Ringgold Webinar Series: 4. 30-Minute Workout - Quick Tips for Better Customer Data Health

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The final session took place on Wednesday 26 February and we offered concrete, simple take-aways that will allow you to quickly improve the state of your most valuable customer and prospect records. Also, we discussed how our auditing service may help those needing a more robust solution: - 3 Quick Tips to improve the state of your most valuable client records - all of which you can do on your own - Ringgold’s Audit service: outsourcing the standardization of your subscriber records

Text of Ringgold Webinar Series: 4. 30-Minute Workout - Quick Tips for Better Customer Data Health

  • 1. Ringgold Webinar Series Session 4 February 26 2014

2. Todays topic, in context Your Business Data Governance Program Healthy Records IDs 3. Agenda 1. Get Ready to Clean 2. Tidy Your Data in Three Steps 3. What to do Next 4. Ringgolds Audit Service 4. One: Get Ready What problem are you trying to solve? Service issues, new journal, system migration? Prioritize your records. Geo, type of customer, scope of records? Gather tools & resources. People, information sources, time, money. 5. Remember Back up your original data, andwork from a copy. Make any changes there, then re-import. Keep a copy of the pre-cleaned data in case you experience problems. 6. Two: Tidy Your Data in Three (Easy) Steps Really. 7. Step 1: Create a Data Policy Document A. Decide whichelements are requiredWhich must be filled in now as part of the cleanup effort, or for the creation of any new recordsB. Define each dataelementMake a list including all fields of a record, and define what each means (and what it doesnt) 8. C. Set naming conventions To abbreviate or not to abbreviate? UCL: University College London (UK) Universit Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) Universidad Cristiana Latinoamericana (Ecuador) University College Lilleblt (Denmark) Centro Universitario Celso Lisboa (Brazil) Union County Library (USA)English or Native Language? 9. Tip #1: Dont reinvent the wheel Use existing authority files where possible when defining data elements or setting naming conventions ISO Country Code List (ISO 3166) UN/LOCODE for Cities Carnegie Classifications Data File Standard Identifiers (ISNI, Ringgold ID) Europa World of Learning for institution names 10. Tip #2: First draft only, for now. 11. Step 2: Fill in what is missing 12. Step 3: Put everything in its proper place ID 55897Title Lt.FirstNameAddress 2 City 90044StateJeanLastName Company Worf High Altitude Warfare School Luc Picard587Capt.5563257741Address1 778 North Ring Road, Gulmarg University of Birmingham Shakespeare Institute Katholieke Univ Leuven 5963 Central Departement University Road Molecularie Celbiologie Star Fleet 1 Ellipse WayEdgbastonon-AvonDr.BeverlyCrusherLeuvenCom.WilliamT. RikerMain LibraryStratfordPostalUK3000San FraniscoCalifCountry Title India Weaponry WeeklyUnited StatesLeadership QuarterlyBelgium Journal of Interspecies BioengineeringLeadership Quarterly 13. Three: Next Steps 1. Evangelize the datapolicy document 2. Encourage & enforce good data governance practices where you can 3. Keep the ball rolling. 14. .and maintain good data hygiene Review new records on a regular basis Determine if additional data sets needattention Educate new staff Show tangible ROI 15. Outsourcing Data Normalization 16. Going beyond a quick spring clean Multiple accounts for each customer Multiple internal IT systems, different divisions, methods of data capture, etc. Lack of information about which accounts are related Missing key pieces of information Lack of standard identifiers 17. What goes into a Ringgold audit? DatabaseRegional & Language ExpertiseDefined ProcessData & IT ProfessionalsIdentify 18. Audit Process Receive files from clientNormalise data (de-duplication and automatching)Researcher checks and matches to Ringgold IDs, hierarchy etc.Researcher creates new IDs for unidentified organizationsData split into countriesData assigned