that are being considered. Narayana Hrudayalaya has scored less than or equal to median value in 8 out 9 channels. 26. Points of DifferenceApollo hospitals leads the way in adopting unique ways of engagement with customers in social media channels. One such initiative was to celebrate most important days that are relevant to Healthcare in the calendar year. 27. Official Website Website 30.0030.0020.0010.000.00 Narayana HrudayalayaFortisApolloNimhansManipalIt is the first point of contact for a digital user, making it social friendly and plays a very important role in success of a hospital. The best practice for every hospital in the industry, is to have a social plugin. Manipal Hospitals website has no active plugins for Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels. 28. Points of DifferenceApollo & Fortis hospitals leads the way as they have various social plugins in their official website. Apollo has more than 300 plugins on its official website. 29. YouTube Analysis 30.0028.3011.300.00 Narayana HrudayalayaFortisApollo0.40NimhansManipalYouTube is the second largest search engine in the worldThe number of subscribers and upload views is very less for most of the players. The video subscription or views can also be increased by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter pages. 30. Points of DifferenceFortis hospitals leads the way as they have maximum views(160,898). Apollo has maximum subscribers(245). 31. Twitter Analysis 50.0 40.0 30.311.70.0 Narayana HrudayalayaFortisApolloNimhansManipalA place for sharing information as it happens, and for connecting with others in real time.Fortis here tops the list by total 3200+ tweets with tweeting at the rate of 5 tweets a day and having 2594 followers. This is above the industry tweet count of 2800 and 1592 followers. Manipal Hospitals is a great contender in this category with the number of tweets equalling 6 tweets a day. 32. Facebook Analysis 70.037.534.010.6Narayana Hrudayalaya10.3FortisApolloNimhansManipalThere are 44% users lying in the bracket of 25-65 years on FB. Hospitals have a lot of scope to go viral on Facebook. An average user on FB has 130 friends. One bad sentiment is more damaging than what it seems at one glance. Apollo Hospitals has a Million Facebook Fans and 8907 likes on their last seven posts.Fortis and Manipal Hospitals need to have more engaging content on their pages, so that users can feel more engaged and spend more time. 33. Points of DifferenceApollo hospitals shares it happiest moments with their customers on Facebook.It is important for other players to share their milestones, awards and accolades which can increase their engagement with their customers in a much better way. 34. Wikipedia and Blogs Analysis Wikipedia 40 30 20Blogs40 303030200 Narayana HrudayalayaFortisApolloNimhans0ManipalA lot can be learnt from Wikipedia and Blogs when people are trying to learn about th