to appropriate country expertData uploaded to Identify systemClient sent encrypted file via FTP with IDs and metadata 19. Global Research Team 20. Audit deliverables Lots & lots of definitive, clean, structured data about your subscribers. A series of files which provide the complete Identify detailsfor each of your accounts Unique Ringgold ID number Institutional hierarchy Additional metadata: size, tier, industry sector, consortiamembership, alternative names, etc. 21. Data: Before Customer Account 39824 3994 86101 98897 90438 57700 51648 20466 79256 88279 63641Customer Name Swets Antoni Van Leeuwenhoekhuis Christchurch School of Medicine Pohjois Karjalan Keskussairaala Keskusairalaa Pohojois Karl WFH St Joseph Torbay Hospital MHH Serials Dept. Osaka Prefectural Medical Center Osaka Furitsu Seijinbyou CtrAddress 1 Address 2 City State Info Services Aberdeen Plesmanlaan 121 Amsterdam 2 Riccarton Ave Christ Church Tikkamentie 16 Jeonsu Tikkamentie 16 Joensuu P.O. Box 284 Milwaukee Wisc. Newton road, Devon, Torquay, TQ2 7AA Great Britain Saueramferweg 5 Hannover 1-11-18 Chiharacho Izumi 1-9-10 Kyomachibori Habikino 1-1-50 Fukushima Nishiku Osaka OsakaPostCode AB24 3FX 1006 BE 80210 Finland 53210-9988Country Scotland Holand New Zealand Finland30625 Deutschland 594-1101 Japan 583-8588 JP 537-8511 Japan 22. Data: After Customer AccountCustomer NameRIN NumberRIN NameRIN CityRIN StateRIN CountrySwets1019University of Aberdeen3994Antoni Van Leeuwenhoekhuis12281006 BENetherlands www.nki.nl86101Christchurch School of Medicine2494Nederlands Kanker Instituut - Amsterdam Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis University of Otago Christchurch Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences98897Pohjois Karjalan Keskussairaala415290438Keskusairalaa Pohojois Karl57700RIN TypeRIN Number RIN Name next level up next level upA4academic/hos academic pitalH51229Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine8140New Zealand www.chmeds.ac. academic/me academic nz dschM358994University of Otago Faculty of MedicinePohjois-Karjalan sairaanhoito- Joensuu ja sosiaalipalvelujen kuntayhtyma80210Finlandwww.pkssk.fipublic/health publicP24152Pohjois-Karjalan sairaanhoito- Joensuu ja sosiaalipalvelujen kuntayhtyma80210Finlandwww.pkssk.fipublic/health publicP3WFH St Joseph5509Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Saint JosephMilwaukee532109988United Stateswww.mywheaton hospital .org/stjosephhospitalH25510Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare51648Torbay Hospital7993TorquayTQ2 7AA53247South West Strategic Health Authority917779256Serials Dept.13608H5183158Osaka Furitsu Byoin Kiko88279Osaka Prefectural Medical Center 13615www.sdhct.nhs.u k www.mhhannover.de www.mch.pref.os aka.jp www.ra.opho.jpH2MHHUnited Kingdom Germanyhospital20466South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Medizinische Hochschule Hannover Osaka Furitsu Boshi Hoken Sogo Iryo Center Osaka Furitsu Kokyuki Allergy Iryo CenterH2183158Osaka Furitsu Byoin Kiko63641Osaka Furitsu Seijinbyou CtrOsaka Furitsu Seijinbyo CenterOsakaH2183158Osaka Furitsu Byoin KikoWINI30625Izumi594-1101 JapanHabikino583-8588 JapanOsaka537-8511 Japanwww.abdn.ac.uk academicRIN Sector RIN Tier academicHannoverAB24 3FX United KingdomRIN Url3982453312AberdeenRIN Ziphospitalacademic/me academic dsch hospital/childr hospital en hospital hospitalwww.mc.pref.osa hospital ka.jphospitalM3 23. Auditing Use Cases Understand & analyze your customer base Disambiguate institutions & find duplicate accounts Reveal institutional relationships with hierarchies Enhance customer records with Identify metadata Support pricing decisions & policies Your audited records can act as an authority file ofinstitutions in any system: editorial, MSS submissions, CRMs, financial, fulfillment, etc. 24. To sum up: Its absolutely worth itYou can do it But you may notwant to do it alone 25. Questions?Wed love to hear from you, and help you develop your roadmap to better data health. 26. Jay Henry Chief Marketing Officerwww.ringgold.comChristine Orr Sales Director